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    How far along: 17 weeks today!!!

    Total Weight Gain: 11 pounds. Higher than I’d like but I really think most of it came at the beginning and came from going from being extremely physically active to being a complete couch potato (on doctor’s orders) so now that I’m getting back into more activity I’m not too worried about it.

    Stretch Marks: No new ones so far. I have some on my hips and breasts from puberty/weight loss but nothing new. I know I’m predisposed to them though so I’m sure I’ll have them sooner or later.

    Gender: We find out next Tuesday!! Ahhhhhh.

    Names Picked: We decided not to talk about it anymore until we have a confirmed gender. After that we’ll come up with a few options and name LO at birth.

    Nursery Theme (Is it complete): No real theme but will be a gray/yellow/pink or navy blue color scheme.

    Birth Plan: Honestly I’ll be absolutely thrilled to get to the “birth” part of this. I’ll be giving birth in a hospital with my OB attending. DH will be the only one in the room with me family-wise. We’ll give it a go naturally but if it gets to the point where we feel like an epidural will be the best choice for us or if the need for a c-section arises we will go with it. Healthy baby is the only thing we care about.

    How long are you taking off: I will be a Stay-At-Home Mom after baby is born.

    Milestones: Feeling little movements in the past week and my bump is definitely noticable to strangers now. Finding out baby’s gender next week.

    Struggles: A lot of hip pain/achiness.

    What are you most fearful/concerned about: My progesterone…still.

    What are you most excited about: Obviously I can’t wait to meet our little one but I’m taking it one thing at a time so right now we’re most excited about seeing baby again and finding out gender.

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    @Running Elley:  were taking name options to the hospital too!

    How far along: 17+3 (although doctor suspects i’m further. We shall see at my next appointment!)

    Total Weight Gain: 5lbs (I need to start walking & working out but I am still exhausted)

    Stretch Marks: Mom didn’t have them; I hope not to

    Gender: We’ll know tomorrow:)

    Names Picked: Picked out for each gender but keeping it a secret from everyone…We will make the final decision at birth anyways

    Nursery Theme (Is it complete): Will be calm & nuetral….thinking mint green or pale yellow…I like greys and I like creams&taupes too

    Birth Plan: Hopefully no Epi but we’ll see how I hold up. I am 100% against induction and/or C-section so I hope they are not my fate!

    How long are you taking off: I will be a Stay-At-Home Mom after baby is born.

    Milestones: Huge, unhideable bump…no movements yet! 🙁 boo.

    Struggles: Just exhaustion

    What are you most fearful/concerned about: everything. I am worried about my bebe! I won’t be pleased until he or she is HERE in my home & in my arms

    What are you most excited about: Haha well, I would like to fastforward to birth honestly. But for now, I am excited for my shower in 13 weeks (it’ll be huge & will have lots of little details me, my sister & mom are working on).


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    @Miss Root:  What kind of stroller did you get and what type of CDs are you using? We’re going to be CD’ing too and we are going to register for the Bumgenius one size ones with snaps.

    @Everyone who commiserated with me: THANK YOU. I feel a lot better today. Sometimes I just have these worry/on the edge of my seat waiting for the other shoe to drop days. Yesterday was definitely one of those.

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    How far along: 14 weeks and 3 days

    Total Weight Gain: about 2 lbs (i am convinced it is from eating waaaay too much!)

    Stretch Marks: none so far, and i am remaining hopeful.

    Gender: Too soon to tell. Until then, i refer to my baby as “she”, lol

    Names Picked: We are waiting till we know the gender before we really think about names. So far we have agreed that it has to be easily pronouncable in English and French.

    Nursery Theme (Is it complete): Also waiting to know the gender before we go there. I also really have no clue where to begin!

    Birth Plan: Well i feel like the only one who is definitely not planning for a natural birth! I think i will be the patient who yells “give me the epidural already!”

