(Closed) Exercising while pregnant – 140 heart rate??

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kate02121:  why did you stop running at 27w? Just too big/uncomfy? I ask because im a runner myself, and curious how long I will be able to keep it up. I’m only 9 weeks now tho.


This will sound stupid, but Ive never been pregnant before so… Whats it like running with a belly? Does it move a lot, is it firm and just like another body part, lol, these are random thoughts I have.



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almondjoy:  Haha! I’m happy to share. I was always a casual runner except when training for an event (my longest was a 10 miler). Pre-pregnancy I ran roughly 3-5 miles a 2-3 times a week. 

When I first got pregnant it was pretty easy to keep it up…so I ran 3 miles or so a couple of times a week until about 13-14 weeks (although at a gradually slower pace). Once I started to show and my stomach started to grow, I did need to cut it down in length and pace. The reasons: first, my damn bladder. Every single time I started striding I felt like I had to pee, really bad. But when I’d stop and pee nothing came out at all. So something was pushing on my bladder and making it seem like I had to go (but it doesn’t do this when I do other types of work outs?). Second, I got really bad crotch / groin pain after I’d finish my run that would last for a day or so. Pretty annoying. But I really just got too big and uncomfortable with my stomach recently. My belly didn’t move a lot, it was more just like another body part…but it is just *there* and in the way, and a lot of extra weight concentrated all in one spot.

Do what you feel works best for you…I do think your body will tell you when enough is enough. It felt pretty obvious for me when I needed to stop.  

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peachacid:  Are you using your own heart rate monitor, or the machine? The machines can be really inaccurate…

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I highly suggest Kristin Pinto’s “Fit Pregnancy”


The idea that exercise for pregnant women is dangerous is an ignorant fallacy!

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almondjoy:  I ran regularly prepregnancy.  I was able to do my normal mileage ( but way slower) until about 23 or 24 weeks.  After that it gradually diminished and I quit running around 30 weeks.  I didn’t have much as far as bladder issues it just got really uncomfortable trying to run with an enormous uterus and baby bouncing around in there.  It just gets uncomfortable!  I had an easier time concentrating on the elliptical or walking after 30 weeks.  

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peachacid:  from what I hear as long as its part of your routine then your fine…. for a lot of people 140bmp doesnt even break a sweat! Rule: dont try anything NEW….. or anything thats more intense then you’ve been doing. Listen to your body and if your feeling tired or faint, slow down, thats all!

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This is an old thread, but I was doing a search to see if anybody’s talked about this 140 bpm thing.  Unfortunately this 140 bpm thing is still on most mainstream sites and I read this and got super worried.  I regularly get my heart rate up to 180ish running 9 mph for 4 miles on the treadmill (measuring on my wrist, not using the machine’s monitor).  140 is an absolute joke.  I have bumped my speed down to 8.5 mph, but I notice my heart rate is still in the 170 range.  I’m not sure what this “can still carry on a conversation” measure is either.  I certainly can answer a question, but not well and it will sound very out of breath if I spoke while running at 8.5 mph (it’s not exactly jogging).  If i’m still able to carry on a conversation, I’m probably still at 140 bpm :/.  So I really don’t know what I’m suppose to do.  I’m worried about hurting the baby but my gut tells me it’s actually more harmful for my body from a health perspective to not continue my normal routine when I feel total up for it and feel great during and after exercising at my regular intensity.  My first appointment is not for another 3 weeks so I can’t ask my OB right now.

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