(Closed) Facebook rage? Anyone experience this?

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Honey bee
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Not to me, but my friend and her brother got in a huge fight on Facebook over something harmless she posted.  It was a major Yikes moment, and all of their Facebook friends saw it.

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@MadameTussaud:  Yeah, it happens every once in awhile.  I guess that’s what happens when everything is public though.

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Helper bee

my Future Mother-In-Law does that to me ALL THE TIME. it’s really annoying and has me in tears sometimes. i WISH i could block her, but that would cause more issues.

i make a joke, she responds with a serious answer and most of the time it’s making a dig at me for what i just said. i used to write back angry comments until i realised i didn’t want her to get the better of me.

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Busy bee
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I once watched two friends of mine, who would never ever meet in real life in a million years, only connected through me, get into a political debate on one of my Facebook statuses. I kept getting notifications on my phone with every new comment, which was kind of hilarious and kind of annoying. And more recently, my Future Brother-In-Law and Future Sister-In-Law got into it over a photo I posted, so the same thing happened AND he was sitting right next to me, which was awkward.

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I am starting to believe that Facebook is far more drama than it is worth. People are way more serious, self-righteous/indignant, passive-agressive and/or openly hostile, and sensitive than is good for them. They wouldn;t say this crap in person, but with a keyboard and a computer screen they become friggin crusaders and/or victims.

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Blushing bee

@treacle:  My Future Mother-In-Law used to do it ALL the time on mine and FI’s FB.  I had enough and deleted her! She doesn’t work so she spends ALL her time on FB and I was tired of all her annoying, rude comments and posts.

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Honey bee
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@lovekiss:  Slow clap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THIS!

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Helper bee
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I’ve seen this on friends facebooks, Fiance and I love a good facebook fight (though we would never get involved :P)

One of Fiance groomsman had 2 mutual friends fighting on his status for an entire day, when he realized what was going on he posted ‘you kids get off my goddamm lawn!’   lol!

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Bumble bee
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I almost had Facebook rage recently and I’m a pretty calm person!!! An older male cousin of mine added Fiance to Facebook awhile ago. He barely even knows my Fiance so I’m not sure why he added him in the first place, but that’s another story…

So FI’s status the other day was about how much overtime he’d worked (he’s a paramedic and worked over 30 hours in one weekend). My cousin responded to FI’s status asking him why he wouldn’t want to spend time with ME instead and he proceeded to go on a rant about how relationships are more important than money (no…REALLY?). The irony is that my cousin has been unemployed for over a year. Anyways, either Fiance or I could have made a big deal out of it but we both realize he’s an idiot and also with the wedding coming up, we’d like to keep the family drama to a minimal amount.

I guess people feel like when they’re hiding behind a computer they can post whatever they want. What they don’t realize is that they look like idiots!

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yep that has happened numerous times. just an example….and proof that the world i live in is far far too small lol

my cousin has a baby with this kid we grew up with that we shall call J. My cousin is H. H moved on from J because he was not ready to settle down and just was not the kind of guy she saw herself being able to stay with. I have a close friend we shall call A. A and J meet (totally separately from me or H, like completely on their own) and start hooking up. A is very private so I had no knowledge of this. She did know that he had a baby with H but since she never met her it did not really matter to her. I post a picture on facebook, one that to me seemed harmless, of A, H, and another mutual friend from a night out. It was actually my birthday so thats why the two of them were there. Turns out J and H had been trying to work things out and no one knew about it, including me. H finds out he has still been hooking up with A. S*** hits th fan. He was basically lying to A about being done with H, lying to H about not hooking up with anyone else, and there I am just trying to post my birthday pictures and I happen to have one that has both girls in it. Well of course H hates A now because she’s just like that and blames the girl instead of the guy who is the real problem here. So H makes a comment that was very obviously aimed at A and is very obviously in regards to the whole J situation. A comments back I say hey leave this junk off my page and it just kept going and going. I deleted the photo and they started on my status (which btw had nothing to do with either of them at all! or anything serious for that matter, it was completely unrelated). One of them commented on my status because she knew the other would see it and it kept going from there. It got to to the point where I blocked one of em and let her know through text that we could be friends again when she calmed the f down and stopped with the comments. It was seriously ridonk for it only being FB. and allllll over one picture!!!! from my birthday!!!! and i had nothing to do with the damn situation anyway! ugh!!!!

ok I think im done now. that just struck a nerve I guess. how annoying!!!!

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Buzzing Beekeeper

After Christmas I posted a status about how I was looking forward to going to the movies. A certain relative replied “Didn’t your husband JUST start working again? Save your money!”

I very kindly informed her that I received a movie gift card for Christmas from my brother and to mind her own effing business.

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This is the only way I can stay in touch with family…. it’s SAD becasue I would like to delete my account and not have one, especially when timeline starts being mandatory. Then for sure I won’t know where to go for my “new”posts! I love the way it is now… HATE timeline!

And no I haven’t had any drama in my page! Thank goodness….

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