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I saw a chiropractor in 2004 after a car accident. It was helpful. Now I go to acupuncture to help with anxiety, tummy issues, neck pain and PMS issues and I love it! It seems to help.

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Hmmmm, studies show that a chiropracter is helpful for lower back pain (not any other back/neck pain!). A common misconception are that chiropracters are MDs…Have u seen your primary care doctor or an orthopedic surgeon? Just to get their take on further work up for your back pain…

Best of luck.

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i’ve been A LOT. like for years, and it didn’t work for me. but different things work for different people. i went for my migraines- and they said the same thing each time, my legs were different sizes, my alignment was all of, blah blah blah. i went to two different kinds two, one that did the manual kind where he would use his hands to crack everything into place, and one used a machine to move the bones in my neck into place. my fi is going now and he says it’s working great for him. he used to always complain of back pain and i rarely hear it from him anymore.

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i went once and never went back… i hated it… it hurt so bad… i freack out with the first thing he did… i will never go back

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Im not a fan of the idea of chiropractors at all. I know that when alot of people go on a regular basis their body gets so used to the way the chiropractor adjusts them, they have to constantly go back in. Its hard to stop going once youve been goin and it becomes and ongoing cycle. Most doctors dont recommend them at all.

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I think it depends on the chiropractor and the methods they use.  I went to one that did actual adjusting and it did wonders for my overall health.

I think it’s normal to have one leg longer than the other, by the way – so don’t get too freaked out by it.

I worked for a chiropractor while I was in college and never wanted to get adjusted myself, until I got into a major car accident.  I under went treatments for about 9 months and was really in great health and I do attribute it to chiropractic – but, since then, haven’t maintained it for cost reasons.

I have other friends who have aches and pains and they swear by it.  Again, I really do think it depends on the chiropractor!

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My brother had the slightly shorter leg thing, and so we took him to a chiropractor. His leg is now the same as the other! ๐Ÿ™‚ I went after a car accident and that helped. My parents go regularly…but I really find it better to go maybe twice a month. It is normal to be sore for a couple days after because your bones have moved from their wrong position, so your body must get used to it.

But, before just going, I would ask around and see any recommendations. Some chiropractors are just there to make quick money like a lot of Dr’s…so you have to search a little to find a good one. They will talk with you, ask you questions about how your neck is, how your lower back is, have you stand and hold your body and check for themselves. They will also put a heating mechanism on you so you are relaxed before they adjust you.


Hope that helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

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I LOVE chiropractic care, but I have had chiropractors that I didn’t like… so I think it depends on the chiropractor, how good they are, and what methods they use. Mine really helped me after two attempts at physical therapy failed to help my shoulder.

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I saw a chiropracter after i got in a car wreck. WORST experience in my life. I would be in so much pain when I left that I could hardly walk. My insurance would only pay for like 10 visits or something, and when i got close to those 10, he would tell me if we would only do 5 more, i’d be good. Whatever! My advice? Physical therapist. The great thing about them too is that they show you excersises you can do and such, then you can do it at home. They helped WAY more than the chiropracter EVER did.

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I think it depends on the doctor, just like any other type of doctor. My fiance is a chiropractor and he adjusts me from time to time, but I don’t have any problems so I don’t really need anything. Sometimes he will adjust my hips (which doesn’t hurt and is one of the less scary adjustments) or my neck for headaches or sinus problems (still doesn’t hurt, but is a little scary until you can trust the chiropractor and actually relax your head/neck in his hands).

One thing about chiropractic that makes it “not work” for some people is that you do have to go back a lot (maybe 8-12 times) in order to really feel a sustained change if you have real problems. Some people can’t stick with the program.

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Good luck!  I go to a DC – started going after throwing my lower back out 2 yrs ago.  I was worried about getting “hooked” but I didn’t.  I go every now and again (I notice I need it more when I’m not exercising or when I’m working really long hours).  I also figure it’s probably better than getting hooked on painkillers. 

Definitely ask your DC what some exercises you can do at home are.  Mine suggested a fitball to sit on while watching TV as well as some simple exercises.  When I’m good about doing them, I definitely see/feel the difference. 

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i hope your chiropractor works out for you!!! my uncle is a chiropractor and hes helped me out alot….the last time i saw him, he took xrays…come to find out i had a straight neck instead of curved one. that was why i was having so many headaches! he even told me how to keep it from going straight again on my own so that i wouldn’t have to constantly go in to see a chiropractor. he’s the only chiropractor i’ll see. hes kind of a perfectionist and in this type of work i think thats a good quality to have! hes even helped a few children with issues  that regular doctors were unsuccessful with. all in all…i really do think that it comes down to the actual chiropractor. some are great, some are just ok and some are just out to make money.

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