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Sugar bee

I tried to continue the same type of exercise (running and biking) at a lesser intensity.  And the intensity dropped basically before I knew I was pregnant, first trimester hit me hard, but I have to say I did feel good when I was working out. 

With biking I didn’t bike in groups anymore, just with my husband.  After the first trimester – when it got cold and my stomach was a bit more in the way – I just rode the trainer inside. 

With running, when I found out I was pregnant I backed down on pace a bit and felt a lot better than before when I just thought I was having a tired week or two so kept trying to push it.  I ran pretty fine up until around 30 weeks (though I did have to deal with some arch pain because of the weight gain) and then it’s been more sporadic.  I had some pelvic pain around 30 weeks, then weird contractions so I really backed off running.  My due date is either this sunday or next sunday and I’ve started running again more regularly.  It feels awkward a bit because of the stomach but there’s no pain like there was in my 8th month.   So I guess just keep listening to your body – it’s not the time to over extend yourself.

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Helper bee
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I have been walking several miles a few times per week. In the beginning, I could do a lot more.  But now that I am in my third trimester I can only stand about 1-2 miles before I poop out.

I also bought a pre-natal yoga DVD. At first, I found it to be way too easy but now that I am further along the weight of my belly makes it difficult and it actually works me out.


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I feel so much better when I exercise and it is good for the baby.  I worked out before with pilates and the ballet bar. I can’t do all the pilates moves anymore because my stomach isn’t as strong so I try to focus on my legs and arms. I bought a prenantal pilates video to learn how to adjust the moves. I need to sweat sometimes though so we starting hiking more. I just watch my heartrate because it spikes so much easier. My husband is super patient so he lets me take breaks to catch my breath, then we move on up the hill.

I am trying to focus on doing something every day even if it is just walking the dog.  I don’t lose weight easy so I feel if I try and do a little while pregnant it will keep me motivated after the baby.

You just have to find what feels good for you.

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I’m 19 weeks along with twins right now, so my situation might be a bit different.  I’ve been a runner for years and kept at it, right up until we found out it was twins.  Then I switched to walking.  I’ve also got a pregnancy workout DVD and sometimes do other low impact workout videos, as well.  I would feel like such a slug if I wasn’t working out!  I’m determined to stay as healthly as possible so that I can get back into shape quickly after the babies are born.

I would like to plug prenatal yoga, as well.  I kept up with my regular yoga practice until about 11 weeks, when it just didn’t “feel” right anymore.  At first I thought the prenatal routines were kind of boring and easy, but as the weeks go by, I love them more and more.  I’m having backaches during the day and my hips ache when I sleep on my side at night, but I’ve noticed when I get in a good yoga practice, the pain decreases immensely the next day.

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I was working out before i was pregnant, less frequent, but more intensity. I have now switched it around to more frequent, and less intensity. I have an elliptical machine  in my guest room and i try to do 30 to 40 minutes about 6 nights a week. I also was more active with my work before i was pregnant, now i can not do as much with work so i have replaced that work with my elliptical workout. I have not tried prenantal yoga, but it sounds like it would be relaxing and beneficial.

This is my first baby so i have no idea if this will help be bounce back quicker, but i certainly hope so!

Edited to add: I am 18 weeks along.

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You really can continue what you have always done running etc just not lifting weights… I found when I was pregnant the most comfortable way to exercise is water aerobics.

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Bumble bee
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@organizedbride11:  There is absolutly no reason not to continue to use weights.  Yes, you may have to back off the amount of weight but weight training is just as important to overall physical health as cardio.

Arm excercises are especially great, as is lower back ones!

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I think doctors have different opionions on what exercise is safe.  My OBGYN said she does not like her pregnant patients to run because she thinks it puts too much stress on the pelvic floor.  Which is fine with me because I do not run unless someone is chasing me!  But my good friend ran throughout her pregnancy with her doctor’s blessing.  I walk and ride my stationary bike.

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Sugar bee
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So many different opinions of course – although I think the one consistent thing is that you should not increase intensity after you are pregnant. My doctor gave a few guidelines – no weights heavier than 5 pounds (I was doing pretty heavy weightlifting before that) and keep heart rate below 150 if possible. I ended up doing a mix of swimming (1 mile at a time), pre natal yoga (good for the body but not true exercise) and the elliptical with light weight lifting. She was ok with me running but I was not comfortable with all the bouncing, so I didn’t….I was in ok shape before pregnancy, not the best ever, I would have rather been in better shape than I was.

After pregnancy I joined a stroller exercise group in the park which was awesome.  Lots of jumping, abs, push ups, running etc.  Lost all the weight by 12 weeks, and an additional few pounds after that.  I did feel that staying active during pregnancy helped me get back into it after!

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I was in the best shape of my life in the 6 months before pregnancy. I’ve always been petite but I was really fit, going to the gym 4/5 times a week…. 

this was all the way up to week 8 – 

It’s only been a week and a half, but I’m so nauseous, tired, etc. I just can’t do it. I went on Saturday and felt like I was going to puke and/or pass out. I talked to my doctor at my Tuesday appointment and she said not to push it, that my energy would come back in a few weeks, take it easy right now. 

Here’s hoping! 

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I worked out before my pregnancy running and eliptical lots of cardio and light weights and now throughout my pregnancy Ive been doing 4 times a week Mama Yoga, Eliptical, walking, and light weights, I stopped running cause my stride is too fast and my belly bounces too much! But the eliptical and walking does the job. Im 37 weeks along. It helps with my energy and I hear it helps in labor too!

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I did Spin class throughout my entire pregnancy which always made me feel amazing! If it was too vigorous, I would slow down a bit though. I lost all the weight about 2 weeks after my baby was born.

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