False Eyelashes or Eyelash Extentions

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I’ve experimented with a lot of options, from dramatic faux mink to individuals, and my favorite are Ardell trio lashes in long. 

The faux mink I find to be too plush and furry looking as opposed to lash like. Full strips are somewhat difficult to work with, but individuals take way too long to apply, and getting them to stay in place is a paaaaain. The trios are long enough to not take 5 days to put on, but are short enough to be really easy to work with.

But it is all a matter of experimentation and what is easiest for you. Some people prefer full strips, some people apply lashes over their lash line, some people apply underneath their lashes. It’s all about your preference.

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I got extensions and loved them. I always feel so beautiful and put together when I have lash extensions. 

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I’ve had lash extensions for like 7 years now, I love them and will probably never stop getting them done.

i get volume extensions so mine are a bit dramatic but the fun thing about extensions is you can get any look you desire! 

If you get them, do your research, read reviews, I found my lash girl on Instagram. There’s a lot of terrible “lash artists” out there, so just choose carefully. Also make sure to get them done several weeks before your wedding as a test, to make sure you like the look but also to make sure you don’t have a bad reaction to the glue  

paidersgirl :  

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I’m going for extensions. It’ll be my first time!

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I have been useing grandelash and it’s really helping grow out my lashes. I personally don’t like the look of eyelash extensions I think it’s to much and not everyone takes care of them. I have had full strips of fake eyelashes it felt heavy and then individual eyelashes and I liked them best. I think if you find some fake eyelashes you like you can have nice looking eyelashes where extensions can tend  to be what people focus on when they look at you. At least I always focus on them I think most people with extensions just do to much of a dramatic look. It’s definitely a preference and some people are better at applying false eyelashes then others. 

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Please note, that if you’re going the lash extension route, that they look best when newly applied – 1 week. After that, lashes start falling off & they can look pretty spotty (and need a fill) by week 3-4. I love my extensions & highly recommend, but frequent upkeep is needed. Think about the longevity of a manicure as far as timeframe, maybe a touch longer.

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I love the look of lash extensions and my sister always has the mink applied before big events and they look so great on her. Unfortunately with hot yoga getting so sweaty and humid, they aren’t a good option for me. I found a spa here that does a lash lift and it’s rhe best thing ever. It’s kind of like a perm for your lashes and makes mine look great! I have lighter hair so I always have a tint does as well so they are as dark as possible. It’s such a natural look and beyond not getting them wet for the 1st 24 hours, there’s really not any maintenance and it just subtly fades out if you don’t want to continue having the treatment done. Just an alternative! 

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I used fake lashes for theater sometimes. This is a more dramatic set, but they are from Red Aspen. I also have a more every day pair that looks great. 

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I had lash extensions for the year leading up to my wedding, and I loved them. I hardly wore make-up during that time because the lashes were enough! I liked having them for the wedding weekend because I felt glamorous for the rehearsal dinner as well. I had them for almost a full year before my wedding so I knew what they looked like, how they felt, how they lasted, etc. To be honest, I’d be nervous to get a first set so close to your wedding without having tried them before. If your plan is to do that, I would get them as close to the wedding as possible so they look fresh.

Without extensions:


With extensions:


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I wore falsies for my wedding.

I bought Lilly Lashes Mykonos and Miami.  Mykonos looks gorgeous on other people but they over powered my eyes so I ended up wearing Miami and gave my sister the Mykonos…


From the side..


I have extensions now.  Been getting them done for the past 2 years and I love them.  They’re so lightweight and comfortable and I wish I had gone with them for my wedding.  Keep in mind this was after 2 weeks so they were alot fuller..

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False lashes for sure. You can’t really get the same drama from lash extensions.. Plus I find that dramatic lash extensions drag down your lashes and make people look high..? Just my opinion though haha. With lash strips they’ll be perfect. Lash extensions will have a few sparse areas from them having to fall out naturally

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