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Sugar bee
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I have a very common name but spelt very unique. In my fourth grade class with had four girls with the same name, it really was not a big deal. Having my name spelt unique did not make me unique and nonconforming, I’m pretty cookie cutter actually. I hate the label but it’s true.

My point is that you should go with the name you love regardless of anything else. Forget the list of popular names and what your friends do. Who cares? Your child should have a name with meaning and not some name you pick because it’s different.

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Bee Keeper
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I have a VERY popular girl name. Growing up my mom got frustrated because she didn’t think it was so popular, but I have always been one of MANY girls in my class with the same name. 

For me, being a person with a super popular name, it’s not a big deal. I still like my name, and think it’s “me.” 

Anyways, people now days are trying to be so overly creative that I think it would be interesting for couples to name their kids the popular names we grew up with. Just think that years from now at the middle schools the girls named Jennifer or Ashley will be the ones with “unique” names vs. the Olivia’s or Madison’s of the world. 

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Buzzing bee
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My fiance and I both have very common names. We turned out alright. I’d prefer a common and normal name over a super-unique one.

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Sugar bee
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Both Darling Husband and I have super unique names and we planned for our children both unique and not unique names. Honestly, if it’s a name both you and Darling Husband love and there is sentimental value attached to it, I would just go with it and not care that it’s not “unique”. You won’t be seen as being unoriginal and there’s nothing wrong with classic, solid, and timeless names. If anything, people get more flack for the oddball names than anything else.

The nice thing about having a unique name is that truly, you are the only one. Unfortunately, that means you can get teased any number of ways because there’s not four more of you to stick up for you. Plus, sometimes it’s nice not having to repeat yourself half a dozen times when you are trying to order Starbucks or pizza, or when you call in for a reservation.  

The grass is always greener on the other side.

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Honey bee
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I have a very common name. My parents named me after my grandmother and didn’t realize the name had become so popular in the 80’s when I was born. I was homeschooled, so I didn’t have to deal with having 5 girls with the same name in my class, but I still met plenty of other girls with my name over the years and it was kind of annoying. Even my Darling Husband, when we met, had a good friend from college with the same name as me – that was rather confusing at times and we eventually started referring to her by her last name.

For my own kids, I refuse to use any name in the top 10, even if we love it. We’re expecting a daughter in May and we’re trying to decide between a name that’s been in the top 100, but closer to 100, and a name that has actually never been in the social security top 1000 (but is a real name, with a real meaning).

The boy name we like has been in the top 10 consistently but its popularity is starting to drop so I hope it will be out of the top 10 when/if we have a son.

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Sugar bee
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@ExcitedScaredBee:  I grew up in the 80s and there were so many jennifers, heathers, amandas and nicoles. We all made it through ok! If you love it, use it!

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Busy Beekeeper
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Honestly who cares if the name is popular or not. As long as you and your Darling Husband love/like the name that is all that matters.  10 to 20 years from now no one is going to care if the name say Josh is/was popular in 2013.

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Bumble bee
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My name is Katie. Growing up there were allllways a bunch of Katies (I was born in 1986).  Guess what? WE ALL TURNED OUT FINE!  Literally, I had one class in college that was a super small seminar of 10 students–7 of which were girls.  There were 2 Katies, a Kaitlyn, a Kathleen, and a Kate….and the professor’s first name was Kate. SERIOUSLY.  And guess what?  We actually all found that to be super amusing, and still no one got confused at any point.

I looooove my name! It fits me so perfectly (and it’s not short for anything, so I’m always a Katie, even now as a professional with a PhD I’m still Katie!).  Actually, the person I share an office with right now is also a Katie (also born in 1986!).  It has not caused any problems!

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Bumble bee
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Offbeat is the new uber-trendy, so I’d say that as long as you’ve got some other attachment to the name and it’s generally a classic (i.e., Jacob or Henry), don’t worry about it. There’s a world of difference between choosing something classic (and perennially popular) and something that’s more of a flash-in-the-pan trend. 

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Worker bee
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I am a Jennifer from the 80’s and I love it!  I have known a lot of Jennifers and that has never ever been a bad thing even when I worked in office of three Jennifers.  I actually like that there are so many Jennifers like me out there.  I have a connection with Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Love Hewitt etc.!  I get to enjoy songs like “Jenny from the Block” as though they were written about me!!!  It is really nice not having to spell my name all the time.  And I agree with @Sassygrn ultimately no1currr!! 

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Busy Beekeeper
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My older daughter’s name is Olivia, she was born in 2003 when it was ranked #3.  She has never had another Olivia in her school classes or day care.  So even though it is supposedly “popular”- we don’t feel that way- if that makes sense.  I did not realize how popular it was at the time, but I have absolutely no regrets on naming her that.  I think you should go with what you love.

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Sugar bee
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I grew up with a common name (but a sort of unique spelling – Kathryn) and an uncommon middle name. I actually wish I had the more common spelling of my name – it’s such a pain always having people get confused when they start writing “Katherine” and I have to interrupt them to spell it out correctly. I really like my uncommon middle name, but I’m also glad it’s not my first name! So you might want to consider giving your baby an ordinary first name and a unique middle name. He or she can always choose to use the middle name when they grow up, but I think it’s also nice to start them out with a more common name. (As a side note, I’m really excited to take FI’s very common last name, since mine is so uncommon I am easily Google-able. I’ve Googled my married name – Kathryn Newlastname – and I will have total internet anonymity, which is such a good thing!) 

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Bee Keeper
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I feel you OP.  I’ve had a favorite girl name since I was like 12 and it’s the third most popular name of all time.  It’s Elizabeth. It kind of bugs me that it’ so common and unoriginal but I’m so attached to it that I’ve stopped thinking about the popularity.  Ultimately who really cares how many other kids there are with the same name?

(Now I’m holding my breath and hoping and praying that William and Kate don’t name their daughter Elizabeth)

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Bumble bee
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@Meowkers:  I LOVE the name Elizabeth! But honestly I have not met a person who actually goes by that name in YEARS. I knew 1 or 2 Liz’s in my life, but that was it.  Definitely don’t give it up based on historical popularity! But I do see how whatever the royal baby’s name is will surge in popularity…

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