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    I haven’t really had this problem, and I have a large number of FB friends.  I can only think of one person I’ve blocked, and two that I’ve unfriended.  I have hid some people’s posts from my newsfeed, and many more applications/pages/whatever.

    I am glad the likejacking died down!  Luckily I had some FB friends who were really good at providing information to those who were hit to help it disappear a bit faster.

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    I rarely post on facebook but I go on quite frequently.  But honestly one thing about facebook I wish people would stop is exactly what this thread is about – complaining about what people post.  If you don’t want to read those things, then block the person from your newsfeed, unfriend them or spend less time on facebook.  Sure, people post some interesting things but if I am getting annoyed then I’m the one with the issue, not them. Facebook shouldn’t annoy you, and if it does, you’re spending too much time on it.  At least that is what I have learned.

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    Game invitations. Pretty sure if i’m not playing the game by now – it’s because i don’t want to! Some people send several every day. Best day of my life when i figured out how to block them.

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    @mrswestcoast:  I wish social media in general didn’t exist at all if that counts as what shouldn’t be posted. There is no longer a separation of public and private space, and if I did have Facebook I fear I would find out a lot of things that I don’t care to find out (baby poop is my new example, since you listed it). If I am actually friends with someone, I take time to be their friend in person and learn updates the old fashioned way. Electronic media is ruining social interaction in my view.

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    Spamming political posts. Super annoying during election times but okay I get it your proving your point. The election is now way past over so just stop!

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    i went from daily to maybe once a month about 4-5 months ago and haven’t missed a thing. facebook made me dislike people that i’d rather have in the hardly-ever-think-of-you-but-when-i-do-it’s-positive category. LOL. it made me think people’s live and opinions were incredibly trite and annoying. HAHA!! at least the version they were choosing to portray.

    however, i do have a private group of my best local girl friends and that is very fun and useful. easy to make happy hour plans, etc. and i recommend this!

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    The main things that come to mind for me, is when I see the constant updates about how tired someone is or how long of a day they have had. I just want to say, “Well go to bed then! Get off Facebook!” There is one girl that will always post, “I am so EXHAUSTED. It looks like it will be a napping and movie day for the kids and me!” It is almost daily that she will write that. I often wonder if she does much of anything else..? Not only that, but she will always update at random times in the middle of the night stating that her kids woke up and didn’t want to go back to bed, so they all just play and have snacks. That drives me nuts because it is unhealthy and teaches your children bad sleeping/eating habits. But it is up to her to parent them how she chooses 🙂

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    @mrswestcoast:  My pet peeve are desperate, needy, whiny posts of any nature.  My best friend’s cousin and I have known each other for years, as she is at all of my best friend’s special events like showers, Christmas parties, weddings, baptisms, etc.  Said BF’s cousin is cray cray with no self-esteem and regularly, as in once a week, posts things like “Life is so hard.  Nobody knows what it’s like to be me”, “Why can’t a boy love me?  I just want a boy to love me”, or “If you haven’t written on my wall in the last 6 months, I am going to delete you.  I need real friends.”  I keep hoping she will delete me, but no luck.  I hid her from my newsfeed a while back, because I cringed every time she posted.  I can’t delete her, because she would tell the entire family and they’d be upset with me.  This woman is 28 years old and a well educated lawyer. She grew up very wealthy and very catered to by loving parents who are still married and supported her 100% through law school.  She has no health problems, no debt, and even comes off clean from the mental health problem screenings she’s had.  Her problem is that she is spoiled and immature and needs CONSTANT attention.  Because of her posts, now I hate anyone’s posts that come off as whining.  


    I also hate, and hide from my feed those people who never do anything interesting, and share every minute detail of their boring lives.  There are those people that have known you for so long, you’d be rude to delete them, but seriously, you have no desire whatsoever to be in contact with  them.  (What makes it hard for me is that I have several brothers and sisters, so if one of my siblings accepts a friend request from such a long lost childhood acquaintance, then said acquaintance will message them asking why I haven’t accepted their request- ugh!!!) One gal I know from my childhood church/high school never has had a job, went to college, traveled, or done much of anything else since she graduated from high school ten years ago.  She’s been knocked up twice and never married, and her posts are about the details of being a mom living on her farm with her baby daddy and kids.  Her posts will be along the lines of: “Little Billy drooled all over his pillow again last night.  He doesn’t want a bath, so after we eat some cereal and jelly beans for breakfast, I’ll take him to Walmart in his pajamas.  Last week the ground beef was on sale at Walmart and Little Billy hit me twice. I hope the beef is still on sale. I’ll let you all know if it is.” Reading about her life is depressing, so I hide her comments.  




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    @mrswestcoast:  If I see the word “haters” grace my newsfeed in any way OTHER than saying how utterly RIDICULOUS the concept is, I remove that person.

    I have (had) several people on my facebook whose lives are in total disarray and air their dirty laundry constantly…crazy stuff, like “FUCK THE POLICE! Got another DUI!” or “I hate you [boyfriend/baby daddy], you’re such a piece of shit!”, etc. 

    Doing that long enough is going to result in some folks commenting, and usually it’s not “hey there, winner! keep it up!”  The parties in question made it a habit of firing back with something to the effect of “don’t care what you haters say, you’re all just jealous.”


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    @FLBlonde93:  LOL I’m wondering if your BFs cousin is a girl on my Facebook I used to work with: same shit.

    “I hate getting bad news. Like my status if this has happened to you.”

    “Woke up crying, going to be a bad day…don’t ask.”

    “Going to the hospital again. Don’t really want to talk about it.”


    …bitch, yes you do!!!!

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