    How long are you taking off: I work 2 days a week and am hoping to go back to one day a week as soon as possible after birth. I am not sure if it realistic, but after a month would be ideal.

    Milestones: I am officially in the second trimester and i made it through the first with no morning sickness! 

    Struggles: So far none really. I did 3 migraines in the span of 2 months which was no fun, but that was about it.

    What are you most fearful/concerned about: The fact that i was taking blood pressure meds for the first 8 weeks that was not good to be on while pregnant! I also fear giving birth.

    What are you most excited about: Just having the baby!  I guess at this stage i am also looking forward to having a baby bump!

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    Love this, thank-you @Audreysdance: for starting new thread!


    How far along: 17w5d

    Total Weight Gain: ~10lbs!

    Stretch Marks: None 🙂

    Gender: Not yet determined, May 23rd hopefully!

    Names Picked: We have a sticky note of names on our fridge of names we like for either gender, we will add to it as time goes on, and of course eliminate some names as we get closer! Won’t likely select a name for sure until LO in our arms!

    Nursery Theme (Is it complete):  Not even started, only slightly thought about, won`t be beginning until August!

    Birth Plan: Will try to go drug free so long as I can, vaginal birth unless otherwise advised. Game for whatever is healthiest or best for baby! 

    How long are you taking off: I will be off 13 months with almost full pay during that time, I am lucky to have great maternity benefits.

    Milestones: May 23rd is something I am REALLY looking forward to. Feeling movement has been incredible though, and my little preggo belly has been pretty cool too, gone from looking less pieful, to babyful!

    Struggles: Getting used to people knowing! Still adjusting from it  being so secretive to accepting congrats and well wishes….I think this is a good struggle 🙂

    What are you most fearful/concerned about: I think a natural fear for all of us is having a healthy baby. I just want the best for our baby (and any baby!) and want their life to be the best possible. Beyond that, I think I have huge moments of fearing the unknown, but know with time and experience we will find our way!

    What are you most excited about: Beginning the nursery will be very exciting! Seeing my SIL and BIL`s baby over the summer when travelling and that will hopefully get us super amped for our Fall baby!!

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    How far along: 17w3d

    Total Weight Gain: 6lbs

    Stretch Marks: not yet!

    Gender: we find out on the 23rd, but I think boy 🙂

    Names Picked: DH and I decided not to decide until we know the gender

    Nursery Theme (Is it complete): pale gray & yellow, if it is a boy we will throw in a light blue/green (almost like seafoam)

    Birth Plan: Whatever is best for the baby.  I am sure I will end up with an epidural because my pain tolerance is super low

    How long are you taking off: Not sure yet, hopfully 8-12 weeks.  Then my mom will watch the baby

    Milestones: feeling the baby move!

    Struggles: Sleep, I hardly sleep, just toss and turn.  That and back pain.

    What are you most fearful/concerned about: The birth

    What are you most excited about: Our ultrasound in a few weeks!  And the shower in august.

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    How far along: 18w 1d

    Total Weight Gain: 3lbs

    Stretch Marks: yes

    Gender: Find out in 1 week, the 16th.

    Names Picked: We are also waiting to find out the sex.

    Nursery Theme (Is it complete): Will pick that when we find out if it’s a girl or boy

    Birth Plan: Want vaginal and I’m sure I’ll get an epidural because I tend to pass out with bad pain.

    How long are you taking off: 8-12 weeks.  My boss told me I can only have 6 weeks and that’s it but the owner of the company told me I could do the 12 if I want to.  I think my boss is going to be mad at me because I’m planning on no less than 8.

    Milestones: not feeling sick anymore, but still haven’t felt movement.  Really nervous!

    Struggles: I toss & turn alot but don’t remember it, DH tells me i keep him up.  Minor back pains but nothing to bad just yet

    What are you most fearful/concerned about: The birth

    What are you most excited about: Our ultrasound next week. 

