(Closed) Exercise/weight loss and early pregnancy?

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  • poll: Is it safe to START a workout routine after BFP
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    sara79:  I’ve read a lot about it, too. I’ve come to the conclusion that working out hard is fine (although that’s also what I wanted to find….so….grain of salt…..). I always make sure to drink lots of water, ensure I don’t get too hot, and back off a little when I start to get really out of breath/heart rate high. I’ve been an athlete my entire life and am in tune with my body and level of exhertion. I’ve continued to run, nordic ski, alpine ski, hike, spin bike, do circuits/TRX/jump rope and so forth. I’m doing a lot more walking now (I’m 25 weeks) just because the baby bouncing on my bladder doesn’t feel so great. Anyway, make sure you ease into it (gradually increase how much you do each session and each week) and listen to your body- getting tired is fine, I think, but go easy at first until you get a sense of your limits now.

    Forgot to say congrats on your BFP!!!! Good luck to you!

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    I thjnk this article was good. http://www.babycenter.ca/a758/pregnancy-exercise-guide

    I wouldn’t recommend Insanity which would probably put your heart rate to 180 and up. I would probably keep your hear rate under 150 and only work out 3-4 times a week for 30-60 minutes. 

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    You should NOT be doing Insanity while pregnant. Exercise is good, but that is just wayyyy too intense if you ask me. Not only that, but if this is a drastic lifestyle change, and you aren’t currently very active, pregnancy is NOT the time to start something that intense.

    Unless you are over weight, do not try to lose weight while pregnant as well. Healthy eating and moderate exercise is fantastic during pregnancy.

    I’m one of those ladies who tend to have complications from just being too busy at home.. so perhaps I am a little more cautious than most!


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    sara79:  How long were you doing workouts like insanity before you started insanity (high impact aerobics?) I worked out 4-6 days a week for about 7 years before getting pregnant but I only did the high impact workouts (insanity etc…) maybe 4 times within that 7 years. Most of the exercise I’ve done in the past would be considered low impact. Docs normally recommend lower impact (swimming, ellipitical, lighter weights, etc.) but you can do quite a bit of what you used to do if your body is used to doing those things. What they generally DON”T recommend is starting up a new workout routine that your body is not used to. It increases the possibility of you miscarrying and therefore any doc is going to tell you not to do it.

    The biggest thing to know is your limits. If you start to get tired or short of breath and you feel faint, STOP- no matter what level of exercise you are used to or currently doing. The first trimester is a tough one for some women since morning sickness, fatigue, and other fun side effects. and some women are lucky and really don’t get any. So know what you can and can’t handle and go by what your body is used to vs. something new like insanity that shocks the system. Save it for after the baby is here for getting back in shape 😉 That’s my plan anyway.

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    sara79:  I remember hearing once that it’s ok to exercise, but not to push yourself beyond what you can already safely do. It’s a good idea to speak with your Doctor about it; personally, I would recommend holding off on the Insanity program unless your Doctor is 100% sure it would be a safe option for you.

    And congratulations!

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    I’ts not a good idea to start a new regimen, particularly something as intense as insanity, if you haven’t BEEN Doing it. But there is nothing wrong with exercise, in fact it’s very good for you during PG. I’ve been continuing to weight lift and do the eliptical as well as walk for my entire pregnancy (30 weeks now). The “keep your heart rate under 140” thing is completely out of date according to my OB and in general, she’s very conservative. You just need to make sure you don’t over exert yourself and you stay REALLY hydrated. And you’ll know the day you over exert yourself. I did it a few weeks ago doing my same ol weight routine but had used heavier weights because someone was using the ones I like, and I got dizzy and felt really out of it and had to stop and rest. 

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    sara79:  I did CrossFit until 37w. No changes until my body asked for them. I was still lifting heavy all the way until the end. 

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    I wouldn’t pick up on a more intense routine than what I was not used to. Typically weight loss and pregnancy do not go hand in hand…..this is a time to maintain your health, grow a healthy baby. I was about 15 lbs heavier than I usually was when I got my bfp…yes I was a little sad to start out on the heavier end but I chose to just continue my regular routine of walking/jogging eating healthy, maintain a healthy weight through pregnancy (with twins). I”m currently at the end of my pregnancy and the babies are perfect and I gained about 30 lbs, which is about 20 lbs less than my doc wanted me to gain but she’s not complaining as the twins are plenty big. I certainly did not want to do anything to impeed their growth being that twins are at risk for preterm labor. As a nurse I’ve seen many women exercise and diet through their pregnancies with varying outcomes. Some women fair just fine, others had serious issues affecting the fetus. So many moms these days want to be able to say they didn’t gain anything when they got pregnant. Pregnancy changes bodies regardless of how much weight you gain or don’t gain…pregnancy can also be difficult for many women, adding extreme dieting and exercise just adds to the challenges for some women. I would say just listen to your doctor. The scariest story I did see was a girl I know who is close to me who began extreme exercise and dieting when she got pregnant. She lost 30 lbs during her pregnancy and her son was born at 34 weeks at less than 3 lbs and spent several weeks in the NICU. To this day she insists it had nothing to do with all the dieting/exercising…she even posted a timeline of her weight loss during pregnancy. I think there is nothing wrong with gaining some weight during pregnancy….I also don’t think it’s an excuse to be a pig, “eat for two”, become inactive or anything like that….but I just dont’ get this new fad of people trying to lose weight while pregnant.?? 

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