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1. I wouldnt even consider this an ex, because we never even made it to dating. But I was talking to this one guy for about a week or two. I had met him at work (he was a customer) and had given me this cute little note telling me how cute I was, blah blah blah. So I texted him. He was overly pushy about coming over to my house, which should have been warning sign number 1. But I didnt think anything of it.

So he came over and then he started wanting to go see my room. I shot him down on that. Then we made plans to go do a dinner and a movie date. Well that same day, he starts sending me weird texts, telling me he knows I have another man because he talked to him on the phone, he knows I’m a cheating whore, ect. It was so odd, because I definitely didnt have a bf or anything at the time. So I call him to ask wtf he’s talking about.

Apparently some guy called his phone with a wrong number and he automatically assumed that this dude was my bf? Idk, it was weird. And then after that, he says “so we’re still on for tonight?” Um. No. We’re not. Bye!

2. I was in this REALLY bad internet relationship from 16-19. Some guy in California. I fell hard for him, even though he was insane. He was a compulsion liar, and not even a good one.

He’d lie about things that were so easily disproven or just flat out not possible. Like he sent me this song once and told me he wrote it. Little did he know that I actually KNEW that song and it most defintely wasnt from him.

Everytime I talked about breaking it off with him, he’d say he would kill himself. Once we stopped talking and he sent me a random text saying that he had lung cancer. Then a week later he was miraculously cured. Then he had HIV, but it was okay because his doctor treated him for it and he was all better. 

I’m pretty sure had about 20 girls on myspace. Telling them all the same lies. And I dont know why, but they all fell for it, me included. I knew he was lying about almost everything, but I didnt even care. 

He tried to add me on facebook a few months ago. He’s still up to the same old tricks. 

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Just two:

1. The guy I dated my freshman year of high school was two years older than me, anyway, we break up and no big deal.  My senior year of high school he’s on leave from the military and comes back to town and stops by at my part-time job (this is after I had dated like four or five guys in between) and wants to go get lunch, so like a very “get rid of him for good and stay strong” kind of female I say that my break won’t be for four hours, but my friend H is getting off of work in 20 minutes and maybe she would like to get a meal.

A few weeks or months later, I’m not really clear on the timeline, he shows up at my parents house and tells me he wants to marry me.  I was 18 and we hadn’t dated in over 3 years.  Finally told him to get lost for good.

Oddly enough the ex and H dated for I think like 2 years.  Even crazier is that she and I remained friends even after they broke up even though I eventually confessed I threw her at him not because I was a good friend trying to set her up, but because I wanted the ex to leave me alone.

2. We never actually dated but freshman year of college (hmm… I see a trend) this guy I shared two classes with and I started talking and we had a mutual group of friends.  I might have eventually dated him if it wasn’t he thought the real way to ramp up the woo-ing process was to insult my mother, my father, my upbringing, tell me I was a heathen destined for hell (we were the same denomination), and that I would never be good enough for him.  While he’s telling me all these things, he’s also planning out our wedding and where we’re going to live after we graduate.

A firm slug in the arm eventually got rid of him (I was too short to hit his face).  The one and only time I can remember punching someone.

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Oh my I have soooo many  ex horror stories… I’ll lead with my top 2 though…

EX Horror Story #1

     I briefly “dated” this guy about 2 1/2 years ago that I met through a friend. The first time i met him I thought he was a jerk, turns out I should have stayed with that feeling… So we hung out pretty often, but something was off… Things didn’t add up, like his apartment and job and what not. And I’ll always get the phone call at like 8-9pm to come over. One night I went out with my girlfriends  and he told me to come over afterwards. I was waiting in my car for him and his friends to get home and getting stupid texts and was sooo annoyed…

   Finally I get a call from his roommate that they were home and to come up. So I go over, walk in and find him and his roommate there with 3 girls and my one friend Mike (the mutual friend). I was already annoyed and seeing this made me more annoyed. He ignored me the whole time, then goes up in his bedroom with these 2 girls and some other guy! I was like WTF, and silently left. Turns out, he was doing it all because he wanted to get me mad and fight the other girls? Who does that?!

    The worst part is when I decided after that whole incident to check his background… Turns out he was divorced (told me he was enaged never married), was arrested for check fraud, assault and battery, theft… Along with that I found out the assault was for beating up a woman!! He also was lying that he even had a job! And the whole apartment was a lie, it was his friends, he just as being nice and letting him stay there. About a month after the whole incident he texted me some long fake sob story about losing his wallet and he needed to borrow $1000 just to get through the week HA! Sure okay. Thank god he dissapeared and none of my friends have heard from him again.


