(Closed) Everything Birth Control Thread! Advice please!

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    I have been on 3 different pills, so speaking from personal experience – I would forget to take the pill every once in a while, and had to switch to deal with hormonal mood issues. 

    I have had no issues whatsoever with NuvaRing at all, it keeps my hormone levels stable without having to remember a pill every day. Haven’t noticed any weight gain, but I know some BC users have that issue as well. 

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    I have been on three different kinds of pills as well, but I had to experiment some. My first doctor just put me on what was more convenient, and it exasperated some problems I was having. If you have PCOS, Endometriosis or anything along those lines, make sure you go on a mom-cyclic BC. 

    I switched doctors, got on the right pill, and it’s been a dream since! I have much lighter periods, clearer skin and haven’t seen weight gain. Just don’t be afraid to switch around pills/doctors if you’re not satisfied. And above all, be prepared for side effects! IMO they’re worth it, but mood swings and so on can happen and they can be INTENSE. 


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    We waited too. I initially went on the pill but didn’t like the hormone effects. But it had the nice side effect that I could time my period to miss our wedding night. A few months after the wedding we switched to condoms (initially with spermicide for extra insurance), and we used that until we were ready to have kids. 

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    edepp2010:  I was totally comfortable with condoms, but Darling Husband was less so. I think he saw it as doing it for my sake, keeping me off hormonal BC. Also we went “bareback” once a month when we were sure I wasn’t fertile. (And now we’re done with kids, he’s had a vascetomy so it’s no hormones and no condoms, win-win!)

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    I went through my fair share of pills trying to figure out the right one for me, but nothing seemed to suit. I would get crazy headaches and migraines, or super moody, or put on loads of weight. Now I use a copper IUD and I’m counting my blessings that my new doctor recommended it. The first few months were hard with heavy periods and pretty terrible cramping but it’s all balanced out now! I definitely think it’s a good option if you want something non hormonal. 

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    We use condoms and both of us are happy with that for now. The brand/type makes a big difference though. We use Durex Bare, they’re thinner than a standard condom, and feel much more comfortable for both of us. If you go the condom route I would try a few different types, maybe get a sample pack.

    I have been on three different types of birth control pill, and most recently I was on NuvaRing. I didn’t like what hormonal birthcontrol did to my body, or to my moods. I had wild mood swings and was often a raging bitch. My husband said it was like I was a different person when I was on it. Plus I gained weight and just didn’t feel like myself. Coming off NuvaRing was like coming out of a fog for me. I will never go back to hormones. We will continue to use condoms until we decide to TTC and once we are done having children my husband will get a vasectomy. 

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    I had a copper IUD for almost 3 years (the one I had would have lasted for 5). It was awesome not having to remember to take a pill or change a patch and not having to suffer the effects of hormones while being 99% effective. The only downside was it made my already heavy periods even heavier. For some reason, after having it for 2.5 years it dislodged. I had a new one put in but that one dislodged a few months later as well. My doctor said it can sometimes happen to women who haven’t had kids (uterus not used to having something in it or something). After I have kids, I am so getting another one. I definitely would recommend to try it over hormonal birth control, just make sure you check if it’s still in place at least once a week (they leave a string an inch or two long hanging below your cervix that you’ll have to feel for). I live in Canada and the IUD cost about $100.  If you decide to get one, make sure you have it inserted by an experienced doctor as I’ve been told it takes a bit of skill so that it doesn’t dislodge itself if it’s not properly placed or get lodged in your uterine lining if it’s put in too far. 

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    edepp2010:  I’ve tried several methods.  I personally hated the pill.  I tried maybe 5 different types and always ended up with awful symptoms.  Every body is different and you never know how yours will respond to the hormones until you try.  Symptoms varried from pill to pill but usually included naseau, mood swings/anxiety, low sex drive, and weight gain the first couple of months of trying the new pill.  I also was bad at remember (even with a timer on my phone) to take it at the same time every day.  It’s really important to take it at the same time, it’s much more effective.  

    We’ve used condoms but if we were having a lot of sex my vagina would start to become irritated.  Neither of us like condoms.

    I tried the nuvaring and often felt like I could just feel it in there.  After a few weeks of using it my husband ended up with an urinary tract infection he had never had one before and hasn’t had one since.  I had a lot of vaginal irritation so I stopped using it.  Afterward I struggled with yeast infection (I’d never had a problem before) for about 6 months.  Two friends of mine have also had issues with yeast infections and nuvaring.  I can’t say 100% it’s related but it seems like a pretty big coincidence.

    After all of the exploration we tried NFP.  We mostly liked it BUT in the end found it too stressful and statistically it’s incredibly unreliable.

