(Closed) exercising and good diet but not losing weight????

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Helper bee
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Do you have a throws problem? I do and it’s taken me almost 3 yrs to lose 20lbs.  Go get it checked out.

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george8181 :  Even on your “cheat days” do you consistently eat around the same calories?  My biggest diet issue is that my callorie count can very wildly.  Your body will start to hoard callories in fat on your cheat days because it feels starved the rest of the week.  

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Bumble bee

Do you know how many calories you burn a day?  And are you tracking your intake calories (meaning you are being careful to measure your portions of everything and know exactly how many you take in)?  My guess is that you’re probably eating more calories than you think you are, and thus do not have a big enough deficit to lose weight.  

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Buzzing bee

As you loose weight your calorie requirements will change.  You may need to reduce your calorie intake to continue loosing weight.  Another consideration is that you are more active now therefore your body’s nutrution needs have also changed.  If you are not constantly adjusting your diet and amount of exercise you will plateau.  

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Bumble bee

george8181 :  Do you count calories? Do you have a food scale that you weigh EVERYTHING on?

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george8181 :  I agree with all the other suggestions. To summarize:

1. Do you have some kind of fitness tracker that counts calories burned? If not, get one. I use my apple watch, but other people have fitbits or other devices that can clip into their pants or bra.

2. Use an online calorie calculator to figure out an estimate of how many calories you should be eating a day. This is a good one: https://authoritynutrition.com/how-many-calories-per-day/ They tell you the estimates for maintaining weight, losing weight, and losing weight fast. I wouldn’t recommend the “losing weight fast” option because it’s not healthy to lose more than a pound a week (though we’ve all done that before. :-P) In general, from what I’ve read, if you lose more than a pound a week, you are more likely to put the weight back on later.

3. Count your calories. Sign up for myfitnesspal.com to enter everything you eat for a week. See where you end up! You may be eating more or less than you think you are. Since you’re now a lower weight, you need less calories than you did… but with the exercising, your metabolism has likely also sped up. You’re going to need to do a little testing to find out exactly where you need to be to feel strong and healthy while losing weight. 

4. I think walkerqueen4014 :  may have meant a thyroid problem. Definitely get that checked out. I also have thyroid problems and it wreaks havoc on your metabolism, making it very hard to lose weight! Ask your doctor to run a test for TSH, T3 and free T4. Do some research on what those scores mean because the first doctor I worked with this on thought my scores were just fine, when I knew they weren’t. It took me time to find a doctor who would listen to me and think about how I was feeling rather than just the numbers.

5. Lastly, how much are you stressing or overthinking the exercising/eating healthy? If you are completely stressed out by it or other things in your life, the stress hormone cortisol will increase glucose (sugars) in your body and your body’s responses to things like the immune system and digestive system. Too much stress can make it very difficult to lose weight, no matter how much you are exercising or how well you are eating. Here’s a good article from the Mayo Clinic about stress: http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/stress-management/in-depth/stress/art-20046037

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Helper bee
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Are you stressed? Are you sleeping well? These are also important factors to losing weight. 

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george8181 :  are you measring yourself as well? If you started exercising since muscle weighs more than fat you might actually be losing inches but the scale won’t show it.

If this continues happening go to the doctor and get your thyroid checked, sometimes it can be to blame for weight that won’t budge.

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Helper bee

Also keep in mind the muscle build up changes your body. I’ve been running more and lifting weights, and I went up 2 cup sizes without gaining weight. I was paranoid that I had, but realized I likely just pushed out my pecs.

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Honey bee
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Work out your TDEE.

Eat less that what is required, a good deficit is about 500 calories a day. Don’t eat back any calories from exercize. It is as simple as calories in, calories out. 

** I remember gaining weight when I joined the gym and was hitting it hard, this was because my brain was telling me sneakily I could have that extra chocolate, coffee, handful of nuts etc as I was working hard. 

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Busy bee
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agree with above posters, get on myfitnesspal and start counting calories

Also look into more protein, more veg, less bread! 

Don’t accidentally eat to FEW calories. If your net calorie intake for the day with counting/exercise is less than 1200 then your body will stop losing weight and go into starvation mode and literally CLING to anything you put in your body. When I’m on the “lose weight” train I usually try to keep my net balance at 1400/day (if you exercise you CAN have a bit more, just make sure it’s only a bit more and it’s healthy)

the most common pitfall of weight loss is you eat more than you think, and you burn less calories than you think

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Busy bee

Maybe you aren’t eating enough? I’ve noticed that I hang on or gain weight if I don’t eat much and/or don’t eat throughout the day.

You also might need to exercise more. Three times a week isn’t bad, but are you pretty sedentary the rest of the time? That makes a difference. Also, are you counting calories?

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Bumble bee
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Log you calories! (I suggest myfitnesspal). As long as you burn more than you eat, you will lose. The scale will get stuck here and there but it will always move again if you are buring more calories than you are consuming. 

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Worker bee
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I agree with the rest of the previous posters, but I would also recommned that you add some weight or body weight exercises to your routine.  I added the daily workout from the “tone it up” website and noticed a good change.  I had gotten lazy with the weight training.  (not meant to be an advertisement for them, but I like having somebody else tell me what to do everyday that way I don’t have to think too hard when I go to the gym- and a lot of their workouts can be modified to be done at home).

Your body can get used to doing the same workouts every day and as you get in better shape, you become more efficient and you are buring less calories during your workouts.  Even though you have hills on your route, are you doing any intervals during your workout?  Maybe after a good warm up add 3x 2 mins faster, with a minute slower in between.  Something to mix it up a little bit within your route.

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