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@Confuscious10:  Judging by your post, this man has literally NO redeeming features. Respect yourself and trust that you can do better! If he cheats with you, he could cheat on you…which he’s already done. Block the guy’s number, delete and block him on FB and move on!

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Sugar bee
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Stay clear.  You deserve better!

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@Confuscious10:  Look him straight in the eye… then turn yourself 180 degrees and run like hell.  Actually, before turning, stand on his foot and push him.  Then turn 180 degrees and run like hell.

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Honey bee
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Run away and buy a copy of “why men love bitches”. 

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Busy bee
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ask yourself  why do you want to be with this guy??? Because I love him is not an answered thats allowed. If the answer for example is – because he makes you feel happy – it is not allowed if the opposite is greater  ie. but he makes me sad/cry 

I think you may find you have nothing

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Busy bee
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Sweetie I hate to say this, he does not care about you… He married someone else … he does not care about her he slept with you …. now for a moment you might think that means he care for you but he does not b/c when you dated he slept with other people as well 


This man does not care about any of you. He uses women as play things he married the one he thought was special but he gets board in bed with her the same thing every night… so he picks a fight makes a dramatic status and talks to you so he can use you and your body b.c. he gets sick of the same thing every night… then he makes up with her has amazing make up sex 


Change your number delete him form your facebook  never speak to him again… 

Never think if a man cheats on you he can care or love you … he thinks you are nothing and also thinks he can make a fool of you by making you jump for him and he has fun watching you dance and do the things he wants… he did that when he got with another girl while you were together 


He married a women b.c. he (a person who is not even able to love he never understand it) thought he had a new feeling really she likely challanged him … but still when ever he got board he used you and i bet the other girl who he cheated on you with and god knowns who else 


if I were you i go get an STD test b.c. he sounds dirty … it sucks cuz i bet he is smooth I bet he makes you smile and makes you crazy … we all fall for the wrong guy sometiems 


but know this no one who treats you like that loves you he does not even give you the littlest amount of respect he does not care for you save your self some pain… block him change your number delete him and take some time to build your self up o things you love 


and go on some dates with some nice guys 

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Worker bee
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@Confuscious10:  I honestly just stopped reading your post after you said he posted a Facebook status saying “im miserable, im getting a divorce, im not in love with her, i dont even like her ways.” Nothing irks me more than personal matters expressed publicly through social media. Holy Hannah my dear, I’m going to go with the other Bees on this one and advise you to STAY AWAY. Stay far, far, away. Stop cheating with him. Don’t perpetuate this. Just cut him out of your life.

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Wow. I can’t be your cheerleader here and give you the “you deserve better” line, because going from what you posted, you don’t. You cheated with an engaged man who is a FATHER up until 2 weeks before his wedding, and then you’re acting all desperate for something to happen with him when he cheated on you as well? Nope, I think this might be karma giving you exactly what you were asking for all along. 

In any case, you don’t need a bunch of strangers on the Bee to tell you this guys is an absolute waste of your time, I think you already know that. You’ve gotten great advice about blocking his number, blocking him on FB, and cutting him out of your life. You can either follow that advice, move on and try to become a better person from here on out, or you can keep whining about how bad he’s treating you but allow him to continue to mind f*uck you. Well, you’ve already tried door #2, so…..?

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1.  The guy is married.  Happily or not, leave him alone.  If he wants to cheat, he will with someone else.

2.  Stop talking to him.  Stop texting him.  Stop being his friend on Facebook.  Just stop.

3.  Stop pretending your a victim.  He may be the one with 50% of the blame, but you’re holding the other 50%.  I can’t give you the pep-talk you might need/want because I feel very strongly that people know right from wrong.  And texting “I miss you too” to a married man in a sexual/romantic way is clearly wrong.

I am sorry.  It does sound that he is a womanizer and clearly has no emotion towards you or his wife, but only cares about what he wants, not even thinking of his child.  Get yourself some counseling.  You may not think you need it, but it sounds like you may have some self esteem issues that someone could work you through.  Good luck.

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@Confuscious10:  I didnt get to read the entire post, but

WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?!?! He is a liar, a manipulator, is MARRIED and CHEATING ON HER WITH YOU. How do you know he doesnt have another woman, or two other women, he is doing this to? You really need to move on. There is no happy ending with him, hell there was no happy anything if he was CHEATING ON YOU WITH HIS NOW WIFE

(sorry for the caps, but girl, come on. Stop being stupid about this. Tough love.)

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Busy bee
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Run, run, as fast as you can…

Sounds like a hot mess.

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Looks like he wants you to keep being the other woman.

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What a skeevy guy! It’s time for you to block his number. And block him on FB. And everywhere else he could possibly wind up.

You deserve better!

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