(Closed) Expensive couture dresses- are they really worth it?

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Are the high-end dresses made better (with better fabrics and workmanship)?  Yes.  However, whether it is worth it is purely subjective.  We bought our last car for $5,000.  Our entire wedding was only $10,000.  And we had to buy two wedding dresses, not just one.  So we did not really consider any dress over $500.  But if you have the money, and the quality really matters to you, why not?

I will say that when I am buying regular clothing, the durability matters to me.  However, for a wedding dress, I pretty much figured than none of them were going to wear out after less than a day.

The one thing I would say is that if you want to resell your dress, you probably want to get it from a well known designer.  That doesn’t necessarily mean a high-end designer–DB is well known.  But a lot of brides who are searching for a dress online have looked at dresses in stores, and are searching by the designer and style name.  So if yours comes from a no-name designer, you may have a harder time selling it even if the quality is great.

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i think it depends on the style of dress as well……. as has been pointed out obviously the fabric and the beading etc will be of a higher quality with a higher end product but what i never can understand (sorry if i offend anybody) why some people spend thousands more on plain plain plain dresses by a designer when you can find the exact same thing in a “no-name”. 

i don’t buy the whole “oh, it’s the quality” thing…… i think it’s got more to do with the name…… which is fine but at least admit it……  hey, i’d LOVE to have a vera wang, and you better believe i’d be telling everyone “it’s a vera wang it’s a vera wang it’s a vera wang!!!!” but if i could find the same dress style, fabric and quality for less money, i’d buy it.  i know a lot of people WOULDN’T because then it wouldn’t be a “VERA WANG”, you know?  (kind of like the whole “tiffany” ring thing – don’t get me started)

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@ms. anne thrope: Oh man, I’m the same way about Tiffany rings. Man. My friend, who was married a few years ago and who had insisted on a Tiffany ring at the time, saw my ring – which really did not have a huge budget at ALL – and was blown away. Why? Because her plain platinum band cost almost as much as my whole ring, with diamond! And since Tiffany’s was her only experience with shopping for diamond jewelry, she assumed my ring was in the $7K-$10K range. Plus, I wouldn’t have known hers was Tiffany’s if she didn’t tell me – it’s not a classic Tiffany’s shape or anything. (But I get it – it’s fun to go to Tiffany’s and see that cute blue box!)

As far as designers go, I am totally thrilled with my $800 dress. I think it _looks_ couture, with fine lace and a unique design. But if I had been able to wear a Vera Wang, I might have gone for it. I like designer dresses and shoes because I like art and fashion and admire those with a singular vision. I think Vera Wang has a signature style that is revered because it’s creative, flattering, and as beautiful as it gets. Also, there is this one Priscilla of Boston dress that I would have loved to have tried on. I might have immediately snapped it up, simply because I think it’s really one-of-a-kind and gorgeous, and would have emphasized aspects of my personality that don’t usually shine. Still, who even knows – besides dress-crazy brides – what/who POB is? And I can’t imagine spending our food budget on a gown. I think people assume my current dress cost what the POB dress did, so I’m happy with my choice. 

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I purchased a beautiful Casablanca and donated it to breast cancer awareness. I got my moneys worth because I am supporting a worthy cause. Good luck future brides.

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I believe that my Vera Wang dress was worth it.  For the particular dress I got I have seen nothing like it.  I’m sure it’s also more expensive because it’s English net that is hand sewn and arranged in concentric flower patterns, taking a tremendous amount of time and detail.   But I had scoured the internet and wedding sites, and until I tried my dress on, nothing was similar, but it was completely me.  Being a somewhat less traditional bride, finding something so perfect was surprising.  Fortunately, a dress like that was in my budget. 

I am also a very tactile shopper- I touch and feel everything- and I even found a beautiful dress that was around $1200 that I loved, but the fabric was awful.  I would have bought that dress if they had been able to upgrade the fabric, but there was no way I was buying it as is, no matter how much I liked the design.  Different qualities are important to different people.  If you’re lucky enough to not prefer one fabric to the next, then that will surely keep the cost of a dress down.

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I think more expensive dresses you can tell in fabric and how they are made.


I went with a friend who got her dress at David’s to have her bridal pictures taken and at the same site there was a girl who obviously didn’t get their dress there takign her pictures as well. I could just tell by looking at the fabric, even from 20-30 ft away.Maybe I can tell a little better b/c I have expensive taste or went to school of fashion, I don’t know, but if I could get a 4k dress i maybe would, but my budget is under 2k, probably 1500, would be the most.


It is all in waht you can afford though. Is it worh it to spend that much on a dress?

I’m probably not going to go to David’s because of the experiance that i had there when she was looking for her dress and the fact that they messed up her original dress.

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