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I think that you just haven’t found the thing you like doing yet. Find the thing! Find the thing!

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Oh kindred spirit! I am the exact same way. I never get that pumped, awesome feeling. I get tired, whiny and depressed. I started to cry once doing the grapevine, so it is now banished in my house. I absolutely hate to exercise.

I really hope it gets better for your sake! I haven’t been that fortunate, but I hope you start having a better time.

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OMG YES! I thought I was the only one that felt that way. I’ve suffered from depression for a long time and everyone always told me to exercise, it releases chemicals that make you feel happy blahblahblah. Yeah, it doesn’t. I promise. I usually feel like I want to curl up in a ball and cry afterward.

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I agree with Beluga, it sounds like you haven’t found something you can challenge yourself with. Whatever you choose to do as a form of exercise, it needs to be something you enjoy doing, something you want to do.

It could be an aerobics class, spin class, dance class, belly dancing, martial arts, speed walking, swimming. You might not even know you would enjoy it until you start trying different things.

I love the Jillian Micheals DVD’s because of how it actually works to tighten and tone the body, but I always found it so boring. So I never stuck with it.

Now I jog/run, and I absolutely love it. I love beating my old record, and making myself do a little more, and push my body to go faster, for longer. I actually crave it.

Like beluga said, find it!!

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Blushing bee

Yeah, I’m that way too. One day I decided to start a work out routine. This was me:

So I loaded up a yoga workout on On Demand and started.

6 minutes in my arms started to give out, so I started doing vigorous flailing motions that I’m sure someone would consider aerobics. When I started to get winded from that I started doing crunches.

I was damn determined that I was going to get my requisite 30 minutes of work-out in and I did… The next few days? I was in so much pain that I wanted to die. I would roll over in my sleep and the pain would wake me up. It depressed me so much that I was so far gone that now I just vow to walk a little bit more at work each day. Yep, I’m a quitter.

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@sunny1: I know! Enjoy and exercise just don’t belong in the same sentence In My Humble Opinion. Unless you’re saying “I enjoy dessert but I really should exercise.” Then maybe.

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Sugar bee

Excercise I enjoy does not target my abs the way bicycle crunches do, or say, skull crushers nix my armpit fat.

Nothing on the planet will make me like working out.

Except… i like the results.  But I have to force myself to do it every time and friggen hate it.

There. I said it.

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There are all sorts of exercise that can be enjoyable!

How about dance lessons? Or Zumba or Jazzercise? Or rollerblading? Or hiking? Or biking? Or swimming?

Find something you enjoy. Don’t torture yourself with something you hate.

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Maybe you have an issue like the one described here?

I’m not saying exercise automatically makes everyone feel great, but it shouldn’t be making you feel the way you described. Have you talked to your doctor about this?

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Haha. That used to be me so much. HATE. EXCERCISE.

Not so much any more. All I can say is ditch your video, because it clearly is not working for you, and instead of focusing on must.do.this.routine. try other activities, find something you enjoy. Most of my exercise comes from yoga, biking, and walking. All things I’ve found I enjoy. And I don’t try to keep up with someone else’s routine; I try and just push myself a little harder while I’m doing the things I enjoy. Hold a pose a few seconds longer, pedal harder going up a hill, stuff like that. You shouldn’t do it until it hurts, though.

I’ve started doing crunches/push ups/pull ups recently, in a sporadic way. (I’m pretty good at crunches, I think it’s the abs from the yoga, so I do mostly those and feel bad ass.) And we just got dumbbells and I’ve started lifting weights (also sporadicly) because strength training is supposed to be good for you and stuff. (I guess it helps with bone density; I fear osteoparosis.)

I’m not hardcore or anything. I don’t go to a gym and I don’t even own any special outfits for exercising. I used to be the kid that failed gym, and I’ve always hated getting dirty and sweaty. I’ve also never met a video workout or fitness class I didn’t hate. I just like how my body feels after I use it. (Also, the sex is… um… more athletic. Hello, endurance! 🙂

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@sunny1: I used to be the same way! I was like, ummmm all these people are crazy. But like

@Beluga: said, I just hadn’t found my “thing”. For me, that thing was Zumba. Hey! I like to shake it and feel a little saucy! After I could make it through a Zumba class without thinking I was going to die from respitory failure, I tried some other stuff. Being in just slightly better shape made it much better. Here’s the secret, the thing MOST people like about exercise is the after. The accomplishment. It still sucks in the middle. Your “thing” just makes it suck a  little less!

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