FAM as birth control? Advice and experiences please!

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I used natural cycles app as birth control between my children. I also used it to plan my second pregnancy. 

I really liked it. Simple to use and explains what you really need to know if you’re going to use FAM. 

Like you I had real issues with hormonal birth control and I never want to use it again. 

We’re using condoms at the moment until my sleep with a newborn is better. Then I’ll use natural cycles again until I have my tubes tied.

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Helper bee
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I also use natural cycles (the app) and love it! It’s certified by the FDA as digital contraception and is way way more reliable than just a period tracking app. Have been using it for well over a year.

I feel tons better literally in every single respect having gotten off hormonal birth control after 10 years. Some stuff I didn’t even know was related to the HBC. So yeah, highly recommend you check it out. 

All the best!

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Busy bee
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Get yourself a copy of “Taking Charge of your Fertility”, it’s a great book and basically the FAM Bible. It’ll give you all the information you need to practice FAM.

I got a Daysy fertility monitor, it’s designed by the people who make ladycomp, and they’ve just launched a version that syncs wirelessly with your phone and is rechargeable. You just need 3 hours of consecutive sleep but it’s suitable for people who work shifts or have otherwise erratic sleep. Three months in so far and no babies yet! I liked that it had the highest reliability rating as a contraceptive and it does all the calculations for you.

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I recommend you get over to the “charters of the hive” thread on here. Lots of knowledge.

I don’t think you need any fancy thermometer, I just used one from the pharmacy. I used the fertility friend app and like it.  I feel it’s good at explaining things and like the data input etc.

Others use opks too, but I never did.

I used fam for about 6 months to avoid, along with condoms at fertile times. We started ttc at the start of the year and I’m now 2 months pregnant. It really helped me get in tune with my body too.

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I’m not in quite the same boat as you. I’m using FAM to try to conceive. That said, I do highly recommend it. I’ve learnt so much about my cycle and my body. Stuff that I’m shocked isn’t taught in schools or spoken about more openly. If you haven’t read it, the book Taking Charge of Your Fertitily is a great starting place. It’s a thick text, but easy to understand and extremely comprehensive. After reading it you’ll feel like a FAM pro. As for thermometers, I’m just using a digital one I picked up at the grocery store, but I’m thinking about getting a Tempdrop armband. See link below. The only really onerous thing about FAM is trying to make sure your temps are taken around the same time every day and after a solid block of sleep. The band is supposed to make that easier. 

Premom also has a thermometer that syncs with it’s app, it’s pregnancy focused… as implied by it’s name… but I think their set-up would be just as effective from a birth control standpoint. Good luck! 




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beethree :  the first bit of blurb I read on that link said “FAM is also called the rhythm method” – it really isn’t. The rhythm method gives FAM a bad name as it assumes women ovulate on day 14 and have a 28 day cycle and bodies just don’t work like that. FAM involves tracking your body’s natural fertility signs to identify when you ovulate, not tracking a calendar.


futuremrss17 :  the app for Daysy is free, so it’s just the initial cost of the device itself. You can use it standalone as just look at the lights on it to determine if you’re fertile or not, no need to even sync it to your phone if you just want yes or no. I’m tracking on the app along with cervical fluid and other health notes to see my cycles influence on other health problems.

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Bumble bee
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futuremrss17 :  you’ll want an actual bbt thermometer, with readings to the 1/100 temp. 

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You can double up on condoms + spermicide (available in drug stores) if you really don’t want to be pregnant right now. That’s what I did after coming off hormonal birth control for side effect reasons, alongside temping and charting to know when I am ovulating. I highly recommend the fertility friend app. Successfully prevented pregnancy for a year without hormonal birth control using these methods so far! Just be aware that you probably won’t have regular cycles right away so your at risk days will be a lot more confusing. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

We used FAM for a few months before TTC and it worked great. Will use it again once my cycle returns (I’m 4 months postpartum) until we’re ready to TTC #2. I would recommend using condoms or the pull-out method for a few months until you feel confident about temping just to be on the safe side. 

ETA: As for thermometers, just make sure you get a BBT one – it doesn’t need to be anythign fancy. You can find them in the family planning section of most drug stores, and I’m sure any BBT thermometer on Amazon with decent reviews would work fine. I got mine at CVS for $10 and it lasted throughout our six month TTC journey with daily use.

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