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Honey Beekeeper
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I would not friend him.  You don’t know what his motives are.  If he keeps bothering you, then block him.  Who cares if he thinks you are a bitch?

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Buzzing bee
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I would leave it as is.

He sent you a message with well wishes and that was very nice. You thanked him and IMO enough has been said. He put the words out and you are deciding to kindly decline. He doesn’t need to know the current day to day activity personal status updates on your FB. If he wants to say hello every now and then he knows he can shoot you a message…

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Um….don’t add him.


I don’t see the point in being friends with an ex.  do you really want him to know everything you post?   do you really want a constant reminder of what is going on in his life?   I would hope not…..I vote for move forward with your husband and leave the ex in the dust!

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Buzzing bee
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Unless you live on FB, it really, truly isn’t a big deal. You can friend him or not friend him, it doesn’t matter. He won’t think you are a witch if you don’t, and it doesn’t say a thing about your marriage if you do.

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Helper bee

Ignore it.

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Bumble bee
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I know I might be in the minority here but:

My ex and I are FB friends. We have a ton of mutual friends from college and us NOT being friends would stand out more than if we were. He probably doesn’t want to initiate it because he doesn’t want your Fiance or you to get the wrong idea. He should’ve just sent the friend req and the PM at the same time, but maybe he wanted to see what your reaction to him reaching out was at first. It’s also possible that he disconnected his account and then signed up again – Fiance had to do this twice cuz of hackers. I wouldn’t over think it.  

If you & your Fiance are cool with it and you don’t think anyone would get the wrong idea, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

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Bumble bee
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Ah I would just ignore it and move on

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Sugar bee
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just thank him again for the well wishes and move on.. if he asks you to be friends, I don’t see the harm, but if he shows other motives, just defriend. But i wouldn’t make the move to friend.

though personally, i’ve ignored friend requests from my ex. I’m more of an ignorer and throwing out of old boyfriend positions, though.

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Worker bee
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Wait, HE tells YOU to friend request him? If he really was just being nice and friendly, he would just friend request you. Seems a little suspect to me… just move on.

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Helper bee
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don’t friend him. he made the move to defriend you after you got engaged — he was probably a little jealous  and it was hard for him to see so much happiness in your life when perhaps it was hard for him to accept you had moved on and were in love with someone else. now, he asks you to friend him, probably because he wants attention and to feel like some part of you wants to be connected to him. it’s all quite selfish and childish. maintain your poise and thank for him for the kind note, but no need to acknowledge his request.


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I agree with the ladies on this, leave it as is. I recently accepted a Facebook friend request from a boy I used to date in Jr. High School. It wasn’t serious at all, very kiddie crush-like but my first boyfriend regardless and my first kiss. I only accepted because I NEVER thought he was someone I was ever serious with. FH and I also just shrugged it off and joked about it. I don’t remember ever breaking up with this guy – I think I might have asked a friend to break-up for me … we were just that young.

So I accepted and commented about how cute his little girl is. Then all the sudden this guy posts pictures of me as a teen! He posted more than a few of them! Then he posted 2 baby pictures I must have given him. A mutual friend even commented, “How cute! You still have them!”

It was very uncomfortable for a few days. But after seeing all of my wedding related posts and what-not, he got the hint and even started posting old pictures of other people too. So maybe I over reacted? All is at peace now though, he’s just like most of my other FB friends, nice and quiet.

My advice is to just ignore it and save yourself the possible drama.

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Busy bee
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I’d probably just ignore the comment. If he chooses to add you, then maybe talk it over with your husband and see how he feels about it. But I don’t think it’s necessary to be facebook friends.

I only dated one guy before my husband. We stayed friends for a while, but I eventually deleted him on facebook because I felt like it was time to move on. I still see him occasionally (because we share the same group of friends, including my husband, and he’s now dating a good friend of mine), but it’s always in group settings. I never felt the need to re-add him on facebook. I don’t really have a desire to have him a regular part of my life and so avoiding sharing the daily updates and nosiness of facebook helps keep up that friendly distance.

I think with exes, I’m usually in favor of keeping a decent distance once you’re married. Even if things ended on good terms, there will inevitably be a rough point in your marriage (even just a day) where it could be tempting to turn to a familiar friendship elsewhere and staying in contact with you ex might make that pull a little easier.

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Sugar bee
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My exes and I are Facebook friends, but we are on good terms and it’s not weird at all. This guy sounds kind of like a creeper. If you’re doubting whether you should add him, don’t do it. Unnecessary drama.

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