(Closed) Falling for you Baby part V, (now with more accurate and flexible poll results)

posted 5 years ago in Pregnancy
  • poll: What team are you on?
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    Team PINK (thank heavens for little girls) : (28 votes)
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    Team GREEN (we have patience Daniel-son) : (9 votes)
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     @Audreysdance:  Glad everything is okay!  With you being almost 26 weeks and knowing you are good for at least 2 more weeks you must be SO thrilled!


    How far along? 22 weeks and 1 day

    Estimated due date? September 27th

    Gender:  BOY!

    Total weight gain: 20lbs…..yeah…..

    Sleep: Actually sleep has improved lately, but I have also been really tired the last week or so, so it may be because of that.  Some nights I don’t wake up at all, which is sooooo nice.

    What are you looking forward to? Bradley classes starting next Sunday!

    Miss Anything?  With BBQ season upon us I have been really wanting an ice cold beer.  Sushi is still leaving a small hole in my heart as well  =(

    Cravings:  Have not really had too many cravings overall, but clearly I am gaining weight at quite a good clip, so maybe my cravings are just everything?

    Movement: Lots of movement.  Funny story, in my husband’s baby book my MIL wrote when he went to preschool, “Although we love him very much, mom needs a break!”  I think that sums up how ACTIVE my husband was as a child.  Add to that the non-stop movement I am feeling, and I am sure you can understand that I am a little worried that my darling son will be a little bit of a wild man!

    Names picked?  Probably going with Storm Robert, but not definite.


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    @Audreysdance:  I don’t think I ever noticed that!!!  I am getting induced 2 weeks early because I have type 1 diabetes so to make sure that she is ok, they are inducing me around aug 18th (which I am totally ok with!).  Oddly enough you had almost the exact same experience as i had at the hospital.  They also gave me the same test they gave you and determinded that I am not going into labour within the next 2 weeks.  They also checked my cervix and as of yesterday it had closed back up so we can keep breathing for another 2 weeks!  Yay for us reaching 26 weeks on Sunday!  I’m sure you are just as excited as I am! 🙂

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    @Audreysdance:  Thank goodness everything turned out ok!

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    @Audreysdance: I’m so glad you’re ok! I’m also glad your hubs was able to be there for you and prove that he can be supportive. I was just thinking about your other post, have you thought about asking him to read some books? My husband is reading “The Expectant Father” on recommendation from a friend, and it has helped him feel so much more involved because it really is teaching him so much about what is going on with me. He’s spouting knowledge that sometimes I don’t even know, and he’s asking questions and really seems to be more ‘into’ the pregnancy. 🙂 Anyway, I don’t know if it will help with everything, but it might be a good read. Actually, for any of the expectant Fall Baby Daddy’s out there. 😉

    Appointment today was good- heartbeat was good, and now I just get to look forward to my 1 hr glucose test-yippeeeeee! Luckily, they gave me the drink to take home (I’m definitely refrigerating that sucker), and I just have to show up one hour prior to my next dr. appointment, and they told me I could eat normally that day- just to avoid sugar and carbs. So that’s in 4 weeks. I can’t wait to check off that box on the list! We’re going to a meet and greet with a potential pediatrician tonight too, so hopefully that will go well and we can get that organized as well. 🙂


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    Hi everyone! Just joining this thread 🙂


    How far along? 16 weeks

    Estimated due date? November 9

    Gender: Don’t know yet, but we suspect it’s a boy

    Total weight gain: 10 lbs or so

    Sleep: Good, but with really weird dreams!

    What are you looking forward to? Seeing my little one smile 🙂

    Miss Anything? Hiking and sushi!

    Cravings: Watermelon and anything pickled

    Movement: Little one’s quite a kicker! I don’t feel movement every day yet, but wow… it’s hard to carry on conversations with a straight face while you’re getting kicked from inside 😀

    Names picked? Sort of… still waiting to definitely find out the gender!

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    How far along? 19wks 1day

    Estimated due date? Oct 20 2012

    Gender: Not sure yet….. >.>

    Total weight gain: +5 from my last visit but that still has me down 15lbs from the start of this adventure.

    Sleep: sleeping is ok, I have been having a lot of very weird dreams lately. Plus I am waking up around 3am every night to pee…that doesnt need to keep happening.

