Failed 1 hour GD test

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Blushing bee

I haven’t had any kiddos but I’ve had friends fail the first test and pass the second.  Don’t panic yet!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I’ve heard a lot of people fail the 1 and pass the 3 just fine! Don’t stress too much!

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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i know a few people who failed the first and passed the 2nd with no issue.


don’t stress. did they tell you the number and how close you were?

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Buzzing bee

Me! I failed the one hour but easily passed the three hour test. 

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Honey bee
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i failed the one hour with both my kids. Passed the three hour both times just fine

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Busy bee

Failed the first and passed the three hour with flying colors! The worst part is you have to have even more of that horrible glucose drink. Good luck!

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Bumble bee
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I did!! Failed my 1 hour once by 20 points. Retook it and passed by 1 or 2 points so they made me take the 3 hour anyway. I had one highish number and then 2 super good ones after that so they just told me to stay on the diet and considered me non diabetic 🙂 I basically ate veggies and protein and added in carbs as a weekend treat. Worked really well. I also didnt fast the time I passed. I had some eggs and cheese that morning before the test. The previous test I had nothing thinking that would be better. 

Its going to be okay. Even if you do fail for some reason the diet isnt that bad. I felt full and didnt feel completely deprived. I just tried to make sure I ate things that I liked that are healthy. I even had extra protein on my salads and it was delicious:) 

I wish you good luck!


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Busy bee
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I did. I failed the 1 hour pretty badly – supposed to be <7.8 and I was at 10 (at 11 they automatically diagnose GD without a second test). I did a 2 h GTT rather than 3 h as that’s what my area does, and passed it no problem. I also know one other person who failed the 1 h twice and passed the next one both times, and another friend who failed the 1 h and was fine after. Even knowing this I freaked out because I felt like I had failed so badly, how could it possibly be normal next time. Everything I read online was people just barely failing the 1 hour. So don’t panic yet. Try to get the test over with as soon as possible – I did mine the morning after finding out I failed the first one – so you don’t have too much time to get worked up about it. 

I don’t know if this is everywhere but for me the volume of liquid was the same, they just add more glucose, so besides being there longer it wasn’t really worse overall. 

Not that I believed this when it was me, but the 1 hour is a screening test, which means it is set low to catch anyone who might be borderline, and has a pretty high false positive rate. So you could be totally fine! Good luck!

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Sugar bee
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MamaWilson :  Yesssss, it sucks having to go in for the 3 (really 4) hour test. They take your base blood, then you drink and wait an hour, then they take your blood three times after an hour wait each. Take some things to do, a book, knitting, magazines, fully charged phone, headphones, and a snack for after you’re done. I passed the 3 hr test easy but just missed the mark by a few points on the 1 hr. Also, I’d recommend scheduling it first thing in the morning and trying to get there before anyone else for the day so you are #1 on the list and can get out of there before everyone else. I remember those hours sitting in the lab waiting room with other preggos and sick people who were there for less happy reasons. You will get through it, good luck!

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Sugar bee

I️ failed 1 hour with really high reading. I️ think stats said will most likely fail 3 hour one with such high numbers. Nope past 3 hour one, (not by few points either, by a lot). I️ did walk a lot though while waiting (after the fact read that some ppl are required to sit, not sure if it made a difference). 

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Busy bee
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I did too and passed the 3 hour test without issue (sucks though). I also know many women who failed the 1hr and were fine at the 3 hour. Good luck!

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Busy bee
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I just barely failed the 1hr, and passed the 3 hour by A LOT. I had eaten just before my 1 hr test, and they said that it should be fine…then I failed by just a few points (they didn’t test my blood sugar beforehand). If I have any more kids, I’m definitely fasting before the 1hr test…I never want to do the 3 hour test again, it’s super boring and my arm was so sore from all the blood draws.

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Busy bee
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MamaWilson :  hi, I failed the fasting test but passed the one hour and two hour. In Australia that means GD. I too have a fear of needles and it took me a while to work up the courage to test my blood 4 times daily. It’s honestly fine and actually interesting to check blood sugar levels. Unfortunately diet alone wasn’t enough so I assumed the next step was insulin, but they have me on tablets first. I just tell myself it’s all to keep bub safe. Whatever the outcome, you’ll be fine. We humans are amazing at adapting to our circumstances. X 

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