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Helper bee
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We registered for nicer everyday dinnerware and no china.  Our set is Mikasa Italian Countryside if you want to look it up.  It’s pretty, but not too fancy for every day.  We just don’t have space to store a whole extra set of dishes that we will hardly ever use.  I think this is becoming more and more common.  We registered for 8 place settings.  

We registered for some splurge items and got them.  You definitely want some smaller, less expensive things for people on a budget as well, but I wish we had registered for less of those actually.  His mom bought a ton of smaller things off our registry, which was nice of her and they are obviously things we wanted and will use and I am thankful (!!!), but I wish she would have taken that budget and bought 1 nice item at that price point instead.  I can totally go buy new cookie sheets, but I’m less likely to go buy one of the more expensive items.  

Also consider if you are having a shower.  I didn’t, so we didn’t get as many boxed gifts.  Most people brought cards with cash or a check to the reception.

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When I regeistered I didn’t want to put anything that I didn’t need or have space for. Then my family members told me that it’s not about what I have space for right now or what I will use right now but what I will use in the future. In the future when I’m having a dinner party and would like a nice tablecloth will I want to go out and buy it? no. So I registered for it. 

I registered for 12 pieces of china, casual china and stemware. Just in case somehting breaks in the future. I also registered for some cheaper things and some more expensive things that I really wanted. From my experience as a guest to a wedding, I wanted to get my firend something really nice off her registry that she could remember me by and all she had on there was cheap stuff so I felt a little dissapointed. 


Also, from my experience sale items do go out of stock. I noticed this on my Target registry (which is why i ended up deleting it!) but sale items were always available on my Macy’s registry.

And I’ve worried about what other people will think  (rude/not proper etiquitte/upset someone else) for every step in my planning so far and then i realized I was worry about what other people wanted so much that I wasn’t getting what I wanted and stressed me out way to much. So puto on what you guys like and don’t worry about it

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Bumble bee
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We just registered for everyday china, since we know that we’ll inherit a set one day, and since we currently don’t have room for another set. We did pick an everyday pattern that’s easily dressed up if we want to host a fancy dinner. 

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Bee Keeper
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MuseForever:  We didn’t register for China at all. Below are my list of reasons

1) We are renting right now until we have enough money for a down payment on a house, so I don’t see the point of having nice dinnerware/china to sit in a cabinet. I would want it to be on display in a nice china cabinet

2) My everyday “china” was from Walmart, 8 piece setting for $32 and I really love it. Its simple, and classic, and I have actually received a lot of compliments on it. When peopel hear I got it from Walmart, their mouths drop to the floor

3) When I was making my registry I was so picky, and couldn’t find anything I liked. 

4) It was too expensive. I had one expensive item on my registry ($600 vacuum) and I needed that more than my china. I didn’t get it at my shower, but I got enough cash and giftcards to go to the store and buy it myself.

5) I felt that since China was so expensive, I would want to use it, and being that we don’t have company over enough, whats the point? 


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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: July 2016

I’m also planning to register for a set of “everyday” china.  I do plan to entertain and host dinners, but I hate the thought of having a set that spends most of the time in a cabinet.  However, we are also house hunting, so if I end up with one that has an awesome built-in china cabinet in the dining room (like many of the historic houses I’m looking at), I might as well have a 2nd set.  At least it would be displayed!

I think you should register for a variety of price points.  Items on your registry don’t take away from those who would decide to give cash.  Most people will give one or the other, and they already have their mind made up before they look at the registry.  The exception are those on a budget who might feel better getting you one or two small ticket items off your registry instead of giving you what looks like a small amount of cash ($25 or so).

I can’t help with your other questions!

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Busy bee
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We registered for fine china only (Mikasa parchment). We have everyday china (stoneware, whatever, anyway, we own matching plates). We know we’ll end up hosting holidays when our parents are older and want to have nice stuff. And, honestly, we have already used it quite a few times. Sometimes we’ll pull it out just to make our dinner at home feel more special, we use it when we have his father and sister over b/c what the hell. It’s fun. We registered for 8 sets of dishes, wine glasses, water goblets, highball glasses, flatware. We received all but the flatware, and then I found nice silverware on Groupon cheap anyway. We also registered for and received serving dishes. Our thinking was that when else are we going to buy this ourselves or get it as gifts, and we wanted to have it. I think it’s all about lifestyle though.

RE expensive and less pricey gifts–it’s a good idea to register for a mix of price points. His aunt bought us a $80 ice bucket and said we just have to have her over for champagne. Some people also gave us smaller gifts with extra stuff. IE my mom’s friend gave us a gravy boat with a bunch of her family recipes. It didn’t cost much–and we hadn’t even registered for the gravy boat–but it was such a cool gift. I also put a $600 Kitcheaid on our registery. I didn’t expect anyone to buy it–and they didn’t–but I wanted the completion discount after the wedding.

Some stuff on sale will be gone, some stuff is perpetually “on sale.” Especially from Macys.

I hope that helps.

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: October 2015

MuseForever:  We registered for every day plates, no fancy china. We are collecting vintage china for our wedding, so I will really not need to register for China. I will have a setting for 124 after the wedding, haha. Instead, we registered for some heavy duty every day plates that we know are going to hold up for a very long time. I didn’t want to have to worry about finding room for our special occassion china. Also, I’m incredibly lazy, so I could see myself doing one of two things: Either never taking the china out or using our special china every single day and being too lazy to put them away. Our “every day” plates are really heavy duty and durable.

My very last reason for not wanting increidbly expensive china is that I did not want any of our gifts to be “wasted” on china we would only use now and again. Fiance and I are just starting out, so we will need everything from plates to towels to napkin rings. I did not want to end up with a setting for only three and have to fill in the gaps myself, or, worse, have every birthday and Christmas and anniversary be delegated to completing our china set. No thank you.

However, the every day china we registered for we registered for twelve seatings. We were encouraged to do at least ten, but I wanted twelve because we have a larger family and if we ever hosted the entire family we would need at least twelve. 

I think the only thing you have to worry about “sales wise” is items going on clearance. Macy’s and BBB will have sales throughout the year, but that doesn’t mean their items are going off the shelves. 

Splurge on items you will have a long time: Plates, pots and pans, kitchenware, linens. The idea is that these items they are buying you are items you will have for a very long time. Do not register for flimsy glassware that will shatter within a year, or towels that will begin to fray. Register for as reasonably priced items as possible, but definitely splurge if you want to. Those who can’t afford your “expensive” tastes will simply write a check or give cash or a gift card to the store–That is what I do if I can’t afford items listed on the registry. 

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: July 2014

We didn’t register for China. We just did a set of everyday dishes. We registered for 4 sets (so 16 total) of that. We have a TON of glasses and wine glasses and beer glass (too much). I do love this nice set of wine glasses that I got, though.

Our splurge items were nice sheet sets (like 600+ thread count), a good set of pots & pans, a good knife set, and a nice vacuum cleaner. I did register for a stainless steel garbage can (it was $130 and my husband scoffed at it) – but someone did buy it for us. We actually got most of the items from our registry at my shower.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2014

We didn’t register for fine China. We registered for pretty nice everyday dishes though. I love Fiesta dishes and there are so many different peices that we decided would definitely get used a lot so we registered for like 5 different sizes and styles of bowls (12 of some, 8 of some others and 6 of another) and 3 different sizes of plates.

We got every piece we registered for and because we have so much of it I can still display the less used styles of bowls and plates in a china cabinet with our matching Fiesta gravy boat, platters, serving bowls and our nice stemware.

Plus as new colors come out we can add to our collection and pass it down someday!

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