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My sister is an esthetician who does eyelash extensions.  She has done them on me and my little sister.  You won’t even need use mascara with the eyelash extensions.  The lashes will blend in your straight lashes; no one will ever notice the difference.  The lashes won’t uncurl either. 

The only times when the extensions look wacky is when your lashes are falling out and need to be “refilled” or when the esthetician used clumps of lashes/glue.  I’m not a fan of the extra long lashes either.  It looks spider-y to me. 

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I had my lashes done for our wedding and I continued with them for 2-3 months afterwards.  You dont need mascara and you cannot curl them – it will ruin them.  You are also not supposed to sleep on your face as it will bend the lashes and cause them to break and separate.  

I was told you can wear them 2-3 weeks before needing any maintenance.  If you are going to do a trial, I think I would get them on, wear them for 2-3 weeks (give the glue some time to loosen) and then take them off.  Once I took mine off, my lashes were short and thin and it took about 2 weeks to get them to cooperate with mascara.  Keep in mind I did wear the extensions for almost 3 months.  

If you dont do a trial, I would have them put on atleast a day or two before the wedding so you can give yourself time to adjust to them and if you have any problems that it can be fixed before the big day. 

I really thought my lashes were super fun and I would most certainly get them put back on for a special occassion!  

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If you are going to do trial, I would try it at least a month before your wedding to make sure that you do not have a reaction to the glueand then if all is well, do a fill a couple days before your wedding. I know of people whose eyes have swelled up due to an allergy or sensitivity. Ive been doing mine for about 4 months now and I decided to take a little break. My natural eyelashes are so tiny and sparse now so I’m hoping they fill back in! 

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I don’t think that mine would have been sparse had I not pulled them off!  But, with that being said, I got this stuff called Rapid Lash and it made a huge difference!  So, if you’re stuck, you can use that stuff.  You can get it at CVS.  

But, they are supposed to fall out with the natural growth cycle of your lashes, so I wouldn’t freak out…I’m sure they will look beautiful!  You aren’t supposed to use mascara because of the Glycol in them…it will mess with the chemicals in the glue (this is what the lady told me who did mine).  You can find glycol free mascara, but it’s like Dior or other stuff like that…I’m not paying for that!  You also shouldn’t curl them because it will break the bond of the glue.  Just like succeess stories, you’ll find horror stories…don’t let those freak you out!  

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First of all I have to say that I never leave the house w/o my black eyeliner.  I’m totally dependent on it.  Now, I HARDLY wear eyeliner b/c I have eyelash extensions, you don’t need them!  My make up regiment has depleted and now all I need is foundation or powder/blush and lipgloss and I’m out the door.

It’s nice to wake up beautiful and all ready.  It does take time to get used to them. You have to sleep like a “princess” b/c you don’t want to squash your lashes. So if you sleep on your stomach, it may be just a little hard to transition to sleep on your back.  I’m in my 3 week mark and I’ve noticed that by the end of my 2nd week I’ve noticed them becoming a little wonky but I was still able to make them look nice.

You can shower and swim with them.  No mascara, but I bought this lash protectant that is somehow like a mascara and it’s clear. I’ve noticed that my lashes shelf life lasted longer.  You can’t rub your eyes.  You can’t curl them, no need to!The lashes will just fall with your natural lash life.  I’ve had no issues with my natural lashes being thin.  I’ve had no reaction to the glue but it does smell and sting a little bit during the process but nothing huge.

Overall, I think every bride-to-be should try it.  I love fake lashes but I wanted something more semi permanent.  

Hope this helps.

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I had this done for my wedding and also did a trial a few months prior and I totally agree with @mnp. The esthetician will choose lashes that will flatter your face, you can choose to just go a little longer for a fuller look or a lot longer for a glam look. It’s an urban myth that they make your natural lashes stop growing. It does look a little wonky as they’re falling out naturally if you don’t get them refilled, but both times I had two full weeks of beautiful lashes before this happened which was plenty of time for me.

You don’t need mascara but you can use it. They tell you not to but I did anyway on my wedding day and it was totally fine. The mascara washed off afterwards and the lashes stayed on, mind you I was very gentle and used only water. And they use enough lashes that your natural lashes totally blend in, mine are naturally blonde and stubby and the fakies were long and black and you could not see my natural lashes at all.

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