Experience with Lexapro?

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I take it for anxiety, the lowest dose.  The only side affect I had from it was being tired, so I switched to taking it at night.  I still think it makes me more tired than I normally would be, but I’d rather that than anxiety.  I didn’t have any weight gain or any other side affects, and it started working very quickly.  Hope you feel better soon!

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I’ve taken it several times throughout high school and college. I found it to be super effective for depression/anxiety (my sister hasn’t but she hasn’t found any drug that’s helped her–I’m not sure if she’s waiting long enough or taking as prescribed, but this is beyond the scope of the thread).  I began taking it in high school for headaches, tension migraines really.  It didn’t do a whole lot for it.  However, I have IBS and it’s commonly treated for that as well and I found that it helped.  I stopped taking it but in college I had severe anxiety and depression (like really severe, I could barely get out of bed and was seriously contemplating some bad stuff) and took it for about 9 months and it really helped get me thinking straight.  However, it did take about 4-6 weeks to start feeling better.

But yeah, Lexapro has been in my life off and on for the last 8 years and I think if I had to pick an antidepressant, I’d choose it again. I hope this is helpful!

EDIT: I didn’t notice any weight gain specifically from Lexapro.  I have other issues that cause weight gain and I’m 100% certain that Lexapro had no affect on it and in fact I think I lost a little weight on it.

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I went through a bad, depressed period in high school for which I was perscribed Lexapro (very low dose) for depression, and Ativan (as needed, not daily) for anxiety.  I have to say several things about the experience: first, I don’t think I was properly perscribed and second, I don’t think I was actually depressed.

That said, Lexapro did nothing of note to help my “depression”.  I could have been depressed (I sure felt like shit), but Lexapro did not help me at all.  I definitely have issues with anxiety, but Ativan also did nothing for my anxiety.  The combination did not help me at all.  In fact, I actually stopped taking them on my own (i know that’s bad) because it felt pointless.

I moved past that little down period in my life and everything was fine, no medicine needed.  When I planned my first international trip y ears later, I started having major issues with anxiety about flying.  I went to my gyno and was given xanax for the flight because I was so worked up over it.  Xanax is a miracle worker, because I was even keeled and “everything is fiiiiiiiine” on that day, and slept peacefully through the flight.

Not super helpful, I know, but I was kind of surprised to hear you were perscribed Lexapro for anxiety, as I thought it was an anti depressant.  Either way, I wasn’t a fan. 

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Lexapro has had immense success in some, and none in others. I took it for 6 months and it did nothing. I ended up coming off after I was put on the highest dose. My mom on the other hand, has been on it for years and it does wonders for her.

I ended up on Effexor (Venlafaxine XR) and had phenomenal results. 

The best advice I can give you is not to read online reviews. I read horror stories about Effexor and how it ruined lives. You’ll always come across more negative views than positive ones. 

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I’ve suffered with anxiety since elementary school but only sought medical help in college when I just couldn’t take it ruining my life anymore.  Lexapro made me feel normal and like me, not the paranoid little girl who was handicapped in certain situations b/c of her anxiety, fear, and panic.  I had zero weight gain, might have even lost weight actually 🙂  I am on the lowest doses and it has given me my life back. Do not be worried about weight gain or side effects.  Try it and it might just change your outlook on life.  If there are side effects, then deal with them when and if they ever appear. 

One word of caution though, do NOT stop taking it cold turkey. If you run out of your perscription get if refilled pronto. If you stop taking it you WILL feel the side effects of withdrawal within a few days of no pills.  It isn’t like tylenol, it’s a more powerful drug which is why it’s a perscription.  I made that mistake and it made me feel dizzy and unsettled…which isn’t fun when you’re trying to walk across campus to class.  Withdrawal wont hurt you just make you feel funny. After that I started taking the pills once every other day which still helped my anxiety but made me feel more in control and have less dependency.  If you want to wean off that is what to do, start distancing the time frame of pill taking and you’ll have no more withdrawal. 

I hope this has helped 🙂  If you have anymore questions feel free to PM me!

Side note: I was also perscribed Xanax if I had any panic attacks. I took one once and it felt like ocean waves of relaxation flowing over me within 15 minutes. However, for someone who is panicing, it made me panic even MORE because it MADE my breathing slower and harder to get full breaths, which is exactly what one wants to do when one is hyperventilating. Anyway, tangent over, I’ll probably never take another Xanax because it makes me feel like I am not in control of my own body.

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Did absolutely NOTHING for me. Such a dissappointment at that time in my life.

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In college I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and was first prescribed Lexapro. I took it for a few months but I gained 20 lbs (and Im thin and rarely ever gain weight) and I had NO sex drive. Like, negative sex drive. It was awful. I weaned myself off of it and then was later prescribed Clonazepam (Xanax) to take as needed. SO much better. That in combination with talk therapy were the best thing. Now I take Xanax every once in a while if necessary.

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I’m on Lexapro for anxiety and mild depression and it has been wonderful for me.  I function so much better now and don’t break down randomly crying 3-4 times a week.

I haven’t experienced any negative side effects with it (no weight gain, sex drive loss, etc).

My sister and mom are also on it with great success and benefit and no side effects (and all three of us are on different dosages).

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Lexapro has been a life saver for me!  The first two weeks I was taking it, I was beyond exhausted.  I would literally get home and go to bed at 6pm and sleep until 6am (I’m typically not a good sleeper).  I think this was just my body getting used to the medicine because after about two weeks, I was back to my normal self.  I notice a huge change in my anxiety levels and wouldn’t dream of going off of lexapro.

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I’m another that feels Lexapro has been a life saver for me. I was started on 10mg, then increased to 15mg for GAD. I feel like a completely new person. I was one of those people that cried everyday, too…and now I don’t remember the last time I even got really upset. The first few days were hard– I had bad headaches, was very dizzy, had some insomnia and lacked energy. By about day 4 I just felt amazing. I have actually LOST weight (about 6 pounds in a little over a month) so I think it’s definitely worth a shot. It’s just different for everyone, but it’s great for me. 

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Certainly not everyone will gain weight while taking this drug. Personally, I have been on Lexapro for several months and I’ve been able to lose weight that I gained during my second pregnancy. I have noticed a huge difference in my anxiety level and my most recent depression has eased up quite a bit.  So far it is the best antidepressant I have been on ! I am buying my medication from http://generic-meds-store.com …not cheap but heyyy, happiness worth it

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