(Closed) Experience with preterm contractions/labor?

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I endind up in the hospital at 32weeks 6days for 4 days with pre term labor. I thought I was just having BH contractions so never really timed them or anything, they were just a slight tightening. But I ended up loosing my mucus plug one night and the next morning I had the bloody show, so I went in to L&D to be checked. They hooked me up and saw that I was contracting every 5 minutes or so, I couldnt feel a thing,  so they checked me and I was 3 cm. I had the shot to stop the contractions and was admitted. I ended up being put on procartia (Pill) to stop the contractions, and was given the steroid shots for the baby’s lungs. I had to stay for so long cause I would start contracting again if I sat upright for too long. I got all the way to 5cm. I was put on bedrest once I was released with twice a week stress tests and weekly Dr. appointments. I made it to 36 weeks exactly. LO was born at 6.4lbs and healthy 🙂

When I was on bedrest I could definitly start to feel some contractions if I got up and did too much. So for me it really helped keep LO in for as long as possible. But they say it doent really matter in the grand scheme of things if you start contracting like that early. You might still make it to your due date. After my hospital stay I just knew LO would be early.

I wish you luck and hope your LO stays in as long as possible!

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@JuneKallah: here’s my story. 

 23 weeks preg with twins.   When I started having regular contractions and got a shot of terbutaline (sp?) I was told bed rest for two days and then limited activity. Two days later the contractions came back and I needed another shot of terbutaline. After that I took Ter. Pills at home  And was on limited activity. I tried to move as little at work as possible. I was a Kinder teacher so it was hard. I stayed off my feet at home as much as I could. 

At 27 weeks the pills weren’t working and I went in for ptl again. The shot of terbutaline didnt work so I was put on magnesium sulfate (sp?) and admitted for 4 days. When I was released I had terbutaline pills again and bed rest, no work, for the rest of the pregnancy. 

I went into ptl again two weeks after that. After that time I also had terb pills and another kind (procardia) to take at home. This time around the clock. I set an alarm so I wouldn’t miss any doses. 

One more time of ptl a couple weeks after the last time. 3 cm dilated. Same meds and directions when I was released. 

My girls were born at 35.5 weeks two days after I stopped the meds at home.  They did not have any difficulties at birth and went home with me. 5lbs 13oz and 5lbs 4oz. 

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I was in a similar situation. I started having contractions at 29 weeks and had to take Procardia (an oral medication) to keep them under control. From then on, I was on strict bed rest. However, I also had a condition called placenta previa, where your placenta covers the cervix, that had caused previous bleeding so my OB was very conservative. At that point, my cervix was not showing any signs of shortening, so I was told I was technically not in labor. I was absolutely terrified, but was told the prognosis was good. It took about 2 weeks, but my contractions eventually subsided. My OB was going to schedule a c-section between 36-38 weeks. On the morning of my 35 week ultrasound to determine my c-section date I woke up to bleeding from the placenta previa. I had an emergency c-section that day (at 35 weeks, 5 days). It turned out that I actually had gone into labor as my doctor discovered I was 2 cm dilated during my surgery. My baby girl is doing really well. 🙂 She is a little over 4 weeks now and her actual due date is tomorrow. 

I’m so sorry you have to go through this. It was a really scary experience and I hated the waiting. I think you are smart to take it easy. If you are uncomfortable with your doctor’s treatment plan, can you maybe ask about extra ultrasounds to keep an eye on your cervical length? Good luck, my heart goes out to you…the experience is so fresh in my mind! 

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Nursing student here. As long as your cervix is closed and your membranes are intact you should be okay. It sounds like they gave you a shot of progesterone, which delays pre-term labor. Usually it’s repeated weekly until term. Taking it easy is a good idea, but if you’re doctor isn’t putting you on bed rest then don’t stress. Just don’t stand all day or lift anything heavy. It’s good to call whenever you think you’re going into pre-term labor. The quicker they catch it the more they can do to stop it or lessen the consequences.


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