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Sugar bee
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How is Olive doing? A rescue dog I had got sick with coccidia (similar to giardia).

I know its not the best option, but do you have tile or a garage you can keep your dog in? Put down newspapers & old blankets for her. Don’t give her toys that can absorb things, but bones should be okay. Then steam clean every area your dog has been in the rest of the house. Then clean it again about a week later. I used apple cider vinegar & mopped all tile areas. Keep your dog in the tile area/garage until she’s better. It sucks, but if you do that it will help clear it away.

Also, when your dog goes to the bathroom, don’t let her go on grass or wood, instead bring her to cement. Or you can get puppy wee pads & just throw those away after your dog uses them (your avatar shows your dog being small so I’m assuming she’s small enough to use those pads). Make sure you clean up all of her droppings asap & sanitize the area with something that kills giardia.

Do you have any other pets? Do you have any young kids/babies?

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Honey bee
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My puppy Hugo had coccidia, which like PP said, is similar to giardia. I bought puppy pads and put them down my tile floor and made sure that Hugo went to the bathroom there. After he used them I would throw them away, mop with a mixture of vinegar and water and then go over the area with a steam mop. Make sure that you wash your puppy’s bedding as well.

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When we first got our pup the vet told us she had giardia, but after several rounds of treatment she still hadn’t cured. The vet temporarpy put her on perscription food (3 cans a day at $3 a can) and told us she may need it for the long term. 

After doing some research on my own, I found out that it’s very common for her breed to be allergic to grains. We tried her on a grain free diet and her stomach problems cleaned within days! 

I suggest doing some research on her breed and checking into different type of allergies that could be causing it. A friend went through the exact same thing and determined that her dog also had a food allergy. 

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My great dane had giardia when he was about 3-4 months old.  It took a few rounds of medication to clear, but for a dog growing as quickly as a dane pup the biggest obstacle for us was to make sure the dose was weight appropriate for him.  I was at the vet clinic every Saturday to weigh him and adjust the dose and get more canned food (don’t remember which one now).

Of course we had to wash every blanket, toy, and dog bed in super hot water.  Luckily, he’s almost 6 years old now and has been parasite-free since this one puppy incident.

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Honey bee
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My dog (Olive as well!) used to get giardia all of the time because we lived in front of a pond with a load of geese and she would constantly mouth their feces (gross!).  

It is very very common in dogs.  But just be VERY careful.  Somehow my husband ended up getting it!!!

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Our Billy came from the breeder (‘breeder’, retrospectively the girl was a frigging moron) with giardia and coccida. She’s five months next week. We were terrified she has parvo because she got runny poo with bloody mucous. Turns out it was colitis from the 

We’re on our third round of Panacur and it hasn’t cleared in her fecal tests however have got her on a grain-free, by-product free diet with bit of raw and scrambled eggs and we have no symptoms at the moment. 

We have been told it can be pretty difficult to clear the giardia, which is frustrating. The worst part is we have had to pull her out of puppy classes so we don’t pass it on and we’re losing precious socialising time not to mention that the little darling is a bossy, obstinant terror and we want to nip it in the bud!


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Hopefully it’s cleared up by now, but I just wanted to add my two cents because I used to volunteer in a vets office that saw giardia all the time… They would try Panacur first because it’s easier on their body, and if that didn’t work, then Flagyl (a heavy duty antibiotic). It’s not cheap, and you will want to give your dog yogurt (or probiotics) afterwards because it literally wipes out all of the good bacteria with the giardia… The theory goes that while giardia isn’t a worm or bacteria, it’s a single cell protozoa, the dewormer will work for a simple case, and the antibiotic will strip the intestinal walls of everything in an extreme case. 

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Our puppy came to us with no symptoms but a positive test. we treated her twice and after being OCD with wiping bedding, toys, floors the second time and a higher dose of medication she is luckily fine. It is really frustrating to keep cleaning everything but we suspect she reinfected herself during the first treatment by licking or eating her stool before we could catch her. We had the dewormer and the antibiotic both times. My wedding planner’s dog never got rid of it but she is largely fine, just on a special diet. Hope your puppy is better soon.

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