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Regardless of how nicely she said it, that’s an incredibly rude little monologue to go on about someone’s enagement ring, even for a SA at a jeweler’s. It’s unfortunate that an employee of a company that demands the kind of money that Tiffany’s does is so misinformed about materials. I don’t buy the “less brittle” argument, either, as 14k (especially rose gold) will always have a higher percentage of alloys like nickel or copper, which are ductile just as gold is, but they are also made “harder” by the presence of alloys, so less inclined to scratch. I think it’s entirely about the price, sadly. Luxury brands make a good show of not being “in it for the money” (providing extras, spending time with you) because they can afford to and they know that the customer service is what you’re going to rave about to your friends. She probably would have made more of an effort to be nice if you had made it clear you were there for more than your wedding band. Ick.

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I Not only misinformed, but if she really said “ he should’ve never went there” then she  has crap grammar skills too. 


fcm16 :  

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To be honest, I think I do want the shopping experience. How do you get the “T&Co shopping experience” with the champagne and cake and all that? Do you make an appointment?

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I went to the Tiffany in San Francisco.  It was beautiful.  They asked me if I needed help when I walked in then went back to standing in the corner on their phones.  When I needed help I asked him if he’s mind showing me some things and he was very helpful. I thought he might look down at my sapphire e ring.  I found my dream band … for yikes $3750.  Almost as much as my e-ring!!!  Then I went on eBay and found a pre owned model and negotiated down to $2225. My SO loves a deal.  It was more than I thought we’d spend on a band.   When it came it looked even prettier and newer than the one I tried on in the store.  And neat it’s from Tiffany.  The diamonds in it are amazing.  I didn’t let them talk down to me 😀. I’ve been in other Tiffany’s  and been ignored. Plain bands on eBay are almost half price OP!

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sharkey38 :  That combination looks amazing!

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fcm16 :  I also had a really bad experience at Tiffany’s which was so unfortunate because I really wanted my ring to be from there. It wasn’t in the states because I live abroad and I went to the Tiffany’s that was in the heart of a really wealthy neighborhood (if you all have heard of the psy song “gangnam style” it was in gangnam). Well I went in and waiting/ looked around for rings and after about 15 mins nobody asked to help me and so I ask if someone could as I was looking for an ER. They told me to wait a bit and so I waited for another 10 mins and got so frustruated I asked again. They finally helped me and when I said I was looking for a 2ct ring they said “It is going to be very expensive” (translated into english) and so I said I am not looking at the price . Then the SA said that I would basically have to buy something in a lower color and clarity grade since I was looking for a 2ct. Basically telling me I couldnt afford anything. Got out of there, but was so humilitated. Still think about it at night lol

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fcm16 :  I would send corporate an email of your experience – not just for your own release but perhaps that salesperson will learn how to interact better with potential clients. That encounter was gauche and unacceptable. 

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fcm16 :  I think a short and polite letter to corporate and the sales manager describing what she said would be more effective and less stressful for you. She said that to your friend? If she meant to be funny then you should both be laughing. Geez!


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This is sad. My ring is from Tiffany’s and we have had nothing but amazing experience with them. Our SA even emails is still to see how we are doing. My hubby to be went and picked the final ring it himself and couldn’t say better things about it. Sorry you had a not so pleasant experience. 

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mamabat :  It’s not guaranteed for every shopping experience. This usually comes with a very large purchase, especially engagement ring. The champagne is usually given when the couple are together. But again, it’s not every purchase that gets it, it really depends on your relationship with the store and SA. The cake is location specific. When I go during the holidays, I usually get decorated cookies or treats from my SA. Now Cartier! They have their own champagne and it’s not all the time but depending on your purchase, they give you a bottle too. It’s amazing lol. 

I’ve shopped at Tiffany for half my life and in multiple states and stores. The SA’s I’ve dealt with have been nothing but professional and sweet. My husband takes me to Tiffany for Christmas every year and we have a regular SA we work with. I have a moissanite ring and the SA was sad we didn’t go to him but he was so excited for us and just gushed over my ring. Sorry you had a not perfect experience but give them another try with another SA!

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I’m on another forum where women talk a lot about designer goods, and as someone who has been looked at funny in Chanel for being young-looking and “too casually dressed”, the Tiffany SAs are the best among the designer brands (right up there with Dior, with Chanel and LV trailing waaaaay at the bottom). At every store I’ve been to (across a few countries), they’ve been nothing but kind and friendly.

I guess reading this thread, I’ve either been lucky or the SAs who deal with general jewellery vs the engagement/wedding rings are a completely different set of people.

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