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    How far along: 23 weeks and 2 days

    Total Weight Gain: 16 pounds

    Stretch Marks: I’ve dodged the bullet so far, but I don’t think I’ll be lucky enough to not have any!

    Gender: Two boys!

    Names Picked: Patrick James and Benjamin Michael

    Nursery Theme (Is it complete): A gentle jungle theme (meaning just little bits here and there). I’ve started the process of cleaning it out as it was our spare bedroom/catch all room since the wedding!

    Birth Plan: Get them out safely! Preferably I would like a vaginal delivery. I will require an epidural for several reasons – if the second baby turns after the first is delivered, they’ll need to manually turn him back, possible c-section/emergent section. My main practitioners are midwives and will be through delivery unless I have any complications! If my little men are in distress, cut ’em out!

    How long are you taking off: Indefinite. If we can swing it, I will be a Stay-At-Home Mom. Daycare for one baby is astronomical here, let alone two!

    Milestones: I feel them move all the time now… sometimes it’s pretty distracting! I’m over morning sickness for the most part, which has been awesome! Age of viability (according to the midwives) is just next week! I have my multiples birth class at the end of the month too.

    Struggles: I have severe back pain from sacro-iliac strain, so I had to leave my job early to go on disability (which I haven’t been approved for yet). My belly is very large and my ligaments are sore! I’m a worry wart so everything that could possibly go wrong is on my mind, especially since I’m home all the time now.

    What are you most fearful/concerned about: Being able to handle two newborns/infants/toddlers/kids at a time! I know I’ll figure it out, but it’s daunting to bring one baby into the world let alone two! I just want to be doing the right thing for both myself and my family… it’s going to take some time to figure it out! I’m also worried about the potential of pre-term labor/needing NICU services, etc since I’m considered high risk and at risk for preterm labor.

    What are you most excited about: Holding and nuzzling my boys for the first time! 🙂

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    Where did you ladies get your fetal dopplers?  And what was the price of them?  i don’t know if I can wait until next week.  I thought that last week I was feeling some little flutters but after this weekend, I haven’t felt anything.  I’m kind of freaking out.  My DH says I’m just a worry wart but I can’t help it.  So much can go wrong, it scares the crap out of me.  My friend said she didn’t feel her baby until 21 weeks but so many of you are feeling something.

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    @Meshka – I got mine on eBay for $50 including shipping. It was really great until I started feeling movement consistently. I still pull it out on a particularly quiet day!

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    @Meshka:  This is where I (and jholler25 and a few other ladies on the Dec thread) got my doppler. http://www.fetaldoppler.net/sonoline-b.html

    I paid for 2 day shipping because I was having a complete panic attack and I actually received it the day after I ordered but J just selected the standard/free shipping and received hers in 2 days. They ship fast!

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    How far along: 23w 3d

    Total Weight Gain: 20lbs

    Stretch Marks: nothing yet!!  Although my belly button has popped!

    Gender: Girl!!!

    Names Picked: Mia Lily or Mia Lilyana

    Nursery Theme (Is it complete): Her walls are purple and we got a big cherry blossom tree with white butterlies and my sister is goign to paint some bunnies also.

    Birth Plan: Planning for vaginal with epi but also preparing for a c section since I am tiny and she is getting big!

    How long are you taking off: Luckily in Canada we get the first year off so I am taking the full year.

    Milestones: Feeling SOOO much movement every day.  I don’t think she ever sleeps!  Also almost reaching the age of viability and a few weeks away from the third trimester!

    Struggles: Hard to get comfortable, clothing not fitting at all anymore, keeping my blood sugars under control and also having a hard time catching my breath sometimes.

    What are you most fearful/concerned about: Her size.  Hoping she doesn’t get too big.

    What are you most excited about: Seeing her, having her in our arms and seeing what she looks like.  I just want to meet her already!



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    Thanks ladies.  I’ve been doing pretty good the past couple days keeping my emotions in check but they have gotten the best of me today.

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