Everything is going wrong

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Worker bee

Sorry things are going wrong. But you are about to marry the person you love. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
  • Wedding: August 2016

Google “wedding pictures in the rain” You can get some seriously amazing pictures! Rain is not the end of the world. It’s all about the attitude you have. You can either let it ruin your day or you can roll with it and embrace it.

Period sucks, but it’s not that big of a deal. Plenty of brides are on thier period when they get married.

I’m sorry about your son being sick. Hopefully, he will feel well enough to be able to particpate. If not, I’m sure he’s still super happy for you and you can always find a time later to do the family vows if you want.

Your attitude about all of this is going to be the biggest factor in how your wedding day goes. The important thing is that you are marrying the person you love, not that everything goes perfectly.

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I’m not sure if my words will be encouraging or not, but please just breathe. Things happen, regardless of how much planning is done. 

1) Your son isn’t feeling well so just axe him from the family vows and work around it. If you do that now, then you won’t freak out tomorrow.

2) As a wedding guest, I’m not going to remember the wedding with the exception of whether I was fed well and given plenty to drink. I don’t really care about the views of the venue. I’m there to celebrate with the bride and groom.

My wedding day was nice and sunny even though there was supposed to be rain. The surroundings were beautiful but I mainly recall it being hot and there were tons of mosquitoes. Thank goodness the ceremony was short so everyone could go inside where there’s a/c. 

Lots of minor things went wrong, but I just took a drink and went on my way. You can’t control everything but you can control how you react. Try to just take in the day and remember your friends and family who are there to celebrate with you.

3) I got my period on my honeymoon as well. My husband got food poisoning. We still had a good time at our resort. We pigged out on good food and did some site seeing prior to the food poisoning. I spent the time relaxing with my husband. After the wedding, we really wanted sleep and relaxation.

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cj2018 :  hopefully your son feels better soon! We also had an outdoor wedding and I was freaking out about the weather. It started to rain right in the middle of our ceremony, so we got some adorable pictures with umbrellas while the ceremony carried on, and I think the old saying is true that rain on your wedding day is good luck because we’ve had a wonderful first year of marriage. 

Fingers crossed everything works out beautifully tomorrow, even if it’s not exactly how you pictured it 🙂 

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: April 2018

It poured with rain my wedding day. Torrential rain but just finished just before the ceremony. It poured with rain on two of my sisters weddings too. I barley noticed the rain on my wedding day as I can’t control it. Not everything you can plan for. 

In the week leading up to my wedding, our city was hit by a huge storm. 1/5 of everyone lost power. My parents didn’t have power on my wedding day so we had to check into a hotel the night before & get ready at my house which is directly behind the house where my husband was getting ready.

I was stressed in the week up to the wedding so I got a terrible cold but that disappeared. Then the day of the wedding a cold sore showed up on my lip and I could’ve screamed as I’d taken vitamins for months to prevent this. What can you do? I had an amazing day and I’m sure you will too !!

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Blushing bee

Go to sleep now and get a good rest. Tomorrow will be beautiful no matter rain, sickness, period. Sleep well,you need it most now. 

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cj2018 :  i could have written this pos a year ago. the night before our wedding was a DISASTER. we had spent a shit ton of money on a bed and breakfas venue in the mountains with a GORGEOUS view of the valley – and rain was forcasted (and in fact, it rained all day the day before our wedding). the views were totally socked in by clouds when we arrived. and while yes, i knew there was nothing i could do and that that was just a risk you take (and we had a backup place for an indoor ceremony), it just felt like such a waste of time and money and planning. i cried so much. the stress over the weather was probably my biggest wedding-day regret.

in the end, it was amazing. yes, it did rain – AT THE EXACT MOMENT I STARTED WALKING DOWN THE AISLE – and it was crazy humid which meant my hair went nuts (i wore it down) and was a huge fluffy frizzball (not cute). but we had our outdoor ceremony, it thundered a few times, and it passed. things worked out – and if they hadn’t, well, we would have had an amazing time anyway. because as soon as all of our family and friends were there, it was all good.

i know it’s hard to believe now, but it will be okay. and here’s another thing – it’s okay if it isn’t perfect and exactly what you envisioned. it’s ok to love your wedding and wish things were different. all of it is ok.

