(Closed) Falling for you Baby! Fall Babies part 6

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    Awesome! thanks for starting the new thread!

    How far along? 24w3d

    Gender: Girl

    Total weight gain: was up 9lbs about 3 wks ago

    Maternity clothes? my regular shirts have become really short, my wardrobe is struggling!

    Stretch marks? none that I can see and I don’t want to go looking

    Belly button? still an innie but it was the grand caynon before

    Sleep: not all night, but I think a lot is stress and comfort related

    Best moment this week (so far): finding out we will probably make it to 37 weeks, and things should be ok

    Worst moment this week (so far): fear if the bleed is actually a mass and our baby would require surgery after birth, also not liking the idea of going to a better hospital without the people we have been working with

    Miss Anything? a huge grinder!!! and a glass of wine

    Cravings: smores!

    Movement: I find it so reassuring but she certainly has her moments, it goes on hour spurts when she is non-stop but then will quiet down for a few hours

    Classes? Start them at the end of the month

    Nursery progress? nothing yet…. πŸ™ next week we are supposed to start on the nursery but it will be a long process

    Names picked? Abigail

    Milestones? 24weeks, 70% of viability!! 

    Struggles? not much… I can’t complain too much

    Most worried about? everything, but as long as she is healthy the other stuff is just annoyances

    Most excited about: meeting her and the mri to determine if its a mass or bleed

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    How far along? 23w 4d

    Gender: Baby Boy!

    Total weight gain: About 10-15 lbs

    Maternity clothes? Love all my full panel capris and skirts!! Haven’t been wearing non-maternity clothes since like 3 1/2 months!

    Stretch marks? Nope.

    Belly button? More shallow, but hasn’t popped.

    Sleep: Toss and turn all the time. Never comfortable. And charlie horse leg cramps have started waking me up at all hours of the night. Not fun!!

    Best moment this week (so far): Hearing Baby P’s heartbeat this morning!

    Worst moment this week (so far): Morning sickness all day yesterday and dry heaving in the bathroom at work before lunch

    Miss Anything?  Merlot, eggs benedict, beer, soft ice cream, seeing my toes!! 

    Cravings: Chinese, pizza, popcorn, chocolate anything, apples

    Movement: This is the one thing that makes me sad. Darn anterior placenta! Hope to feel movements again soon!!  (Used to feel movement, but haven’t for a few weeks except once or twice)

    Classes? Signed up for classes in July!

    Nursery progress? Haven’t started, since we were hoping to sell and move by then. Looks like our townhouse isn’t going to sell in time, so we can start decorating soon. Can’t wait!!

    Names picked? Yep, we have a first name. (No middle yet) Not sharing, though! πŸ™‚

    Milestones? Belly popping so people know I’m pregnant, not just fat. lol Just a few days shy of viability!

    Struggles? Nerve pain in leg returned so having to take tylenol w/codeine occasionally, back pain, leg cramps, still have daily morning sickness, have been feeling anxious and sad at times…just a big hormonal mess! But I am very, very happy Baby P is ok and that we’re having him soon! Just having a tough pregnancy! 

    Most worried about? My leg pain getting worse and needing more pain medicine and going into labor and having uterine rupture (I’m at risk for it)

    Most excited about: Meeting our little guy!


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    How far along? 22w5d

    Gender: Team Green

    Total weight gain: 25lbs :/

    Maternity clothes? Um yes please! lol I LOVE my full panel capris

    Stretch marks? No new ones.

    Belly button? I have a really deep belly button so it is just getting less deep if that makes sense.

    Sleep: Insomnia stinks

    Best moment this week (so far): Starting my Baby Shower deco and finishing the invites. I LOVE party planning so it’s been alot of fun.

    Worst moment this week (so far): My damn insomnia

    Miss Anything? Sleep!

    Cravings: Dr. Pepper (trying to resist this one) and multi grain cheerios.

    Movement: Tons Baby B is very active.

    Classes? Non I’m just reading a Hypnobirthing book. With DS the classes didn’t really help much.

