Extremely low progesterone – chemical pregnancy

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First off, so sorry for your loss. It’s hard no matter how early.

It’s great you know what the deal is though, so you should be able to fix it and get that sticky baby!

I was having a very short LP when we first started TTC last year (like 8 days) and I suspect I have fairly low progesterone. I started taking Vitex and it increased to 11/12 days after a month. I also upped my B vitamins as B-6 can help with natrual progesterone production. And I made sure to eat lots of dark leafy greens and foods rich in Omega-3s (salmon, walnuts, etc). The next month I got a BFP!

Unfortunately it ended in MMC at 11 weeks (7/8ish gestation). I really believe it’s because I stopped taking the Vitex (I scard myself with some internet research). I think next time, I will 1, request an HCG and progesterone test as soon as I get the BFP, keep up on the Vitex and wean myself off slowly after the 1st trimester.


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I had a MC and a short LP (9-10 days), so my OB put me on progesterone supplements. Dear Daughter is now almost 3. I did have a ssecond MC but then had DS who is now almost 1

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MsYankee :  Yeah, it’s weird how the same problem can manifest so differently. FX for you too!

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sorry for your loss,

i was on vaginal suppositories for my iui and ivf cycles. and now my FET cycle i am on PIO.  i don’t know anything about a cream.  but i would rather take what the RE prescribed rather than an OTC.

as someone who can only get pregnant with IVF or FET, i say this very sensitively, but maybe something was chromosomoly wrong and that is why it didn’t stick.  if you have had repeat losses, i would look into further testing with your RE or RI.

in my 2 positive pregnancies, i do not know what my progesterone levels were, only hcg, but i’ve always been supplemented with progesterone and estrogen.

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My RE and OB both said low progesterone is generally a symptom of an already unhealthy pregnancy (chromosomally abnormal) rather than the cause of a miscarriage. Like, your body recognizes “oh, this isn’t going to work out so let’s not go gangbusters with the progesterone.” My RE didn’t want to prescribe supplements because he felt that it just prolongs the inevitable. He thought it was best to concentrate on getting a better egg = better corpus luteum = more progesterone. 

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I had a chemical two months ago and at 7dpo, before I knew I was pregnant, my progesterone was about 5. I don’t know whether it was because I’d had a MMC two months before and my hormones were still whacky, or like KatieBklyn : says my body just knew the miscarriage was inevitable. 

Like yoi, my progesterone is usually the low end of normal, around 10, but has never been as low as the month of my chemical. 

I’m having it tested again at 7dpo this month so really interested to see how it will be. If it’s still low I’m hoping to be put on clomid as that helps boost ovulation and in turn progesterone. I’ll also be using suppositories to be on the safe side as they can be useful for women whose progesterone doesn’t rise enough during pregnancy. I think it would be a good idea for you to get tested again to see if it was just a blip.

It may be different for you but I’m not sure how great natural progesterone cream works. I used it with my pregnancy that ended in a MMC and my levels didn’t rise at all while I was on it (and baby was still alive at that point).

Good luck bee xx

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so sorry to hear, bee. doesn’t matter how early the loss it, it stings.

i’ve had 2 chemicals. i had bloodwork done before the 1st chemical due to PCOS and possible short luteal phase, and my progesterone was only 5.6. my dr wasn’t concerned, even though i thought it was low based on of course, the internet. then i had my 1st chemical (HCG was 12) and we revisited the issue. was given crinone 8% vag gel to take during my luteal phase. my progesterone jumped up on it but i’m not sure what the number was.

just had my 2nd chemical last month, HCG went from 36 to 50 and then back down, while on crinone.

i’ve heard theres supplements, but if you’re already with an RE i wouldn’t experiment, just see what they say. i also found a few “progesterone increasing” foods – i think berries, nuts and leafy greens? – and tried to incorporate more of those.

i hope for your sake it was just bad luck, and you have a healthy pregnancy soon. good luck!

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Ok I’m the other end of the spectrum.  With my first pregnancy my progesterone was 5 (ended in MC).  It wasn’t much better with my second pregnancy and was prescribed supplements and I’m 31 weeks pregnant currrently so it does make a difference for some people.  

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