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Blushing bee
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I loved mine for my wedding! In fact, I did it several times in the past few years, just for fun. I did it once or twice before my wedding, just to see if I would like it, then did it for my wedding, then did it for like 2 other random events. I actually just called this morning to make an appointment to get it done right before an event I have next month!!

Here are my thoughts, and I can only speak for me and my experience. My lady who does it, the whole process takes 30 min. She tapes down the bottom lashes, so that none of the top lashes could touch them and get stuck. Then with the top lashes, she does the individual ones, not the long strip.  When all are applied, she tells you to keep them shut and puts a tiny fan on them for a few minutes. I am impatient so I try to open my eyes, and it burns like a mother. The glue is still drying. I just keep the fan on for another minute or so then it eventually goes away. Before I leave, she schedules me for 2 weeks later, to either take them off or to re-apply fresh ones/replace. The first week is awesome, but by the second week, I usually want them gone because they get kinda mangled. I don’t like to rest my head like where my eyes touch my pillow at night because I feel like then that just mangles them. So I’m constantly conscious when I am lying in bed. So when I get them done, I try to get them done very close to the event date. So that they look their best.


I have a funny story – I did them for my wedding (came out awesome) and a few days later, we were leaving for the honeymoon. I, like an idiot, ripped them all out myself, trying to use baby oil and other make up remover. I even purchased some stuff at the store to take them off. Turns out you aren’t supposed to do that. So I ripped out 75% of my own eyelashes with my fake ones. This was the night before the honeymoon. So the next day we get on a plane and I look awful. I only took like 3 pics of us on the honeymoon because I hated how I looked. I couldn’t even use mascara on my eyelashes because I only had like 25% of them. So yeah, don’t take them off yourself. I let my eyelash lady know way afterward, like the next time I ran into her and she’s like I told you that you need to come to me to take them off!! yeah I forgot that she told me that I shouldn’t be doing it myself. Plus, why did I take them off anyway? What was I thinking?


Oh I forgot to add that I remember by the 2nd week, a few would be like falling off of my eyelashes. When she removes them with her own special solution, she does not rip off any of my own eyelashes. Side note too, It does feel amazing to have them removed and back to your own eyelashes again! But on the flip side, It’s awesome to not have to wear mascara for the entire time you have them. She did say that you can put mascara on over it, but I never found a reason to. Definite time saver in the morning, especially for someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup anyway.

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Blushing bee
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I’ve had them more than several times. They are a bit pricy here at around $160-180 for a full set… that being said I absolutely LOVE them. I usually get them for vacations and beach holidays when I want to wake up looking gorgeous and ready to go. I find that I need to apply much less makeup when I have them on. My boyfriend has made so many comments on how beautiful they make my eyes look. They’re definitely not something I’d keep up on a regular basis because they’re expensive to maintain, it’s a bit time consuming to get them applied and care for them, and I don’t want to damage my natural lashes.. but I find that if I get them every 3 months or so, my natural lashes don’t suffer any damage and stay healthy.

Here’s what you need to know though:

DO find someone reputable. The type of glue used is very important, as is the application technique. Some people have allergic reactions to cheaper types of glues used, and technicians should know exactly where to glue each lash so as not to irritate your eyes, and not to glue multiple lashes onto one of your own lashes, as the more weight that is applied to each of your lashes the more likely you will suffer damage to your natural lashes.

Also know how to care for them! If you use makeup wipes and products with oil in them, the extensions won’t last very long. You should definitely wash your face thoroughly everyday, including your eye area, it’s just important to know which products to use. There are tons of videos on Youtube and websites that will provide you with suggestions. 

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Bumble bee
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I’ve been getting mine done since my bachelorette party. I LOOOOVE them. If you go to a reputable place with good reviews then you shouldn’t have any issues. Don’t go somewhere cheap! I pay $100 for a classic full set, or $70 for a fill. The price makes it worth it!

Some notes:

  • You can wear any eye makeup (including liner) as long as it does not have oil in it. But, I find it more difficult to put the makeup on myself with the lashes, as they get in the way. So keep that in mind
  • To wash them, I take an old makeup brush and dip it in facewash (oil free) and run it over both my eyes. The makeup brush is a very gentle way of removing makeup while also cleaning the extensions. This is what my lash tech recommended to me and I love it!
  • You can’t get them wet for the first 48 hours, so keep that in mind!
  • You should brush them twice a day. My lash tech gives me a new spoolie every appointment to brush them. This makes sure they stay looking good, don’t tangle, and don’t fall out
  • If you go to someone reputable, they should not damage your lashes. My lashes continue to grow just as long as they always have, and they fall out at about the same rate that they would fall out without extensions.
  • I use eye cream, just make sure it’s oil free!