    Nursery progress? Almost complete just need to add the final touches.

    Names picked? Elia (pronounced sort of like Aliya). So Elia Michelle if we have a girl and Raphael David for a boy.

    Milestones? Finally having my uterus measured at my Dr. appt. I measured 22 at 21w2d.

    Struggles? Sleeping! I’ve been really exhausted so my housework is lacking. My house isn’t dirty just not as tidey as Darling Husband and I generally keep it.

    Most worried about? I’m starting to freak out about labor for some reason. I’m terrified of having to be induced because I know then my birth plan will go out the window.

    Most excited about: I’m terrified of labor right now but I am also really excited. I keep trying to be positive and if I am not induced I am really looking forward to have a natural birthing process.

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    How far along? 22w2d

    Gender: Baby Boy!

    Total weight gain: Ugh. 22 pounds.

    Maternity clothes? Mostly! I still wear some loose dresses from before but I’m mostly in maternity.

    Stretch marks? No new ones!

    Belly button? Still in. I had a DEEP innie though, I’m not sure it’ll ever pop. It’s definitely becoming more shallow though.

     Sleep: Not great. I wake up in the middle of the night with heartburn and it’s REALLY hard to get comfortable.

     Best moment this week (so far): Just feeling little kicks and nudges every day. I love him so much already!

    Worst moment this week (so far): My major breakdown in which I convinced myself I was in preterm labor. I have quite the imagination.

    Miss Anything? Being skinny lol. It’s totally worth it though. I’ve lost a huge amount of weight before and I know that I can do it again so I’m not too worked up about it. I’m just definitely not one of those all belly basketball belly kind of pregnant ladies. Oh well.

    Cravings: Anything cheesy.

    Movement: I LOVE it. I also love interacting with him, giving a little nudge where I think he is and getting a kick back. It’s a blast!

    Classes? None yet! We’ll be registering for them after my next doctor’s appointment in July. 

    Nursery progress? Bah. We need a nursery first. Luckily we get this house so that we can start working on things! I know EXACTLY what I want to do with it. 

    Names picked? Nope. We’ve stalled for the time being. I have a strong feeling that it’ll either end up being Samuel (Sam) or Nathan (Nate).

    Milestones? DH feeling little boy’s kicks!

    Struggles? Major anxiety. Being a member of the online infertility/child loss community has really put me in a position where I feel like I know too much. I’ve read so many horror stories that it makes me almost constantly terrified. I have to remind myself every day to relax and trust. 

    Most worried about? Making it to viability (24 weeks). Come on baby, we can do it! 

    Most excited about: Viability, being able to start a nursery, meeting the guy! I cannot wait to have him in my arms!!

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    I get to vote this time!

    How far along? 20w5d

    Gender: Baby Girl!

    Total weight gain: 23 Pounds Frown

    Maternity clothes? There isn’t much I fit in that is non-maternity. I have one maxi dress from last summer that works and since I am sitting high I can still put on a lot of my sweatpants.

    Stretch marks? Thankfully, not yet.

    Belly button? No change but I do find that it looks darker, a little strange but ow well.

    Sleep: Up every hour during the night to pee, she is laying on my bladder. If I sleep two hours in a row it’s heaven.

    Best moment this week (so far): TMI, but finally able to enjoy sex.

    Worst moment this week (so far): It’s been a long week. Went in for a quick ultrasound and ending up having hours of testing. Turned out baby was fine, my kidneys are fine, and no nerve issues. Just back spasms from growing so quick. Then for 2 days my legs were so swollen that my feet changed colors, luckily that has gone away.

    Miss Anything? My body and feeling pretty. Also a full night of sleep would be nice but I know I won’t have that for years lol

    Cravings: I could eat steak 7 nights a week, but I don’t. And if all else fails, ice cream can save me. I love sweets and salty foods, just anything with an extreme taste.

    Movement: Still nothing. I saw her this week and I know she’s fine so I’m not too worried but it would be nice to feel them

    Classes? I think we are going to take the class the last weekend in August. Darling Husband is busy a lot of nights so I found a class that is half day Sat and Sun.

