(Closed) Experience going off BC pill?

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I’ll be watching this thread – I’m on day 3 of being BCP free haha

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Busy bee
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I was just thinking about stopping the pill too – I’ve held off because I’ve been scared of what might happen after I stop taking it.  Which pill were you taking?  I think some cause more issues than others when you stop taking them.

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Helper bee
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I just recently came off of BC due to medial problems with them about killing me. The process of coming off has been fairly easy.  Be aware that when you come off your period can go a little wacko! It may skip a month or come way early, or decide not to leave for a month. Once you are off for about a month or two (depending on how your body works) your body will regulate itself. I will say this…..if you are emotional, keep in mind that the hormones in your BC have been apart of your body for however long you have been on the pill, so be prepared to have some emotional distress if you are sensitive to hormones.  That was the only bad thing about it, I was basically an emotional rollercoaster for about two months! Other than that, all is well and so happy to be off BC!!

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@mamadingdong:  I should have read this better before I responded, but what you are feeling is PERFECTLY normal!! I was a tee total bitch for two months, like I said in my post, but it WILL go away I promise! Just explain to whomever you are talking to, or taking it out on, that you are coming off BC and they will understand.  My Fiance was like “What the hell is wrong with you these days” and I had to explain to him what was happening inside that I couldnt control. 

Keep your head screwed on tight! It will be rough but it will end!

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Bumble bee

@mamadingdong:  I experienced something similar to this coming off BCP.  My last day on the pill was March 7th.  So, I’m on my 3rd cycle post BCP.  While on the pill I felt like I was always in a fog – like I was incapable of experiencing emotion.  My moods were very even (I’ve heard the pill sometimes acts like an anti-depressent in this way).  So, you can imagine my surprise coming off the pill when I was acting like a mad-woman LOL.  My emotional highs were high, my emotional lows were low.

So, you’re not alone.  I feel more “balanced” now, if that helps any.

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I went off of it for amonth and was miserable. I started BC to take care of cramping and heavy periods, and that month I was off was SO miserable. I was a raging bitch and pretty much bed ridden for the week I had my period.

I went back on because I couldn’t take it anymore. I would have expected it to go away after a few weeks, but didn’t. It may depend on the kind of BC you are on though and what’s going on in your life. 

Glad you are feeling better today 🙂

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I had the opposite reaction, I was nuts on BC and fine once I stopped

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@mamadingdong:  I’ve been off since April 29, and I agree I’ve been feeling kinda irritable and emotional.  I cried over a documentary on George Lucas the other day…and I’m not even a big Star Wars fan.  Ugh!  And my poor husband has been SOOO understanding though I think I’m driving him nuts.  I hope this gets easier soon.



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I got a huge cyst that made my ovary 40% bigger than it’s supposed to be, and my hair got really greasy! I went back on the pill.

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I went of bc about two months ago.  Nothing too terrible but I do seem to have more zits on my face.  🙁

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I’ve been on for over 10 years…I have only ever gotten off once for about 8 months and I remember having to work on managing my moods for a while. 

Suddenly you are ovulating and having real cycles…so it’ gonna be differnet.

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I went through the same experience, coming off the pill after being on it since I was 16. I never really knew what my normal period was like, to be honest. So here’s the deal. You’re going to feel crummy for at least 2 months, and it’s probably going to take 6+ months for your cycle to get into a routine. In that time, you’ll probably experience a range of things – moodiness, oily skin, breakouts, inconsistent cycle etc.

Then, those issues will gradually disappear as your body regulates itself. I’m not a medical professional, but based on my experience, I feel like it takes a few months for your body to detox from the fake hormones, and then a few more months for it to kick into full power itself.

After the initial 6 months or so, I had so much more energy, my moods stabilised, and surprisingly, my period became extremely regular and reliable. It was TOTALLY worth the wait.

I’ve actually just tried to go back onto the pill for health reasons, but my gosh. It was awful. Constant migraines, depression, total loss of sex drive, crying every day, extreme exhaustion and joint pain. I tried numerous brands, the Mirena, and the nuva-ring. Obviously, I’m now (?always have been?) very sensitive to artificial hormones and I will never submit my body to them again. It’s not worth it. It makes me wonder how much I had those symptoms when I was a teenager, and I just didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to feel that way.

Stick with it. You’ve made it through five weeks, I’m sure you’ll get some relief in another few weeks.

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I went off of the pill a few years ago.. I didn’t get Bitchy..(but then again i was happy because i was out of a pretty crappy relationship).. so that could have neen why..

but i did loose 4 pounds almost instantly! so that was nice! the only other thing was that i had my period for almost a month straight.. so that was no fun! just when i would think it was going away it would come back again!

But I’m envious.. because i was just thinking about it this morning.. i would Love to go off of the pill again.. and for good… but it’s not really a great time to do that… 

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