I hope that helps!! 🙂

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Helper bee

I had them done professionally for 2.5 years.  There are different lash types, Mink and synthetics.  I used Novalash.  They were incredible while I had them. I felt like I needed less makeup overall, and felt more constantly “polished.” They looked amazing in photos. I ended up usually wearing LESS eye makeup overall because people were constantly noticing and praising my eyes.  You can wear all types of makeup. You can cry and still look immaculate.

You MUST go to a safe, clean, professional salon. I paid $250 for my first full set and then $60 for “fill in” appointments every two-three weeks.  I never had an issue with pain or glue reaction or swollen eyes, because I went to someone who I was referred to who was skilled. Once, she accidentally glued two lashes together and as they grew out I had a constant feeling of a pinched-lash.  However, they will have you hold a little fan next to your eyes half way through the drying process and you can have a bit of bloodshot eyes.

I can tell you that sadly, after two years, my natural lashes suffered pretty significantly. I had 11mm natural lashes that were dense. I used 2.5mm/14-16 long synthetic lashes. After years of use my lashes are now thinner individually and do not curl on their own.  I used both an RX growth medication to stimulate their re-growth and then that “dissolved” sub-occular fat around my eyes and I had to stop using it and switched to NeuLash to treat my lashes.  I have before photos from before my first appointment, photos from my absolutely bare lashless eyes after my last appointment, and their current regrowth so I definitely experienced change in my overall lash quality.  If I could do it all over again, I have no idea – I would probably still do it?  I wish I was skilled with strip-lashes, but I just am not. My optometrist was very, very unhappy with me using extensions.  

Once you see yourself with amazing lashes and how easy they are to maintain, it’s almost addictive.  My husband was just floored by them and gladly paid for all of my appointments because he enjoyed the aesthetic so much.  It’s been about 9 months since mine have been removed, and I miss them to this day but know they were starting to do some permanent damage.  My lash esthetician told me that girls who want lashes for their wedding should get them at least 6 weeks out. That gives them time to have the full set, experience it and make sure they have no reactions, and then come in for a refill of their lashes to make them extra thick and luxurious for their wedding.

I’m curious about those with Mink lashes because they seem lighter weight.  Did people have allergies to them like a pet allergy? Were they lightweight on your eyes and keep your lashes undamaged?

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Bumble bee
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notmeeither :  Real mink lashes are for those that are wanting a very natural and softer black look and yes, if you have animal allergies, you can be allergic to your lashes.  Due to their delicate nature, they do require more upkeep.  They’re also not as durable and produce less curl than synthetic mink.

I haven’t been getting my extensions long enough to notice a difference but I have read and was told by my technician that permanent damage can happen when the diameter of the extensions is not the same or very close to the diameter of your natural lashes.  If the weight (diameter or length) of the extension is too heavy for your natural lash, it can be pulled from the follicle before it sheds naturally.  She described it the same way to over-tweezing eyebrows: the more hair that’s pulled from the follicle without it naturally shedding, the more likely the follicle is to be damaged and once a follicle is damaged, it will no longer be able to produce hair…ultimately leading to sparse lashes over time.

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Worker bee
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I have had them done several time and regardless of the brand and material they are just too itchy and irritating my eyes. I have done them at a very reputable salon where everyone of my girlfriends were happy and I still can’t stand them. I just keep touching them and pulling them out. But I think I am just being too sensitive. Otherwise they looks great and require minimal maintenance

Lately I have started using Lash Boost to grow out my own lashed and bought Lancome mascara – one of the best. When I apply mascara my lashes looks even longer and fuller compared to when I had extenstion. Just a tip:)

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Blushing bee
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I’ve never had them (sorry Im no help there) BUT my SIL got them done and had a horrible reaction to the glue/adhesive they use. SO BE SURE THEY TEST IT ON YOU FIRST!

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Helper bee

Souzie :  Yes, I agree with all of this.  I think this is exactly what happened, regarding diameter.  Unfortunately, we didn’t change to a thinner diameter lash until much later after I noticed significant shedding and then the damage was done.  I’ve been curious about mink lashes as they seem far lighter. Thanks for the great info!

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Busy bee
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They look great when you first get them. Then around two weeks. Your natural lash cycle out and you start losing them, and they look like crap. You have to keep getting them filled and redone which is a huge money and time suck.

And yes, they can and often do damage your natural lashes and once you decide to stop getting them done you feel like dont have any lashes left.

While they look pretty, unless you have the cash you want to throw away every two weeks getting them refilled…just go for strip lashes!

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