    Nursery progress? Colors, furniture, and decor have been picked out. Just have to purchase everything and start painting. Darling Husband is also changing all of the woodwork in the nursery.

    Names picked? My first pick is Averie Jennifer. But Kenzie, Kendall, and Cheyenne are still on the list. Cheyenne is my favorite sounding name of all time but everyone hates it and I think it’s too much related to the Indian tribe.

    Milestones? Half way there!

    Struggles? Taking care of my dogs. I used to hike for hours on the weekends and everything is just modified. With the pelvic and back pain it’s just hard to keep up.

    Most worried about? Getting all the wanted house projects done and DH’s business to really be able to hold steady and support us.

    Most excited about: I really want to register! I am of course so excited to meet her, but am slightly nervous about knowing how to take care of her.

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    @Jenn23:  I’ve been waking up with charlie horses too! SO not fun! They hurt!!! And my legs are sore for days after. It’s insane, I’d never had them like that before.

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    @Running Elley:  I know, they hurt so bad! Wakes me right up and I sit up so quickly and freak out. lol I asked my OB at my appt. this morning about them and she said they are very common. What’s funny is not only my calves are doing that now, but my toes! A few times in the last few days my small toes have cramped up. Argh! lol


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    @Jenn23:  Ahhhhhhhhh that sounds horrible!! I hope I don’t have any toe horsies lol

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    I voted in other profile for one of shimmer’s boys πŸ™‚

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    @Running Elley:  &

    @Jenn23: Oh my gosh, no charlie horses for me but I have been having the toe horsies haha.  They hurt!

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    How far along? 22w3d

    Gender: Baby Girl!

    Total weight gain: I’m actually down 20 pounds which is freaking my doctor out- boooo HG!

    Maternity clothes? I am pretty much exclusively rocking the maternity clothes!

    Stretch marks? Suddenly I have  some weird tiny ones around the scar tissue I have from my belly button piercing of old.

    Belly button? Still an innie, but a much more shallow one for sure.

    Sleep: Still pretty good! For those of you having sleep troubles, when I was in L&D last night for my HG related contractions they gave me some anti-nausea drug that starts with ‘M’ and IV  gravol-  I went from loopy to out cold in five minutes. Maybe gravol is the answer!! I think my sleep will only get better now that I have to take diclectin four times a day…ugh.

    Best moment this week (so far): My husband cuddling up to baby two nights ago, very sweet πŸ™‚

    Worst moment this week (so far): My L&D visit is up there- only eight failed IVs this time. Disappearing veins and nurses who don’t listen to me for the lose!

    Miss Anything? I miss being able to  pee without analyzing my discharge to make sure it’s normal >_<

    Cravings: I really miss deli meats and unpasteurized cheeses. I’m also on a pretty big nacho kick lately.

    Movement: Baby girl has started to get much more active over the last few  days, happy she’s  finally starting to get big enough to do battle with my AP!

    Classes? I’m a bad mama and haven’t booked these yet (we have picked the class we want though!)  because you aren’t supposed to  start them until 25 weeks at a minimum and that still seems  far away to me. Also, being on bedrest I’m not sure what my limitations for those classes are.

    Nursery progress? Everything is bought, but we  move to a new house in September so we’ll be getting everything put together, etc. at pretty much the last minute.

    Names picked? Emma Kathleen <3

    Milestones? Looking forward to hitting viability in 11 days! After that it’s on to the third trimester!

    Struggles? Being on bed rest is frustrating, but is whats best for baby girl (even if its super hard not to clean/cook/play with Honey)!

    Most worried about? Pre-term labor is pretty much  my biggest fear aside from stillbirth.

    Most excited about: Little girl getting closer and closer to arriving!

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    How far along? 22w5d

    Gender: Baby Girl!

    Total weight gain: 10 lbs

    Maternity clothes? Pretty much in all maternity clothes, besides dresses.

    Stretch marks? Not yet, but I inspect my belly for them regularly.

