(Closed) Extremely scared to travel, and I have no idea how to plan honeymoon!

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Sugar bee
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Awww, don’t be afraid to fly!  Planes are awesome!  Of course, I’m an aerospace engineer, so I might be a tiny bit biased.  Has your Fiance flown before?  It might be nice to have someone explain to you what ever little bump and noise is.  Like that noise is the engines starting up.  That bump is bit of turbulance and is nothing to worry about.  That thud is the landing gear coming down.  Just remember that planes are designed to fly and that there is a very large flight envelope.  It’s not like the plane is just barely staying up in the air and that a small error or variance is going to cause it to go tumbling out of control.

As far as traveling goes, I would suggest talking to a travel agent.  They will help you with EVERTHING – booking hotels, booking flights, coordinating transportation from the airport to your hotel, etc.  We used a TA for our honeymoon and it was one of the best decisions we made.  It was nice not to have to stress over flights and budgets and getting the best possible deals while trying to plan a wedding.

All-inclusive usually means everything is included – food, drinks, activities (snorkeling, tennis, shows, etc.).  Tips might very region to region.  When I stayed at an AI in Cancun, we did not tip at all.  But some places might expect it.  A travel agent would know.

The Caribbean is probably the best place to go.  English is the first or second language for the majority (if not all) of the islands.  Tourists are very common and, from my understanding, easily accomodated.  So it should be easy enough to get around and explore an island.  The Caribbean is also easier to get to and I imagine customs aren’t terrible (since the Caribbean attracts so many tourists).

Good luck!

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Plane travel is very safe. Think about it. Would the pilots and flight crew do it every day if  it weren’t?

If you look at the statistics, you can fly every day for 126,000 years without being in an accident. Chances are 100% that we will all be gone from other causes before that would happen.

If you have not travelled at  all before, an all inclusive is a great idea. Flights, transfers to the hotel, room, food, drinks and many (but not necessarily all) activities are included.

I suggest you ask the Bees and a travel agent for recommendations for a destination taking into consideration where you live. Mexico has the most all inclusive resorts, but you can also find thme in the Dominican Republic and elsewhere.

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I’m not afraid to fly – I’ve done it often enough that it doesn’t really bother me – but I have some pretty serious anxiety issues. This is totally cliche and easier said than done, but sometimes the only way to overcome a fear is to force yourself to do it. Talking to a therapist beforehand might help – you could get ideas about how to relax, trick your mind, etc. You might also want to chat with your doctor about getting an anti-anxiety medication for the flight if it’s really bothering you that much. I’d hate for you to miss out on seeing something amazing because you’re afraid to fly, but I do know how paralyzing fear can be. Good luck.

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@peachbaby4008:  I agree with PP’s. Seek out a travel agent. As far as flying goes, maybe you could pick up a book to explain flying to kids. It will explain how the planes get in the air, stay in the air, etc., and might give you some comfort. My first flight was when I was 3 and it was extremely positive. I fly regularly as an adult and find it quite pleasurable. Try to view it as an adventure and you growing as an adult. You’ll love the freedom!

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Planes are way way way way safer than driving, crossing the street, etc.

I don’t remember my first flight, but I fly a lot (I’ve been on planes hundreds and hundreds of times). So long as you are prepared for the security line, have some water/snacks/entertainment and have packed well, it’ll be smooth sailing.

I can’t help on the all-inclusive front – I really prefer independent travel – but I think that’s a smart choice for your first trip away :-). Hopefully it’ll spark a travel bug? Traveling is one of my most favorite things!! You guys should do a big US road trip, too – see some of the rest of the country – there’s a lot of amazing stuff out there!

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Honey bee
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@peachbaby4008: sleeping pills. Actually though, I take half of one for every flight and it’s like I’m not even afraid of flying anymore. Granted I’m passed out, but whatever. Flying is not actually that scary, but for whatever reason I get really anxious. You’ll likely find that you work it up to be something huge and terrifying and once you’re on the plane and moving it’s not bad at all. Very safe actually, the only ‘scary’ part is hearing noises you’ve not heard before so you assume it’s all bad (I do anyways).

Can your Fiance plan the trip? I find that I cannot book flights, I become panicked and anxious and can’t focus. My Fiance does this part, and I do the fun things like hotels and to-do’s.

If he can’t I’d suggest working with a travel agent and doing some googling.