    I currently have an IUD and LOVE it.  It’s only been a few weeks so I can’t say for sure, but as of now I have had zero symptoms.  Insertion sucked, but it was very quick.  I was maybe in pain for 2 mins tops?  I did have some mild cramping for a few days following but it seems very worth it to not have to worry about getting pregnant for the next 3 years.  I have never had any children so I went with skyla.  It’s smaller and has less hormones than mirena.

    Also, this is interesting.  It shows you how effective each method is statistically over a period of 10 years.    http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/09/14/sunday-review/unplanned-pregnancies.html?smid=fb-share

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    I am beyond in love with my Mirena IUD (and I rave on here all the time). I had maybe 30 seconds of minor pain on insertion and absolutely zero bad side effects. I’ve had it for about a year, and for the first six months I didn’t have any period at all. Even now I only get it for two days and I have no cramping and no pain! My IUD was one of the best choices I’ve ever made and I never plan on using another birth control method. I tried pills and they destroyed my sex drive, my Fiance can’t stand condoms, and I’m never having kids, so this is a great choice for us. And there’s absolutely nothing I can do to screw it up! I never even have to think about it being there, I just know that it’s always working.

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    I’ve been on two pills. Lo’Ovral and Ortho Tri. Ortho Tri did not like me and littered my body in massive bruises. It looked like my husband (then boyfriend) beat me. All over my body, from my face to my toes. I switched to Lo’Ovral and have had zero side effects, no cramps and much shorter periods.<br /><br />If you try a pill, just know that no two pills are made alike. You may need to try a few before you find one that works for you.

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    Oh man, I’ve tried so many. Each has postives and negatives.

    1) Ortho-tri cyclen/ Ortho tri cyclen Lo (6 years): The pills worked fine (i.e. I never got pregnant), but it absolutely killed my sex drive. I didn’t experience any weight gain. 

    2) NuvaRing (appoximately 1 week): I put it in and within hours began to sob. I sobbed for a week straight and began to have weirdly suicidal thoughts for the first time ever. I talked to my mom on the phone and she was so concerned she made me remove it right away; sure enough I was feeling better by the next day. I have many friends that love the NuvaRing and it supposedly has less hormones, so I’m not sure why my body reacted the way it did. I only tell this story because I think it’s important to remember how individual birth control really is. 

    3) Paragard IUD (3.5 years): I LOVED it. I wanted to get off hormones after my scary NuvaRing experience and the Paragard was perfect. It did increase my period cramps a lot, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Insertion was not that bad at all, I just took two ibprofen beforehand. I had planned on keeping it for the full 10 years, but my doctor encouraged me to go back on a hormonal pill to help with ovarian cycts. Removal was easy, almost like a tampon. I will say that my friends with the Mirena IUD seem to have a better experience overall than my other friends with the Paragard. If I was ever to get another IUD I would probably try the Mirena.

    4) Junel 1/20 (1 month so far): I was very nervous about this pill after reading some terrible online reviews. But I’m starting pack two and so far so good. I take it right before bed since it does seem to give me a headache sometimes. I actually lost a little weight over the month (although I’m pretty active in general) and my sex drive seems fine. I think I did have a few crazy mood swings at first, or maybe Downey paper towel commercials just really are THAT emotional for me.  I’ve heard that sometimes it can take up to 3 months to experience side effects but I’m hoping this pill continues to work for me. 

    As far as the latex in condoms, there are latex free ones available by most of the major brands. I would recommend getting a couple different kinds and seeing what feels best for you both. 

    Good luck figuring out what works for you! There are so many options, so if something’s not right don’t be afraid to change it up until you find that birth control unicorn. 

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    edepp2010:  I hope I don’t sound super crunchy, but I would never go on any hormone based birth control, even if I didn’t have a condition that it’s made worse by hormonal birth control. 

    I have read studies that have shown a significant relationship between the amount of time a woman was on BC and how hard it was for her to get pregnant later. Hormonal BC was never meant to be a long term solution with no breaks. It was meant to be a solution for a few months at a time, and then off for a few months. Your body comes to rely on it and had difficulty producing the hormone on its own when it comes time.

    Sorry to get all preachy, but that’s my two cents. I eliminated the IUD after I heard about the horrific periods and cramps that many women get on it. We use condoms and spermicide religiously, and never get careless. We plan to continue with that method for many years, until we are done having children, at which point then-DH will get a vasectomy.

    ETA: read your response about condoms. I was worried about that to, but they’re really not as bad as they’re made out to be. I think part of that is the social stigma. Men don’t want to use them, blah, blah, sexism. You don’t want me to start on that soapbox, you’ll never get me off.

    We tried a couple brands. Fiance likes the wider-at-the-top design of Trojans. He said another couple of brands were pretty constricting. Don’t pay for “extra large” or whatever, it’s a rip off. They’re actually all the same size. 

    We’ve had a couple break, but in a year of having sex that seems like a good record. And Fiance has always been perfect about stopping the second he realized it broke. He’s never finished with a broken condom.

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