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msweddingbee :  If you think they’re expensive I wouldn’t recommend you get them. Those eyelashes fall quite often following the hair fall and growth cycle of your eyelashes. You’d need to get them touch up every two to four weeks to maintain that look.

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I’ve had extension and  the throw away, glue on daily types. I’ve loved both kinds. The maintenance on extensions just got to be too time consuming for me. I’m currently using lash boost to grow my own lashes to the same length I achieved with extensions. If this works, it’ll be my preferred method of having long lashes because the other ways just required too much upkeep. 

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How long do you have until your wedding? I’ve been using Careprost for the last 2 months with great results. It takes 16 weeks to see the full effects but it might be worth looking into if you have that kind of time. You may still have to use a little bit of mascara but probably much less than usual. I also recently had permanent eyeliner done. I know that sounds crazy! But I had it done in between my lashes and on my waterline to get the tightlining effect that makes lashes look thicker. I go in for my touch up at the end of this month and I can’t wait to see the full effect! My wedding is a beach wedding in the Caribbean so I wanted to make sure that my eyeliner wouldn’t budge during the ceramony and the honeymoon. 

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My SIL got eyelash extensions before her wedding. She ended up having a horrible reaction to the glue (and she’d used the extensions before). The two days before her wedding were spent icing, eye-dropping, and benadryling.

With healing, she looked amazing on her wedding day, but I don’t think that the extensions were worth the trouble and stress the two days leading up to the wedding. If I were you, I’d just go for false eyelashes day of. If you do the individuals, they can look really natural and beautiful. I believe because they’re also more temporary—and the glue is weaker—people tend to have fewer bad reactions. 

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I had eyelash extensions for my DW/vegas family elopement. They do look amazing and last a long time. I was fine with them until 2 days after the wedding. It’s a personal thing, I just felt like I had spiders on my eyes and wanted them off! I would do them again defos! Looked great in photos and I did my own make up. I wish I’d got them professionally removed after though.🕷🙈

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I had lash extensions for about a year. I never had any kind of a reaction to the glue or anything. I liked them, but I wear black liquid liner in my top lid, and trying to get it off I always felt like I was being too rough and causing myself to lose lashes. That and they are time consuming to maintain. Now I just use strip lashes every day and I love them. 

The only thing is if you’re worried about crying then the lash extensions would be better. If I cry with my makeup on my strip lashes come right off. 

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I loved them! I did a trial four weeks before the wedding, then a full set a few days before and another full set for our honeymoon two months later. They do feel a bit weird and I missed being able to rub my eyes… but they were perfect for a special occasion! And I love not having to wear makeup on our honeymoon. For me, they were much more comfortable than strip lashes but it varies person to person! If it’s in your budget, give them a shot before your wedding. 

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I had lash extensions for my wedding I absolutely loved them! I definitely splurged and paid a good chunk more for a reputable place and I also chose mink lashes but I don’t regret it one bit because these lashes looked amazing, felt super comfortable and lasted for about a month. I’ve had horrible experiences with lash extensions in the past so I’d be very wary in choosing where you get them done because the level of comfort you experience depends on the skill of the person doing them. I’d reccommend to get them done a month before your wedding to make sure you don’t get any allergic reactions and just to make sure you like them, that way by the time your wedding comes around you’ll just need touch ups! I’d personally choose them over strip lashes, you can cry all you want and not worry about your lashes messing up.

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msweddingbee :  never had extensions, but I will say I’ve BALLED MY EYES OUT – like not teraful cried, but full om super upset cried – with strip lashes and never had a problem. They were immaculate (and people actually commented so). Just used the regular drugstore temporary glue (kiss? Ardell? Something like that).

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I really like lash extensions but they are a bit high maintenance. Fills should be every 2-3 weeks and need to be removed professionally. If you just let them grow out it will look like you have gaps in your lashes due to the natural fall out. I am a stomach sleeper so after a few days, one side would look a little wonky so I would suggest sleeping on your back if possible. I do think these would be perfect for your honeymoon since they look great without a lot of makeup. You can get them wet and they will give you full cleaning and care instructions at your appointment.

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You can get them wet but not for the first 24 hours after you get them. You can’t rub your eyes and the lashes do fall out with normal hair like PP said. One thing is that you usually need a fill every 2-3 weeks. If you have a long honeymoon and won’t be able to get a fill for a long time your lashes will look sparse and well, not so cute. And you aren’t supposed to use mascara so it’s hard to make them look good. Just something to consider, I have had them before and they were great but I am going on a long honeymoon so I won’t be doing them for my wedding. You can fix mascara the day of the wedding before photos and use waterproof mascara if crying is the reason you are really looking at them. 

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