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1) Try not to be scared to fly. First, don’t get the patches because they can make you sick. If anything, try taking Dramamine before flying like an hour before. It will help calm you down so you don’t overanalyze everything.

2) As far as planning honestly it is easy to do yourself, BUT because you are trying to do an all-inclusive deal, I would seek out a travel agent to help you.

3) If you want somewhere tropical are you thinking in the states? Like Florida, California? Or somewhere like Puerto Rico, Mexico, Grand Cayman (which I HIGHLY recommend), or Jamaica? The travel agent can help you with that as well.

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Busy bee
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All inclusive usually means that most of the stuff is included, like drinks and food…however there might be a restaurant or two in the resort that you will have to pay extra, but you don’t have to go to them if you choose not to…Tips are not really included…but you don’t have to tip much if you don’t want to…

Flying is not scary at all..I fly every year several times…And I take 12 hr flights to Russia (to visit my family) and Brazil (to visit my fiance’s family)…so far so good LOL I am still here 🙂

Enjoy your trip…

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@peachbaby4008:  I don’t like to fly, but you’ll get through it. I suggest you go to your doctor and get a prescription for anti anxiety pills to take before you fly. They really take the edge off. That’s what I do. I am absolutely terrified to fly, but I refuse to not take holidays lol.

Mexico is a great place to go for your first all-inclusive. The people are super friendly, you’re safe within the resort, and the beaches are beautiful. I’ve been to the Cancun area twice and enjoyed it both times. It depends what resort you go to as to what’s included. In some lower priced resorts you’ll have an a la carte restaurant limit, and you won’t have access to premium liquor, for example. I am not 100% sure on how tipping works… all I know is that we always tip handsomely. Even if tips were included (and I know some places are), we would probably tip at least on occasion (like if someone goes above and beyond, which they often do).

Make sure your passport is up-to-date (not sure about the US, but in Canada we need to renew ours after a set number of years). Don’t pack too heavy, but make sure to bring stuff like bathing suits and any sort of medications (over the counter ones too, like heartburn meds etc.), sunscreen (the resorts always charge a premium for it), etc.

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I’m deathly afraid of flying but I do it!  I remember my first time flying I was sooooo scared that as soon as they called us to board I started crying and didnt stop till we took off!    It was embarrassing but I couldn’t help it.   I remember my hubby explaining to me what the take off feels like etc and he said dont worry, it’s not like a rocket taking off straight up…… Well, that’s exactly what it felt like lol.   I closed my eyes and gripped his hand….. My advice for first time is dont close your eyes on take off because it will feel worse then it is.  

I have gotten better at flying except when we hit turbulance, I freak out, but I also have panic disorder and I’m scared of heights and I’m claustrophobic.   I know my fear is illogical, but I still get really scared.  I understand the noises better but they still creep me out sometimes.   

dont let your fear stop you from seeing some amazing places.   Ask your doc about what you can take to calm you.    I don’t take anything because I don’t take pills or anything.   I’m sure it will help.

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Sugar bee
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@peachbaby4008: As someone that’s very scared of flying I’ve figured out a few things that makes it more bearable (I do at least one cross Atlantic flight per year, so I fly a lot). 

1) Bring noise cancellation head phones, I wear them for most of the flight and they really help me relax as I don’t hear the engine sound

2) Stay busy. I always get extra scared if I have nothing to do, so I always brings crossword puzzles, something to crochet and books (on my kobo).

3) Consider taking something relaxing. Personally I find that a glass or two of wine helps to take the edge off the panic.

4) Do you have a good luck charm? Bring it along!

I wish you and your Fiance a great, and safe, trip!

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Being on a plane is fine, especially when you’re next to a special person. When we did a study abroad to Italy, I wasn’t next to my fiance (then boyfriend) on the ride there and I had a hard time with it. Partly because me seat made farting noises which was embarassing.

Then on the way back, a big burly dude kindly traded seats with my fiance so he could sit next to me… it was so much better!

I think I had a glass of wine before we boarded the plane both times, and as a result I was much less nervous than I ordinarily would be.  Also, I have a good time looking forward to the plane snacks, because I love pretzels.

I don’t remember my first plane ride, but I do remember every time I get into a plane with my mom… she fights me for the window seat. OK, fine, I get it mom – you can have the window seat! 

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