(Closed) Facial piercings anyone?

posted 8 years ago in Accessories
  • poll: Should I wear my "Monroe" piercing at my wedding?
    Wear it for the ceremony and reception : (26 votes)
    44 %
    Dont' wear it for the ceremony but wear it for the reception : (17 votes)
    29 %
    Don't wear it at all : (16 votes)
    27 %
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    • Wedding: August 2010

    I have my lip pierced and I wore it the whole time. I have had it for years and its a part of who I am 

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    • Wedding: January 2012

    You got it for a reason- because its you…keep it in.  

    If you are worried about photos…ask your photographer, but I’m sure they will know how to photograph it or photoshop it.

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    I had my nose pierced up until a few months ago.. Fiance made me take it out. He said his family would hate it.. I caved and took it out which I now really regret =( I actually pierced my nose myself when I was 16… I did it in my bedroom with a bic, a needle and a cork. I felt like such a badass! lol

    For some weird reason it was almost like a security blanket, and something that I felt identified me; although nose rings have become really prevalent I still felt like it made me uniquely me. Not anymore.. lame.

    I say keep it in… 

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    • Wedding: January 2011

    I think you should keep it in, especially since it is part of your personality.

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    • Wedding: June 2009

    I dunno -I’m the only one who feels this way I guess, but you may come to regret it in pictures later on.  I say leave it out.  (It can be distracting.)  Also, maybe just pop it in for a pic or 2.  (I had my nose pierced for quite some time before I took it out for an x-ray and never put it back in.  I’m not a total square. Wink )

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    • Wedding: November 2008

    I used to have my nose pierced and I took the piercing out for my wedding because I didn’t want it in the pictures. Even though I loved it and it was very “me,” I knew I would outgrow it someday, and I didn’t want to look back at my photos wishing I hadn’t worn it. I wanted my wedding pictures to be the most classic version of myself, and not as much a reflection of the fashion trends I was into in my mid-20s.

    You can decide to wear it or not, but no matter what your choice, it doesn’t mean that you are somehow compromising who you are. It’s your body and you can adorn it how you want on your wedding day for whatever reason you want!

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    • Wedding: March 2011

    I don’t know, I kind of see it the way I do my tattoos.  I would never cover them (well except one but that’s a long story)…because they are part of me and they represent the story of my life.  If you are YOU right now with the piercing, leave it.  Don’t worry about what you will think in 20 years, because chances are you might look back and not like your hair or any other number of things in 20 years.

    There are some things I was doing 20 years ago (and yes, I am old enough to comment like that, lol!) that I would look back on and cringe.  Honestly, my tattoos and piercings don’t fit into that category.  I at one time had my lip pierced (lower), nose, tongue, and several ear piercings.  I took them all out at one point or another for job reasons but never regretted them and would probably still have some/all if I hadn’t “had” to take them out.  My nose rings, I just kept losing them.  I pierced my nose the first time when I was 16 and kept a nose piercing all the way until I was 30-something.    Big hair and acid washed jeans though?  ::::shudder::::: Wink

    I was actually just the other day considering a monroe because I think they can look very retro-glam and it’s one piercing I’ve never had, but I wonder how it looks (scars) when you remove it, because my bottom lip piercing left a rather noticeable hole (looks like a big pore).  then again everyone says they can’t see it unless I point it out.

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    I say keep it in :). It really is a part of you=who you are >.< Congrats, though!

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    • Wedding: February 2014

    Keep it in!

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    • Wedding: May 2010

    I had two piercings that I was debating about keeping it for my wedding day, my nose and an industrial in my ear.  In the end, I took out the industrial but left the nose piercing in.  I took out the industrial because I felt it was just too harsh looking, and that is one that I can see myself not wearing in the future.  My nose piercing, however, is one that I am NEVER without and I feel my face looks naked without it.  Other people had their own ideas about what I should do, but only YOU know what suits you best!

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    • Wedding: September 2010

    I have to agree with the women here. Your wedding, your rules. If I could get all my tattoos done before my wedding just to have them in the photos I would. You bet your bolero I would! But my nose ring stays and until then I’ll just pray I don’t lose it.

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    • Wedding: May 2011

    keep it in! i have my nose and my tongue pierced and i will be keeping them in! theyre a part of me 🙂

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    • Wedding: June 2011

    I have my lip pierced and that sucker is staying in!

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