    Belly button? I also check this regularly as well.  It hasnt popped yet, but definitely lacking space as an innie.

    Sleep: horrible still.  Toss and turn and up to pee!

    Best moment this week (so far): Getting a lot of nursery things done and feeling the little girl SO much more with her movement!

    Worst moment this week (so far): Throwing my back out, and sciatica pain

    Miss Anything? Turkey hoagies for sure.  And a nice glass of wine

    Cravings:  pizza, ice cream, pretzel m&ms (amazing), watermelon, special k cereal and turkey hoagies!  And I have noticed that my cravings are getting more powerful.  Like if I crave something, it wont go away until I eat it.

    Movement: Lots! And Darling Husband can feel her too.  Movement is all day but a lot at nighttime

    Classes? Need to get started on this.

    Nursery progress? Walls are painted, crown molding up!  Just have to move the furniture in and do the odds and ends

    Names picked? Major fail on this front.  We have a few we like, but none that have stuck. 

    Milestones? Can’t wait for viability and the third trimester

    Struggles? Sleeping and heartburn.  And my belly is most definitely getting in the way now a days

    Most worried about? not too much, just a healthy baby!

    Most excited about: figuring out a name for her and finishing the nursery soon.  And my shower in August.


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    OMG charlie horses are going to be the near death of me! I cannot point my toes anymore or anytime my leg is lifted not in transit (like if I roll over, or adjust on the couch or in my chair at work) I get one! The worst are my arches, sometimes just toes, sometimes whole dang leg!

    How far along? 23w  (!!!!)

    Gender: Little girl!

    Total weight gain: 12-15lbs at this point probably!

    Maternity clothes? I have a nicer lineup of clothes now than I did prior to pregnancy! Between friends giving/loaning me clothes and my few shopping sprees, I love maternity clothes, I feel so awesome in them!!

    Stretch marks? Negative!

    Belly button? Stretching for sure, but still an innie!

    Sleep: Sleeping really, really well thankfully! Solid 8+ hours each night, but big rush to pee as soon as I wake up!!

    Best moment this week (so far): Sitting on my front porch trying to video my belly moving! I was giggling in total hysterics watching my belly move it was SO crazily incredible!

    Worst moment this week (so far): Thursday am “toxic” feeling, awful morning of all over grossness.

    Miss Anything? Laying on my belly! Foodwise I’m not really not eating anything differently, either I break the “rules” or don’t eat that adventurously in the first place!

    Cravings: ICE CREAM and ice cream cones, lol, not waffle cones or sugar cones, just plain ‘ol classic ice cream comes.

    Movement: She has usual times of the day where I can count on movement for a little while, she is pretty reliable in the morning before I get up to let Darling Husband have a few kicks, while I am at my desk at work, usually when I settle/stop moving after being active she then gets her movement time in!

    Classes? September! Later, but with summer plans and travel we aren’t available any sooner.

    Nursery progress? Beginning to clear it out! Closet will be taken out for more/better use of space in the room, crib has been purchased (but not yet arrived), but that is it. Darling Husband is away for two weeks, closet will get done after he’s back, before we travel for 4 weeks mid-summer! Late August we will get to it πŸ™‚

    Names picked?  We had two names picked for our dog when we went to pick him up we decided neither fit despite how much we loved them, and he came home nameless! We figure if it can happen with a dog, it can definitely happen with a baby! We have a sticky note of names on the fridge, adding and eliminating as time passes πŸ™‚ So our shortlist for now Chelsea Evelyn, Evelyn Anne, Brianna Evelyn and we will keep an open mind on names until she is in our arms!

    Milestones? June 24th Viability! Getting there πŸ™‚ Seeing DH’s family this summer for the 1st time (since being preggo!) will be awesome!

    Struggles? Tired/exhausted days and just bad “preggo” days get to me definitely.

    Most worried about? I can easily find a lot to worry about, so I think the “unknown” is an easily way to blanket my worries. I curb those worries with the statement “if 16 year olds can figure it out…..we’ll be ok”.

    Most excited about: Whatever day she arrives!

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