Extremely concerned about a medication I took during pregnancy

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I agree with PP that it’s probably too early to cause any major damage, and I second a PP about consulting the filling pharmacist. In the U.S., the last few prescriptions I’ve had filled the pharamacists answered any questions I had related to dosage, side effects, etc. before officially handing off the prescription to me. They might direct you to consult with a doctor, but it could be a simple 2 minute face-to-face to ease your mind.

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MrsSnowMountain :  yes, cleft palate can be genetic/chromosomal as well. Don’t stress! This is only the beginning of the parenting lesson that you ARE going to screw up, you ARE going to make mistakes, and your baby WILL be just fine. 

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(I’m in Canada). I often talk to my pharmacist about drug concerns or interactions. They might have some information for you. But I echo PP, what’s done is done. You can’t do anything to change it now so it’s probably a better idea to try to relax and not stress 

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I would not worry about it at 5w pregnant – many people do worse not knowing they’re pregnant at that stage 

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MrsSnowMountain :  also newly pregnant (5w) and I’m hoping this will calm your nerves. I had my first doctor appointment last week, I didn’t know I was pregnant until my period was 1 day late. I told me doctor about all the “wrong” things I did – got a chemical peel, took tons of over the counter medication as I was sick for a week, half my food came from sugar (cookies, candy) that week, drank a bit of alcohol etc. he was not worried one bit. I basically asked 1000 questions and he told me to calm down and baby was not hurt from all of that so early. I know you don’t share a blood supply with baby for a few weeks (I thought it was 5-6 weeks, though a pp said 8) so I don’t think you should be concerned. 🙂

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MrsSnowMountain :  I think all moms can relate to your fear and anxiety. The articles I have read concerning effects of bromazepam on the fetus are all related to chronic use, not one time exposure.

In the end, no one will be able to give you any guarantees  because drug studies are not done on pregnant women. It would be totally unethical.

 You can call the Telehealth Line 24 hours per day free in Ontario.  1-866-797-0000

It’s a good number to have near your phone because they can be so helpful when you have questions about the baby or yourself.

I know in BC they can transfer you to a pharmacist. I don’t know if Ontario offers that service.

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I am in Canada as well. Pharmacists are a good source to talk to about side effects, risks. Go to the pharmacy counter at Shopper’s or whatever (even if not where you got the prescription). What is done cannot be undone at this point, so your doctor won’t be much “help” to fix things but at least you can get some more information about the drug itself, as it sounds like that is what you are looking for.

When you do get in to see your new doctor, you can discuss your concerns then, if they are still present.

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I would not recommend going to a walk in clinic.  Given they will not be able to tell if anything happened (which is almost surely did not), exposing yourself and your fetus to who knows what germs and viruses in a walk in clinic doesn’t seem prudent.

In a risk benefit analysis there is no benefit, and a small risk.



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MrsSnowMountain :  The placenta is not fully formed until closer to 10/12 weeks gestation (which is the standard way to calculate a preganancy, from the start of your LMP). When you are 5-6-7 weeks along, the baby gets its source of nutrients form the yolk sac only (which will then disappear and the umbilical cord will attach to the placenta when it is ready to take over delivery of nutrients). Thus, you don’t actually share blood flow with the baby until 7ish weeks, so PP is correct in stating that a one time medication likely had no effect on an early fetus.

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A few thoughts

– Just because the placenta isn’t formed doesn’t mean that chemicals ingested do not impact the embryo.  Quick reference to a study on alcohol consumption on embryos during weeks 3-6 of pregnancy: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3080056/Do-women-drink-realising-pregnant-harm-babies-Exposure-six-weeks-cause-permanent-damage-study-warns.html

– That said, one time use of one substance honestly is unlikely to cause serious issues 

– Even if the embryo is impacted, there’s little that a doctor could do at this point in the pregnancy.  I am not sure how far along you are now (sorry if I missed it) but you’ll likely have to wait until your first appointment (7w? 8w? 9w?) to discuss the issue with your doctor.  Even calling your pharmacist now, I’m not sure what they could do. A doctor would likely request an ultrasound if they were not planning on doing one anyway at your first appointment. Or, an abnormality may not even be evident or possible to test for at that point, and again the answer may be to wait until a 13w scan. 

I am really sorry you are in this position, and I hate to offer the perspective of “wait.” But most likely all is fine and the worst that happens is a really torturous wait until you can speak with a doctor and/or obtain an ultrasound. 

Just my two cents. Hugs- keep us posted. 

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MrsSnowMountain :  Right. There is a reason that women are told to stop talking certain drugs BEFORE getting pregnant (and adding in folic acid before getting pregnant)- some chemicals can impact the makeup of the cells which later impact the embryo, and some can linger in the body for quite a while, so it’s a bit too narrow to just focus on the passage of chemicals via blood supply after the placenta is formed. 

I totally understand your fear right now and the decision you are weighing. Easy for us to say try to focus on the positive (it was one-time use) and hope for the best until it’s time to have an appointment and/or ultrasound. And even then you may not get the answers you need- it may be one of those things where everything looks fine at 7w, and you have to wait until 13w, or you may need to even wait until 20w or beyond. 

Hopefully a doctor though could at least offer you risk probabilities. Keeping fingers crossed the odds are in your favor! (I bet they are) 

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