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    I have had a Paraguard for almost 3 years and I love it.  I never had problems with hormonal birth control, but I wanted to find a hormone-free option anyway and knew I wouldn’t have kids any time soon.

    Pros: Super low maintenance, you never need to think about birth control, you don’t have artificial hormones in your body, it’s good for 10 freaking years!

    Cons: Hurts like a bitch going in (take 4 ibuprofen and the rest of the day off), makes your cramps worse and periods longer/heavier for several or more months, the guy can sometimes feel the wire until it gets wrapped around your cervix, some people have rare complications.

    All in all, it’s SO WORTH IT!  Love mine.

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    I have the Mirena IUD since December 2011. I had very little choices after having a pulumonary embolism in November 2011. I was scared at first. The insertion wasn’t horrible, it was just the bad cramps afterwards. I couldn’t take Motrin either so it made it a little worse.

    Now… I love it and think its awesome. I haven’t had a period in about a year. I have no side effects.

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    I had bad experiences with Mirena(12 month user) – spotting for 20+ days out of the month, extreme 24/7 migraines, bad psoriasis developed.  . Do your homework before you get it if you choose Mirena.   I’ve had it removed almost a year now and still suffereing from the side effects – long term side effects.  Still on medication (topamax) for migraines, still using creams for my psoriasis flare ups.  Note: I’ve never had either one of these before inserting the Mirena.   My doctor quickly removed it after complaining, I opted to get my tubes tied, since I already have 2 children and I’m done having kids.


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    I had mirena inserted in 2011. Been nearly two years and I love this thing. Insertion was uncomfortable. It might have been worse if I hadn’t already given birth. I had very painful cramps for a couple days afterward.

    Initially it really messed with my period. My cycle became erratic and I had lots of random spotting in between. Took about 7 months to get regular again. Now my periods are super light and last three days at most. I used to have awful cramps too and now that rarely happens.

    Fiance could feel the wire during sex for the first few months until it softened and curled behind the cervix. Now it doesn’t bother him at all.

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    I had one and it “displaced” – it literally ripped right through my uterus. As a consequence, I battled PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) for over 10 years. The only “good” part is that my reproductive organs got so screwed up that I never had to worry about birth control again.

    However I must add that what happened to me is quite rare. But prior to that I got pregnant while on BC pills; twice. That’s kind of rare too.

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    The paragard made me have a period for 6 months straight…the break thru bleeding never stopped and i eventually ended up in the emergency room. the drs at er wouldn’t remove it…said i had to get it removed by my Dr…so i removed it myself. one detail the nurse didn’t tell me was the paragard has nickel in it..and im allergic.

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    I have had my Mirena in for almost 3 years. It was painful when it was inserted, and I spotted for about 6 weeks. I haven’t had a period since then. I highly recommend it. I will take it out after the wedding while we’re TTC but will definitely put it back in once I have another baby.


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