(Closed) ex boyfriend crawled back. Yes!!! Closure!!!

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oh man – I can’t imagine a dude just falling off the face of the earth like that!

My best ex story doesn’t compare at all, but I’ll play anyway.

So my HS boyfriend (so we were totally in LURV and were going to get OMGMARRIED one day, you know?) and I were together for about a year, when he got drunk at a friend’s house, called my phone and left some drunken message about how he was only with me because I’m so hot, he wants to break up, I’m no fun, blah blah blah.

I took him back (hey, I was in HS, give me a break!), and then we ended up for real ending it a few months later.

So, about two years ago (so probably 7 or so years after all that), my mom runs in to him working at a gas station (he was working there). He asked how I was, what I was up to, blah blah blah. Then he asks my mom for my phone number so he can “ask me out and reignite our flame”. My mom told him I had a boyfriend (who is now FI), so she wasn’t comfortable giving out my number without my permission, but he can contact me on FB.

So the next day I get a FB message from him apologizing, begging for forgiveness, he’s still in love with me, blah blah blah. I was in NO way interested, but for fun, I click on his profile and….HE HAS TWO KIDS AND LIVES WITH THE BABY MOMMA! I called him out on it, and blocked him.


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I can’t even fathom how that felt but more power to you for moving onto bigger and better things!

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My Boyfriend or Best Friend before Fiance did this to me too, after 3 months of dating. Like you, I was stressed, worried and absolutely crushed.

I’ve met him since though, because Fiance actually knows him from university and they have some mutual friends. The first time I bumped into him, with Fiance, after the break-up, he looked unbelievably embarassed. It was actually funny, because let’s face it, he must have thought he’d never have to see me again haha (karma is a bitch!). I’ve never bothered asking for an explanation, because at this point I don’t care.

I’ve also spent enough time around him since the break-up (in social situations) that I know he is ridiculously immature and not at all ready for a real relationship. So, I don’t care to hear his explanation.

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@undercoverjoan:  Awesome! I have no idea why some people pull the vanishing act. Soooo mean and cowardly.

My ex (whom I loved, would do anything for etc. etc.) texted me on my birthday… four years after I last had contact with him. That’s quite an ego boost. What a loser 🙂 Instead of getting upset like I would in years past, I just marvel at how pathetic his life must be if he remembers my birthday and actually decides to contact me. Like REALLY? He blew his multiple chances.

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@undercoverjoan:  that’s an awesome story!  So glad that you’ve moved on and you’re in a better place now.  I only have one “revengey” story, and it doesn’t directly involve me.  I was working at a restaurant (father and son business) and the son was a pretty big douchebag; he had a wife that was home sick and was cheating on her with one of the waitresses.  Well, then the place gets broken into, the father installs security cams, and the wife catches the son cheating on tape.  Gave the tapes to her lawyer and now her and the father own the restaurant.

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My first boyfriend (when I was 16 – 17, he was 20 – 21).. what a mess. He had some serious issues with alcohol and was verbally abusive and a sex addict (along with having borderline personality disorder.. yikes). I was young and dumb and he asked me to marry him about 3 months into our relationship and I said yes because that’s just what you say, right? Anyway, after about a year of him going into a complete downward spiral: quit his job, abandoned all his friends, alcoholism, lost his place to live, wrecked his car, etc, he started blaming me for his life turning to hell and that we should “take a break”. I agreed because I was too lame to just break up with him and it was the perfect way out of it finally.

His response to that was completely losing it and stalking me at home, school, and my medical appointments as well as throwing himself in the street for me to drag him to the sidewalk (to PROVE that I wanted him to live… therefore wanting him back). He even put a belt around his neck to show me how he was going to hang himself since I didn’t want him. I cut off all contact and burned all letters he sent me as well as deleting his number and email address.

Well fast forward about 11 years, he text messages me out of the blue (I’ve had the same number since high school) to say that he was sorry for any pain that he caused me. I indulged him in one conversation on the phone, but ended it by telling him to never contact me again because he spent the whole conversation trying to make light of how horribly he treated me and how I didn’t remember it right and he would never do that.

I also found out that he is in the middle of a divorce from an arranged marriage and kidnapped his 2 children and took them to another state illegally. He called me I guess because he was about to go to Federal prison and was trying to make peace with his life. Bastard.

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I don’t have any good ex stories, but your story is awesome. Congrats on completely, completely moving on and getting that closure!

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@undercoverjoan:  This. Is. Awesome!

Haha, you said that this post was mean, mean, mean… but I think disappearing without a word (after a drunken proposal and plans to move in!!) is waaaay more mean! This is the ultimate closer, and how awesome for you to know that after what he pulled he’s unhappy and you are happy! But, maybe that’s mean of me… meh.

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@undercoverjoan:  omg my sister dated a guy who did this but he was too stupid to delete me as well. I sent him a crazy (yet very eloquent if I do say so myself) Facebook message letting him know what a coward and piece of shit he was, and I asked him to do me the favor of deleting me as well and to never contact my sister again as neither one of us associated with people of his caliber.


Aannndd my dumb sister dated him a year later when he came crawling back. He turned out to be a pathological liar and a total psycho. We laugh about it now but that was the worst idea she’s ever had lol.


I had a piece of shit ex who I lived with, who towards the end of our relationship decided it would be cool to go “hang out with friends” all night at the strip club a few times without so much as a courtesy call. Not only did I move out while he was at work without so much as a courtesy call (lol) but once he finally got off of his ego trip after a couple of months and started sending me messages beggggging to talk to me guess where I told him he could find me? Yep.. I got a 2nd part time job waitressing at the strip club! And could you imagine… he begged me not to make him visit me in the strip club! The nerve of him! He said he hated those places and couldn’t stand seeing me in one and would rip someone’s head off if they touched me. I definitely got the last laugh on that one…


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