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Bumble bee

ksks9876 :  There are a couple of reasons why your post is not only unhelpful, it’s really kind of shitty. 

Yes, a wedding is about two people getting married, and that will happen regardless of weather. But a big part of the wedding and RECEPTION are the GUESTS. If OP didn’t care about her guests, she’d say “Screw ’em, they can get wet and be cramped under a tent and whatever else. I’M getting married!” 

But OP *does* appear to care about the guests being comfortable and having a pretty area in which to celebrate. Your comment completely disregards not only OP’s feelings and perspectives (and is her desire for her wedding to go as planned REALLY that crazy or terrible of her that you need to disregard it?), it disregards her very legitimate concern for her guests’ comfort. 

Next time, maybe try coming from a place of empathy. 

OP: I think everyone’s wedding has some snafu or other, probably just like ANYthing in life we meticulously plan out.

Importantly, I think most of us get through it and actually discover that the things we thought mattered a bunch, or even things that kinda DID matter, ended up not being a big deal. I had music videos playing during my wedding (all ’80s New Wave, baby!), and the song I walked up the aisle to was U2’s “With or Without You.” It was important to me that the video play, and that the video for our first dance (“Oh Sherrie” by Steve Perry) also play. BUT it was too bright in the venue at that time of day to see the videos. AND my bridal party walked too fast up the damn aisle, so we had to cut U2 off a bit at the end. I was crying. But my dad was like, “Denise, it doesn’t matter, honey,” and he was right. And no one remembered or knew or cared, and everyone danced to Billy Idol and Duran Duran videos all night, and they got tipsy and had a ball. So…go with the flow, girl. It’ll work out. 

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Worker bee

DeniseSecunda :  oh my goodness! I was not saying “screw your guest” or anything like that. I felt sympathy for things going wrong for her, I am sure all of it is stressful. I was just saying that she gets to marry her love, as in that is exciting! It wasn’t meant as hateful as you are making it. 

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Buzzing bee

ksks9876 :  I love the realism that you brought to this conversation! In the grand scheme of things, the wedding is one single day. The guests will be happy as long as they are fed lol 


OP, you’re getting married to the love of your life. Don’t sweat what you can’t congrol. What good is it gonna do ya?? And I’m happy to hear that your son’s fever is going down! Cheer up! Attitude is extremely important to the way that you perceive things…and it is the one thing that you can control about tomorrow.


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding 😊

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Worker bee

cj2018 :  I’m sorry you’re going through all this. I hope your son feel better and is healed quickly. 

I hope you feel better too. 

When life throws me challenges, I try to look at as the storm won’t last forever and that the sun will come back, as well as, a silvee lining. 

On another note, many people view rain as a blessing. 

But at the end of the day, I know it’s tough you will get through this. 

Smile it’s your big day. Love will overcome. 

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  • Wedding: August 2018

It rained at my parents’ outdoor wedding in California in midsummer.  For those of you not familiar with the climate there, it generally does not rain between May and October.  Nevertheless, a freak storm moves in on their wedding day.  The weather was weird and cloudy all day, and it didn’t actually start raining until late, but it still cut the reception short.  Because of the weird cloudy weather and the gorgeous outdoor setting, the photos were amazing (photographer entered a photo into a competition and won), and honestly, no one remembers the rain ruining the day because it was still a great wedding.


It rained at my cousin’s wedding too.  This one was at a plantation house in the South. Afternoon squall came in right as the ceremony was to take place.  The wedding planner (and venue owner) had everyone come up onto the porch and stand around the bride and groom as they exchanged vows.  It was very intimate and lovely.  The rain cleared like ten minutes later and they got fantastic photos of all of us standing in the now-rained-on chairs throwing rose petals as they came away from the house.

Wth some improvisation and food and wine for the guests, it’ll still be lovely.

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It’ll be awesome regardless of all the little things.  Focus on the main thing, which is getting married to your beau. The weather may change and your son may feel better but as long as you say your vows then it is a success.

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