(Closed) Failed driving test… Scared I will fail again! *NWR*

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@soosad:  Haha when I was writing my thesis in earnest, once all of my plates were dirty, I ate take out for, literally, 7 weeks, buecause cleaning the kitchen seemed too daunting.  When I wasn’t writing, I was vegging.

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My friend is a DMV officer who does driving tests. He said that the worst thing you can do during a driving test is to make the DMV officer sitting next you nervous/scared. It’s important that you appear calm & confident. You know parking is not too important right because parking after all won’t kill anyone whether you park straight or not. The real reason why the officer decided to make you re-take the test I believe was your nerve. How can she let the person who is too nervous to even park drive on the actual streets?? It’s very dangerous because nervousness /panicking can cause a serious accident. I failed the parking portion too but I kept myself calm and passed the test. Just take a deep breath because you know you can do it! Good luck!

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I failed 3 times before I passed. The first time I really didn’t know how to drive well enough, the 2nd I failed fornot llooking over my shoulder when I merged into the bike lane for a right turn, and the 3rd I tried taking it in a rural area because I had heard it had a high pass rate but it confused me. So don’t worry about failing on your first try ๐Ÿ˜›

Sincecyour issue is anxiety, have you thought about taking klonopin or something similar? It might help.

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I’m not sure if it’s any different in other parts of the world but in Australia you have two tests to do. You have to do a Hazard Perception Test and the actual Driving Test. The HPT is a computerised test where you have to click the mouse button when you think it’d be best to avoid the upcoming hazard. And the DT is pretty much straight forward, done on a proper road in proper traffic conditions.

Well, I failed the HPT miserably the first time. I was nervous and completely frustrated. I was twenty minutes early just so I’d have time to collect my thoughts. My appointment was an hour and a half later than I scheduled it for, so it was nearly two hours before I got to sit the damn thing, in a terribly crowded VicRoads (the Australian DMV). I failed so badly that I decided I didn’t want to get my license anymore. My FH convinced me to book another test, passed with flying colours.

I don’t think I get anxiety, but I worked myself up into a blubbering mess on my DT but the instructor and VicRoads staff member made me keep going, and I passed with flying colours. My point is, don’t give up. It sounds like the worst has happened already. You failed, and to me that’s a good thing. Now you know what you’re up against! You were brave enough to take the test the first time, you’re brave enough to take it again.  And it really isn’t the end of the world, is it?

All of us here are willing to support you, lovely. Best of luck for your test re-take, and I hope you do well!! <3

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@SilkDelphinium:  I failed 3 times before I passed because of my anxiety. All at the same place. There are rumours that certain places have different passing percentages and I think that definitely got me. It was also difficult because 2 of 3 instructors made me feel very uncomfortable. Unfortunately you can’t control them or how they will treat you. 


You can do it though. Definitely try the fake it til you make it. And maybe get someone you don’t normally drive with to fake test you and see how that goes. Good luck!

Eta: also you should now be more prepared and more aware of what the instructors are looking for so you’ll have an advantage there. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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I failed a couple of times – like @tiffanyscanlan there’s multiple parts to the UK driving test (theory – hazard perception – vehicle safety questions – driving and ‘independant driving’) – they keep adding more, so every time I failed the next time round had a new set of requirements!

Do you have something like Bach’s Flower Remedies in the US? They do a calming one which really helps. 

Also, my top tip would be – if you do something wrong, especially in a slow manouvere like parking, just take a moment to breathe and collect your thoughts rather than panicking! I thought I’d failed when I attempted to move off from a downhill park in neutral, but I realised, stopped and started again (indicating, checking mirrors…) and I only got a minor for it. The examiner was clearly more interested in how I’d stayed calm and handled it than the fact that I messed up in the first place. 

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Hiw you failed your first test is exactly how I failed my second test (parked fine, panicked and ended up tryingto correct something that wwasn’t wrong and it was the very first thing I did). I passed on my 4th go.

what helped meeventually pass was being forced to drive around the village with my dad, ggetting some real road cred.


But also, it didn’t matter, obviously I went into each test hoping I’d pass (i am a good driver I swear XD) but every time I didn’t I just dusted myself off and booked another one. Just do your best and if you need to have another go then so be it xx

Good luck though! 

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I didn’t fail but I thought for sure I was going to. I took my test 1 day before my 23rd birthday (smart, right?). I learned to drive in my husbands Charger which is a big car and took the test in my sisters Neon which she let me use once I got my license. You’d think it’d be a good think to take the test in a much smaller car, and it was, but I only had driven it a few times before that.

I went to the specific DMV because my husband had gotten his license there years before and multiple people had told me the test there was better, that they didn’t have to go on main streets so I drove around the side streets for over a half hour and was so freaked out I kept messing up. Anyway the guy I had with me to test me was gruff, old, and had to weigh at 300 lbs so he had a bit of a hard time fitting in my he Neon.

I ended up offering to buckle his seatbelt because it took him so long and he had a hard time. Awkward. When he had me park at first I thought I had already failed to be honest, thankfully there were no cones. Best part though was that he made me go to a light to go to more side streets so in my head I wanted to kill my husband because he told me that I wouldn’t end up on a main street and when I got to a stop sign I couldn’t see so I kept slowly inching up and making mini stops because I was scared I’d fail for not making full stops and the car behind me honked so I felt like I was about to die and he was like, “it’s okay, they’re stupid” and they went around me. I somehow ended up passing, but I suggest seeing if there’s a DMV that people know that has a good testing reputation. The other place I could have gone had a lot of main street driving so I was glad I went where I did.

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Experience, experience, experience! These are the three top ways to become better drivers.  Its good to have a nice instructor like your parents but its much better if you inquire to other car expert who can tell you about all about driving and some tips. My mom bought lessons at education4drivers.com and I passed from 1st try. So the best thing you should do – hire good teacher and a lot of practice and stay calm =)

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