EX Horror Story #2

   I dated my last “boyfriend” for eh 1 1/2 years or so. We worked together, so yeah… He was a pot head, would smoke every day even during work hours. An alcoholic and a pill popper, he’ll never admit it. oh and worse, a gambler, a big time gambler!! He had 2 bookies!! He was always asking to borrow money from me. He was just a shady character all around. He told me how he had this stalker ex girlfriend that wouldn’t leave him alone and that’s why we couldn’t do certain things…

   One night, he went out with her (he said it was just to get her off his back sure…) and she proceeded to call and harass me and he called and left me terrible messages. That was so much fun… The nail in our coffin was when we went away and he got completley hammered at lunch one day. Turns out he lost $8K that day gambling… He proceeded to drink tequila and take a bunch of valium and run a muck around the city. He ran away from me walking back to the hotel. The doorman helped me track him down. Finally got him back to the room and he punched a hole in the wall and strangled me and I locked myself in the bathroom crying. This was like 8pm…

    So that was pretty much the end of our relationship. Then like  a year and a half later, he wants to be my friend and I want nothing to do with him. He proceeds to text me daily and annoy me. Long story short, since I didn’t want to even talk to him let alone see him again, he starts harassing me. I block him, he finds a way around it. Won’t leave me alone and continues to harass me and stalk me and send threatening messages and leave threatening voicemails… Fun times. Got a PFA against him… which worked for the time it was issued. Every once and a while he pops up and texts me wanting to wonder what he did wrong…


I have terrible luck with men haha

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There was one guy that I dated in high school our junior and senior year. He always had pot and I smoked pot at the time, so I started hanging out with him and we eventually started dating. Things were fine for a while, but a few months in he told me that we weren’t really dating because we weren’t having sex. I just kind of blew it off and all, I wasn’t interested in having sex with him. Fast forward a while, and we start getting into physical fights. In school, where people can see. He started to threaten me, follow me around and I ended up honestly scared. He came to my house once and tried to break my window, he threatened to kill me, he ran me off the road once and left a dead snake in my mailbox. When I knew that I was going to move, I dumped him, but he continued to harass me. 

I’ve changed my phone number and we live nowhere near each other anymore, but I know that he still asks about me. 

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@FEDORAble:  What is with the exes and BJs? Once I had an ex that I hadn’t seen or spoken to in a couple months stop by my house out of the blue one morning. He looked like hell (dirty shirt and sweatpants) and asked me to take a ride with him. He ended up asking me to give him “one for the road” and for “old time’s sake”. He also blasted that Stevie J song “I wanna be the one” the whole time. WTF? I didn’t think so.

In my defense, he had not just one, but 3 really nice cars. LOL. We had nothing in common and he was the type that would bring 3 or 4 obnoxious friends along for EVERY outing. Plus we could never date officially because I was not his religion and he would have an arranged marriage anyway. I look back now and have no idea why we dated other than we thought the other was attractive.

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There was a couple month period between when the ex and I broke up and I met FH when I was in the process of moving and I needed help setting up a new barn for my animals and I sent out a plea via FB for help.

To my surprise a former student of mine answerd the call. Now this guy is almost my age, (I teach at the college level) and I was very grateful for his assistance. For two months we worked side by side with no indication that it was anything beyond friendship. Then he started doing things like massaging my neck and feet, doing extra projects, etc. Eventually we became intimate and yes, he was very good in bed. I LIKED him very much, but he claimed that I was the love of his life! After a while I started noticing that this guy really didn’t have a place of his own, wasn’t good at paying bills, etc. Apparently he was looking for a “sugar Mama” and thought that would be me! He even brought his adult son up from Texas, expecting me to provide room and board for the both of them WITHOUT ever asking me if I was willing to do so!

I started putting distance between us and then I met my FH. My “friend” would put down my FH every chance he could, but I ignored the insults. When FH and I started getting serious, my “friend” started getting very angry and started sending me nasty texts and e-mails. I STILL get them to this day, although not nearly as often (Thank God!). I recently got an angry message that my friend and I are “through”, but if I ever needed a “good fuck” to call him. OR if I ever need work down around the hometo call him and we would “take it out in trade”. I don’t think so!

And yes, FH knows all about this guy.

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@allyfally:  What the hell? haha it’s like we almost dated the same person.
I was 17-18, maybe 16. Met him on myspace, he was 25. Was a compulsive liar.
He at least didn’t have any more girls than me, I think. We dated for over a year, but less than 18 months. He was really verbally/emotionally abusive and controlling. I lost 15 pounds while I was dating him because of the restrictions he set for me, because he didn’t want to date a “fat girl.” He would get drunk and play Call of Duty on the computer and get raging mad and break up with me every night. And come back apologizing in the morning.. He knew I hated him smoking but he would say “brb” and come back on skype 3 hours later (he would make me wait and stay up late, I’m on the east coast) really high.

Now he’s engaged to a girl that’s at least 50 pounds heavier than me and shorter. She’s pretty, I just feel bad for her. I hope she can handle his shit… 

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So glad you asked!  years ago, I wss engaged to someone I shouldn’t have even dated.  First he told me he liked to women’s clothes.  Then he told me he wss transgendered.  But he told me he wasn’t bisexual.  then i checked the cookies on the computer and found message boards where he said he liked to perform oral on men. But he felt like a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.  FinallyI found his backpsck, which contained a map, makeup receipts,  pot and tranny po he was meeting up with other men.  And I left because he was stealing from work.

At first I wastrying to be open minded,  and things kept coming out little by little. Sometimes it seems like it’s  easier to stay in a relationship than  have an uncomfortable convsation.  y.