    What are you looking forward to? Finding out if it is a boy or Girl on June 6. It can’t come fast enough.

    Miss Anything? not really.

    Cravings: fresh fruit. I must have it ALL.

    Movement: Feeling it off and on, looking forward to more movement though!

    Names picked? Yep! but my lips are sealed on them for now!


    We had a scary moment on tuesday morning. I woke up in a lot of pain. The pain was in my lower back and side, I couldnt even get out of bed without DH help. We rushed to the doctor to make sure everything was ok with me and the baby. It WAS of course. My doctor thinks I was just doing too much and got dehydrated, so they told me to take it easy for a few days. My doctors ideas of taking it easy is basically bed rest. I can tell you work was less they pleased. I can honestly say I am just happy that the baby is ok. Plus today I am feeling a lot better. I just need to watch how much I am putting myself through.


    Anyone else having really strange dreams?

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    Sorry to hear about the troubles!  Glad things are okay though!  We had a bit of a scare recently as well.  We were flying home from Jamaica and in the Miami airport, my phone pops up 8 voicemails (I guess our signal was poor so they never popped while in Ocho Rios).  Well 6 were my doctor (not the nurse or the office manager, the actual doctor) telling me in was an emergency and I needed to call him. Of course when I called I was told to call back in the morning.  Anyways, I got home safely and then called in the morning.  One of my blood tests were in the abnormal range so I had to go in for a super special ultrasound.  Luckily baby looks good and they feel over 95% certainty that no spina bifida.  Just was quite a scare when I couldn’t do anything for 12 hours LOL! They said I will need to get growth measuring scans done 3 times in the 3rd trimester just to make sure baby is growing enough.  Apparently babies with high AFP production can have growth issues or early delivery.  So fingers crossed! But I feel much better after talking with the specialist. 

    How far along? 19w 2 days

    Estimated due date? October 18th

    Gender: Boy

    Total weight gain: negative 6 pounds

    Sleep: pretty bad unless I take Tylenol PM, which my doctor recommended

    What are you looking forward to? Checking baby’s heartbeat, seeing him on ultrasound and

    Miss Anything? been having crazy urges to do ziplining and horseback riding! Other than that, sushi and not peeing every 5 minutes 🙂

    Cravings: salty and sweet together, omg love peanutbutter and ice cream and pretzels!

    Movement: baby boy REALLLY likes to punch/kick me in my bladder when it starts to fill.  Maybe I am taking up his space?

    Names picked? We have a couple that we are tossing around, nothing that’s like “omg THE one” yet

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    @Audreysdance:  You will actually take yours before me- mine is scheduled for June 18- so you’ll have to be the guinea pig! 😉 have fun in Seattle, it’s supposed to be nice tomorrow!

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    Part five already!  Just wanted to say good choice to all the ladies considering Kathryn and Emma for baby names – three guesses as to what “Kemma” might be short for…

    How far along? 21 weeks tomorrow (Sunday NZ time)

    Estimated due date? 7 October 2012

    Gender: Team Green at the moment but I’ve dreamed about having a boy (and taking it outside in the rain at only six hours old!)

    Total weight gain: Up maybe about 2kg (4-5lb’s I guess), I was kinda worried that I wasn’t gaining enough weight but my midwife says I’m tracking all good.

    Sleep: Still sleeping really well although I have been waking up with pins and needles in my hands.  Having also been woken up by my cat having a furball two nights this week.

    What are you looking forward to? DH coming home tomorrow!  He’s been away on exercise for ten days and I’m ready for him to be home again 🙂  I’m also looking forward to turning 30 on Tuesday and doing our anatomy scan the day after.

    Miss Anything? Ham and deli meat, I dreamed I was crying because I couldn’t eat a ham sandwich!

    Cravings: Not so much

    Movement: As we speak!  Lots of movement in the evening and while I’m sitting at my desk at work. 

    Names picked? I’m liking Jane Edith for a girl (Edith is a family name) and Rory William for a boy but DH has a habit of vetoing all of my suggestions – boo

    In other news I had my latest midwife appointment yesterday and everything is looking good and healthy.  Baby’s heartbeat is around the 140’s and he / she was really active while we were trying to find the heartbeat!  I’m off to have the flu jab on Thursday (NZ is coming into winter) and I feel like I’m finally starting to develop a noticeable baby bump now (I reckon my ratio of baby to pies is now about 85% baby and 15% pies)

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    Hi ladies!

