Eyelash extensions?

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Helper bee

I had extensions for about 8 months or so. I absolutely LOVED them. You wake up looking like glam Barbie. Saved me about 10 min of curling my eyelashes and putting mascara because mine are blonde and super straight.

However, I had them removed in January and I never plan on doing them again (at least not for the forseeable future) because:

  • They’re expensive AF ($300 to get them on, $72 refills every 3 weeks)
  • You can NEVER rub your eyes (at least without mascara first thing in the morning, before bed you can)
  • You can’t use any makeup that has oil in it, including removers, so that might mean having to buy new makeup
  • When you get them off (and you need to do a break at some point) my natural eyelashes were pretty much destroyed. I had to wear falsies and magnetic lashes for about 1.5 months because they were just awful. They were already thin to begin with and they were brittle, sparse, I had sections missing, and mascara did absolutely nothing. So I fear if I ever do them again the aftermath is extremely difficult

I prefer doing falsies when I want a little extra lash.

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Blushing bee

Ive been getting extensions for about 2.5 years.  I get a fill every 2-3 weeks. Girl, my life was changed. I barely have to wear any makeup with them. You just have to be careful about what you use to take off make up with, oils etc. See how you like them. 

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Honey bee
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I absolutely LOVED the way the looked. I hardly wore any makeup when I had them. But the upkeep was too much for me. I needed fills every 2.5-3 weeks and it was a 1.5 hour round trip drive, plus the cost of the lashes. One fell out and went in my eye one time in my sleep… that was absolute TORTURE because they’re longer and more course than a regular lash so it hurts 10x more. My real lashes were wrecked for a good month or two after I stopped getting them. I missed rubbing my eyes so much!! I wear mascara every day when I dont have extensions so I didnt think I rubbed my eyes very much but it was the one thing that really really bothered me. I’m glad I tried it way before my wedding though. I’ll just wear falsies that day and be done. 

pinkglitter2017 :  What kind of magnetic ones do you recommend? I’ve been seriously considering this after letting my extensions grow out. Just for a little extra pop when I want bombshell lashes!

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Busy Beekeeper

If you only want them for the one day of your wedding, I’d skip them and go with falsies. They are expensive and require a lot of upkeep. I’ve had them twice now (just had them taken off maybe a month ago), and I loooove how I look with them, but they are so damaging to your natural lashes. I’ve always had really long blonde lashes, so I love the darkness and thickness extensions give. They are also an investment, so getting them put on for a 1 day event is wasteful ($ wise). 

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Worker bee

I’m an eyelash tech in the UK and just wanted to say that if extensions are done right they shouldn’t ruin your natural lashes.  I have clients that have been having lashes for months and months and when I take them all off for them their lashes are the same as when they first started having them.  I have noticed that in the US the lash techs use really long lashes though so if you are worried ask for shorter lengths ( max 12/13mm?)  The upkeep really isn’t that hard, just give them a clean when you clean your face in the morning or evening.  Make sure you brush them daily and yeah, don’t put any oily makeup on them!  Myself and my bridesmaids will all be having extensions done for my wedding (tbh I have them on all the time anyway and so do most of my BM’S) because I know I’ll cry like a baby and don’t want to run the risk of mascara streaks or falsies falling off!  

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Worker bee

Also, if you have long lashes anyway but just want them to pop, get the lash tech to basically mimic the lengths of your naturals but ask for a stronger curl- the stronger the curl the more noticable the extensions will be face on in the photos smile

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Sugar Beekeeper
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magicalerica :  

I only tried them once, and it was some years ago.  Hopefully, the process has improved.  So, please bear that in mind.

It was awful for me.  They took my own lashes out when they came off and the glue was very irritating.  I do have sensitive eyes, though.

It’s not an experience I would repeat.

That said, I do know other women who love them.  I’m currently debating whether to try a lash lift along with my trusty old school Latisse.  I have been buying the old school generic overseas for years with no issues.


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magicalerica :  I have long eyelashes naturally but they are very light in color and I have to wear mascara daily if I want them to show up! I always said I’d never get lash extensions but I broke down and got them and coughed up $300 this may for the initial visit (and after copious amounts of researching the best technicians in the area I’m in). It was an initial investment but the result was so worth it. I do extra volume lashes because I like a little oomph and they actually don’t look over the top. I go in every 2-2.5 weeks and my fills are about $75-$115 (my lady is a bit more spendy, but I learned having visited other places she is the best and she’s always fair in pricing if I lose only a few she charges less.) you really do get what you pay for in skill and experience, and the products used. I figure since it’s the only treat I buy myself and the time I save getting ready is so worth it. Plus I love that I don’t have to wear makeup at all and look put together just rolling out of bed! I actually stopped wearing eyeliner and foundation altogether after I got extensions. I think you should go for it you’ll love them. I’d just make sure you follow the care tips from your technician so you don’t prematurely lose lashes and are cleaning them properly after the 24 hour drying period. Have her take a before and after pic it’s really cool to see! 


Forgot to add- I’ve actually increased the growth rate of my natural lashes since extensions. I went in for my fill yesterday and my lady took a photo of my lashes to show me the difference of when she first started doing my lashes. I have heard some women saying they damaged their natural lashes, but that shouldn’t happen at all if you have an experienced technician. I actually lose less lashes than I used to, and I am able to use Latisse on top of my extensions if I’d like to. 

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Buzzing bee

I’m another vote for I love the look but it has been so damaging to my natural lashes I’m not sure if I would do them again unless I was committed to keeping up fills for a long time.

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Busy Beekeeper

I’m always wary when someone says the fake item doesnt harm the natural one. Like when hairdressers say bleaching doesnt damage your hair… Some people experience more damage than others, and for some that is a welcome trade off for the look. But to say it absolutely doesn’t damage? Take that with a grain of salt…

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Have you thought about doing a lash lift and tint instead? If you already have long, thick lashes it might give you the look you want without getting extensions. 

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Busy bee

Was just gonna say the same as above! You should definitely consider a lash lift if you already have long lashes! Check out @christina_sugarinstudio on instagram. She’s super talented and her Instagram has a good portfolio of her work. Assuming you’re based in socal (your profile says your wedding is at Disneyland) I’d say give her a shot! 

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Helper bee

I got extensions for my wedding and I’m glad I did. I have tiny, thin eyelashes and the extensions made such a difference. I was worried at first that they looked really fake but it just took me a couple of days to get used to them. They looked great throughout our minimoon and for several weeks after – they look a little weird and sparse now (our wedding was about 5 weeks ago) but I’m not getting them removed, just letting them fall out naturally. As far as I can tell so far, there’s no damage to my real lashes but I only did it once and am not getting refills.


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