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I was young and in a bad place… I dated my worst ex on and off for six years. We met in high school (same biology class) when we were sophomores, but never dated until our senior year when he asked me to prom. Later, after I got a dress, he told me he didn’t want to go, so we didn’t. Then, a week before graduation, he cheated on me with a girl he worked with who was sixteen. During the time we were together, he gave me such anxiety that I was barely eating and sleeping and my hair was falling out in clumps. Oh, and, he threatened to kill me during a fight. When, I finally broke up with him, I immediately started looking and feeling better.

Then, during college, he re-surfaced and messaged me on Facebook. Against my better judgment, I replied to his message and he apologized for everything. I honestly thought he changed, which was great because I never really got over him. So, we began to talk and date again. 

Things were awesome for awhile – until I realized that he was an alcoholic and heavy into drugs. He would tell me he was coming over at 8PM and he would never show up until 2:30AM and he would be drunk or high and just want sex. He constantly lied, we argued a lot, and he promised me he was going to look for a better job and go to college (he worked in a fast food restaurant). This never happened.

Then, I found out I was pregnant. We were both so excited, but I was secretly preparing myself to potentially be a single mom. I guess a part of me always knew that, as much as I loved him, I would never marry him and have an actual life with him. But I tried to force it and he did step up for a while. He got a second job (at a call center), we decided on names, etc. Things were fine. (They were either great or complete shit).

However, I lost the baby and things immediately went down-hill. We got in even more fights… I think he blamed me for the loss (though I did everything right) while I blamed him because of all of the stress he put me through (including cheating on me while I was pregnant). Finally, after much counseling, I decided I needed to dump him for good. So, I told him that I was done with him.

He flipped out on me. Like went crazy. He called me every name in the book, including calling me a ‘fat, crazy slut’ and saying he never loved me. However, he continued to call me and text me, asking to get back together. Finally, after my mom answered my phone and threatened to press harassment charges on him, he stopped calling.

Two months later, I met Fiance. I couldn’t be happier and I know I did the right thing. 🙂

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@wouldyoukindlyy: This guy was actually my age (unless he lied about that) and he never was verbally abusive. He did try to make me have phone sex with him though and got mad when I wouldnt.

But I remember a few months ago there was a similar post about exes and there was a couple of girls that I would have sworn dated the same guy. From California and everything.

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Ex #1: Lied to me about quite a bit and wouldn’t get a job. He quit the only job he had while we were together because they asked him to work on his birthday. He couldn’t ever finish anything he started and I supported him for the most part. I was 15-16, though. After I moved on he told me he was crying in a puddle and was miserable without me.

Ex #2: Compulsive liar. Had a fake myspace he used to talk to other women. Got another woman PREGNANT (she miscarried later) while dating me and still, to this day, says he never cheated on me (the genius that he is was friends with my friend so she told me everything he told her and showed me the myspace). 

Ex #3: I found out he was a gang member after dating him for a month and knowing him for like 5 months. 

Ex #4: At one point said I looked like a leprosy victim because of my acne. After we weren’t “official” but were still saying I love you and everything he had me pick him up from the mall…he had been on a date with someone else.

Ex #5: Also cheated on me. The girl he cheated on me with’s friend posted pictures on facebook and TAGGED him in them, knowing he was in a relationship to cause drama, even though I had already found out and was devastated.

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Okay so most people wouldn’t really consider this guy an ex since I was SO young when we dated. I was only 13 (which is probably why I stayed with him for so long.) We dated for 9 months.

The first red flag was when he pinned my best friend (who was a boy) on a wall about a foot or something off the ground while holding him by his neck. He told him to “Stay away from my girlfriend.”

He would punch everything (lockers, walls, ect.) Look up other girls skirts, and flirt right in front of me. (He also had sex with random girls.)

He would grab my wrists and pull me around if I tried to walk away from him.

He cut his self (it was really bad) and popped pills to over dose on web cam in front of me one night because I broke up with him. So I stupidly took him back after his step mom begged me to. (He has problems, for real.)

Then the funniest thing is HE dumped ME for some other girl. And I was devastated. But he called me 1000 times, months and years after. Good thing was after he dumped me I smarted up and stayed away from him.

My husband and I started dating when I was 15. Through out our relationship he has tried to contact me. He showed up at my mom’s house several times while my husband and I were (thankfully) always out on dates. Once shortly after my husband and I first moved in together he showed up at my mom’s house looking for me. (He moved out of town.) So anytime he came back in town he would come looking for me. The last time he tried contacting me was in 2010 when he showed up at my mom’s house for the last time.

Last I heard he was arrested and in jail for robbery and other things. Don’t know if he is still in there or not.

Edited to add: There are also some things that happened (one night) that I will not go into detail on here about. I have before but deleted it shortly after for privacy reasons. But it was sex related if you could imagine.

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Oh he also had sex with one of my best friends at the time. It was a year after we broke up. But it was at my house. He came over wanting to get me back and I said no. My parents were gone so I let him stay there for a while because he was waiting on his ride to come back. I went in my bedroom and locked the door and took a nap.

While I was napping they were in my baby sister’s room doing it. Gross! Glad it was her and not me. 🙂

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