    Hope most of you (US ladies!) are having a good long weekend!

    DH is so ill, like flu, can’t keep anything down, has the shakes, hot one second, cold the next….awfulness! He woke up with that this morning, yuck. He has tomorrow off already thankfullly.

    Had a great weekend, talked with BIL last night for a long time while SIL was pumping, they have started to introduce nephew to breatmilk through a stomach tube? They learned that his minimum stay in the NICU will be 7 weeks, if all goes well. SIL will be living in Ronald McDonald house across from hospital, and BIL may go back to work later this week, if not next and then commute (hospital is 2 hours from home, 3 hourse from his work) back and forth on weekends over the next few weeks. Nephew is getting stronger every day, outlook looks very good now, he just needs more time! Talking with BIL finally cooled both DH and I from feeling so down about being told not to come, I am officially going to buy an iphone so we can use facetime….I have a work phone I will lose when on mat leave, so was debating between another blackberry, samsung tab/phone thing, or iphone. Will be great to feel a little more connected to them from so far away. DH and I were originally going to begin driving out East around July 24th, but I suggested to DH he could leave earlier in July (anytime, he is a teacher) and I could come out later either drivng with other family (wedding on the 28th, other BIL!!) or fly one-way, stay for the 3 weeks we already planned for, and then drive back with him. That way he can get more time at home and spend with our nephew and his family! Will see as we get closer to summer!

    I had my friends baby shower today, the one I was worried about telling two friends there, the Momma didn’t care, but I ended up running into one when I was leaving my parents (we grew up around the corner from each other, both don’t live in town anymore and happened to be at our parents at the same time!) I stopped at her place as she was leaving, she is pregnant too! Why she told me (6 weeks along, like JUST found out) I don’t know, but I know she trusts me and won’t tell others, so it was SO fun stepping out of the car to hug her and of course let her see my bump! She is getting married Oct 6th, so add a 12th wedding to our list for this year, eep! The other friend I timed my arrival to the shower perfectly, we arrived at the same time and I told her out front, she lost it (happily) and it was so fun to sit with both of them, and the Momma the shower was for, the four of us got a nice picture together!

    I took a bump pic for 20w, but forgot my memory card wasn’t in the camera and don’t know how to transfer pics from the small camera memory to the card, and I have no idea where the cord is (older camera) so not sure if I will need to do a re-do!

    I went yard-saleing with my Grandmother yesterday who loved announcing to nearly everyone who looked her way that I was carrying her great-granddaughter, lol.

    I found three old records (25 cents each) with old school sesame street stuff on them, I have to take a picture to show you all, we may frame one and use it in the nursery, it’s just awesome…..what a score! I was such a sesame street kid. SO funny when you go to yard sales and people selling baby or kids stuff just assume you want what they have….99% of the time….noooo thank-you, people are not clean enough, and it was SO funny seeing some of the old car seats and strollers people are asking for money for….like….take them to the dump!

    Anyone that saw me last weekend to this weekend (sports friends I see every Sunday) said I got noticeably bigger in a week, fun fun!! Still have a few more people to tell, but I decided today how I will break the news on facebook! I am going to wait until the first day of summer with a fun line about how summer is here, and how it won’t be too long before the next season comes along and we welcome our baby! Something simple….I am getting bothered why I haven’t put anything on facebook yet….people are funny.

    shimmer -I hope you are ok after your fb status update from Friday! LOVE your pics! Hope your boys are doing well!

    I will switch usernames now and vote another boy for the twins!

    audreysdance -hope you are also doing well after you’re little scare, and nothing else has happened since!

    I think that’s enough rambling from me!

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    @Audreysdance:  I was thinking about you this weekend! I’m glad you got some good weather in Seattle to play in! I’m right on your heels (I’m at 25 weeks now) and I can’t wait until the third trimester. I went to visit a friend’s new 2 week old baby yesterday, and all I could think about was, “I want my little baby boy RIGHT NOW!!!!”


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