Everyone Canceled on Bachelorette Weekend

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Honey Beekeeper
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So sorry this happened to you.

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Buzzing bee

the one girl left- if her attitude is “what’s the point” then she’s not being supportive, that’d really piss me off. All the girls with dumb reasons would piss me off! I’d straight up cut friendships with the dumb excuse girls! You do not need friends like those in your life!!

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Bumble Beekeeper

Bummer! I hope you can still find a way to have this weekend. I bet you could still have fun if you went by yourself. It would be humorous to have a vacation photoshoot of all the empty seats, unused shirts, etc. arranged as though your crew was there. I thought I saw something like that on social media for a wife who vacationed without her husband or something. 

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Busy bee
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whoami :  That was thoughtful of you to cover the costs. I know they picked the weekend, but are cabin weekend getaways something that normally interest them? And were you delegated to make the plans for the bachelorette party?

I’ll admit, there are times when plans are made in advance but things change (i.e. work responsibilities, family things, or whatever).

However, if I had to cancel last minute, especially under these circumstances, I’d pay my portion to prevent my friend from losing money. 

FWIW, I have sinus issues and when they flare up I want to be home in my bed. 

Sorry this happened to you….


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Buzzing bee

Its just shitty of them to do this. The one girl with the father in the hospital gets a pass, but the others…eh..

Personally I’d have no problems telling people thanks for making me lose x amount of cash. Then I’d cut ties with them. They are of no use to you. I hope none are in the wedding party. 

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Bee Keeper
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Oh my god, that’s so awful!  I feel for you bee.  I HATE people who are flaky and couldn’t imagine pulling out on something like that unless I absolutely had to…especially when someone else is paying for it!

How terrible.  I hope you’re still able to go and have a good time dispite your rude and thoughtless friends.

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Helper bee
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Adapt and . Communicat with the other girls and let them know it might only be two of you now. A lot of the time when these things happen, everyone just thinks its not going to matter if its just me not going and they have no idea that so many others have canceled. They might suddenly change their minds if they hear that its falling apart.

A lot of the reasons might be fixable. Cant find a babysitter (help them find one), don’t have transport (suggest a carpool), things like that. Also suggest to them that they can come Saturday, like your Future Sister-In-Law, then at least you have one day instead of non and you just enjoy the other days with the friend that did come. Also let the people who canceled early know they are still welcome even if they can only come on Saturday.  

If all this fails start inviting other people, invite the girls to bring their partners, ask you parents or other relatives to house sit and bring your Fiance as well, even if its for that one night on Saturday.



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Blushing bee
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whoami :  

whoami :  

I’m sorry this happened and that they didn’t do it in a timely fashion to get some of your money back.

Was this going to call for everyone to travel?

If so, maybe they just couldn’t/didn’t want to fork out so much money. Were your plans low key or were you planning a bunch of things married attendees possibly felt doing would be inappropriate. Maybe they could have done a bachelorette “night” but not a weekend.

Either way, I’m sorry for any hurt feelings this is causing and/or money you are out of.

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Bumble bee
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Holy Moly! What was the 28 day cancel girl’s reason considering she must have been on board a few days before?

Sorry this happened 🙁

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Helper bee

I am really sorry this happened to you! I would either try to sell it on a facebook group or get a credit to the place. If neither could happen, I might ask for a downgrade and go myself. If it really is a hot vacation place, they should have no trouble rebooking it or you selling it.  

Honestly I would be so disappointed and hurt if everyone cancelled… especially since they helped choose everything and seemed excited at the time. I feel the fact that you paid for it was a bit of a double edged sword. People tend to take things more seriously when they have their own money to lose and even if they had to cancel… it would be them eating the costs.

If you can’t sell it or get it transferred you might as well go. I am not one to lose money for nothing. I would be 100% going. Heck I would do an open post to all my facebook friends being like “I am going to be here at x time and x date, anyone want to join for an impromptu weekend away?” 

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Helper bee
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I’m so sorry this happened to you. I had one bridesmaid cancel on my bachelorette weekend at the very last minute and I was hurt and upset. I agree with some of the other bees. See if you can somehow sell it or transfer it to another weekend. If not I would take your fiance and try to enjoy yourselves!

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Busy bee
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This Internet stranger here feels terrible for you!

Dont tell me these girls are also your bridesmaids!!?

id put all the pain and disappointment aside and figure out how to save this trip.  Don’t lose that money!

Have the one girl who’s going bring a friend and you bring someone else too.  Makes no sense girls would not want a free vacation (thanks to generous you!)

I bet you’ll be surprised at what a great time you’ll have . It’s an opportunity for the R&R we all need before our weddings. (And I’m evil enough to suggest you post amazing photos of all the fun you had for all to see too )

Don’t stay home!

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Busy bee

This is why it’s important to be very careful when picking your bridesmaids/close circle of friends. 

The ones who truly care for you, will be there for you.  

As for your Future Sister-In-Law, she sounds like a brat. 

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Honey Beekeeper
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Geez, that is shitty.  I can’t even believe there are people out there that would be so flaky.  It seems like on the bee, and I guess this is more common than I thought, that there’s just a lot of people who can’t seem to give up much of their precious time to wedding events or other events with friends.  So many people seem to complain about an entire weekend away, or having to waste their afternoon on a ceremony/recpetion gap, or things like that.   Yes, we’re all freaking busy with our own lives, but I’d jump at an opportunity to give myself an excuse to take a break from my crap and spend it with some friends!

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