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I didn’t smoke a lot but it still sucked going cold turkey. (My avatar notwithstanding:-)) 

the thing that made the biggest difference for me was knowing that a craving would pass in five minutes. Add to that health issues and skin quality, it’s a no-brainer. 

I worked out daily and love feeling my cardio and lung expansion, it is so great to heal your body:-) do it for yourself, you’re worth it! 

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I quit smoking when I started training for Tough Mudder and Spartan races. I couldn’t run without dying and it was more important to me to complete those races than it was to smoke. So I quit cold turkey. I never smoked a lot, but I would still bum a cigarette every now ant then even after previous attempts at quitting. But this time was for good. I haven’t touched one in about a year. 

My son also has asthma. I never smoked around my kids, but knowing that he struggled with breathing and there I was purposely destroying my lungs was enough for me to quit for good. 

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Dfitzy:  I’ll preface this by saying I smoked a pack a day for almost 10 years…would get up in the morning, have a cigarette..get in the car, have a cigarette, etc.  It just became my way of life.  I started using an electronic cigarette last fall because people in my office raved about them.  I thought I would try it as it started getting colder and would limit my smoke breaks.  At first, I really wasn’t into it and thought it was silly and a bit of a fad.  For a few months, I would use my e-cig and continued to smoke, and eventually I got to having just 5 cigs a day.  Then just 1 a day.  It really got to the point where I would prefer my e-cigarette over a real cigarette.  I would have a cigarette just out of habit but didn’t even enjoy it.  I’m proud to be completely smoke free for about 5 months now.  And I’m not losing my mind!  Although I am addicted to my e-cigarette now, it’s a LOT healthier than smoking cigarettes.  I’ll have to ween myself off it eventually.  I’d recommend not using fruity flavored nicotine juice, just stick to the tobacco flavor (or if you smoke menthols, go for a menthol/mint flavor).  The brand of e-cig I use is Eleaf and it cost about $50.  A container of liquid nicotine is $5 and I use about 2 bottles per week.  Give it a shot!!

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I quit in back in March. I had an abnormal pap, and my doctor told me I really shouldn’t smoke. At that point I decided my health was more important. It wasn’t that bad once I made up my mind. Now the only time I miss smoking is if I drink too much. It’s gross, you will save money, and get some years back. Every time I thought about smoking I just thought of the consequences too.

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I quit after college, cold turkey. It wasn’t easy, but every time I looked at the love of my life or my family I felt so selfish for stealing future moments from them. I replaced smoking with drinking water.

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I started smoking when I was 14. So bad, I know. Both my parents smoked and they smoked everywhere…in the house, car…everywhere. I first started to try and quit when I was in my early 20’s. I quit with different things: gum, patches, pills. I found that quitting wasn’t the hard part, STAYING quit is the hard part. I would go 6-9 months without smoking and then have a few drinks and tell myself that just a couple drags while drinking was ok. Wrong. It never ends with a few drags. If you do, you will go back to it eventually. I started to feel really crappy when I smoked, so I got an E-cig and started to ween myself off the real cigarettes and ended up quitting and only smoking the E-cig. I haven’t smoked a real cigarette in over 2 and 1/2 years! I quit the E- cig about 10 months ago right before I got pregnant. During this pregnancy I lost my step dad to lung cancer and something inside finally just clicked that I am DONE!!! Every once in a while I smell that first light of someones cig and think “that smells good” then that is immediately followed with “Eww!”

You will get there and when the time is right, you will just do it! Good luck girlie, you can do it!!!

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I quit over a year ago when I discovered I was pregnant.  After a miscarriage, I found myself having cravings again.  One day I caved, and lit up again.  It tasted soooo AWFUL.  I thought back to all the times when I’d smoked, and it was up there with a mouthwatering piece of cake.  Damn, those chemicals had me fooled.  That was enough for me.  Now I remember the reality, not the fantasy.

Good luck, OP.  You’ve totally got this!

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Dfitzy:  congrats on quitting! I quit in 2012, so I’m  still a bit of a newbie. I quit cold turkey like you, and had a small relapse last spring for about a month due to my anxiety (once on meds I was able to quit again). 

Something that bugged me and actually made me think smoking could help my anxiety was watching tv and movies with lots of smoking in them. Avoid watching breaking bad lol!

there are so many reasons it’s better without cigs… Cost, smell, HEALTH! You can do this!

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Stay away from the first cigarette. If you never just have a puff, you won’t start smokin again. I quit nine years ago, and it was almost as hard as when I quit drinking 10 years ago. I tried to stay in the moment, and my mantra was “I can smoke in 30/10/5 minutes”, and then resetting the clock when the time was up. I tried to stay away from smokers, stopped going to places I bought cigarettes and used an online “smo-briety” support group. I also prayed my ass off (mostly a generic “please help” and “please get me through the day” and “thank you” at night – I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea). Then one day I realized I hadn’t thought about it for an hour. Then two. It was rough, but then I really, really liked smoking.

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