(Closed) FAO: Large breed dog owners who are also neat freaks

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Helper bee
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Honestly I just kind of gave up even though it still drives me nuts all time.  Our dog, which my husband had before we met, is a husky-lab-retriever mix.  He is the worst shedder ever.  We have all tile / wood floors and even after sweeping and mopping there will be ‘tumble weeds’ of hair that are blowing around after just a few days.  We shave him now which has helped a lot, but after a few years I just had to learn to let it go.  I can’t be spending all my time cleaning up after dog hair.  Now I do the floors once a week and maybe do a quick sweep if it gets bad in between or if I have guests coming over.  Fortunately he is not a slobbery dog.  We do keep a towel by the door to wipe him down after a walk if it’s been raining.  

A few changes that we did make that helped- we got leather sofas instead of microfiber, which are much easier to clean the dog hair off of.  They also don’t pick up the animal smell like a cloth/microfiber sofa would.  We also shave him regularly.  Since this is only temporary, you’re probably just going to have to accept that you’re not going to be able to keep it perfect for the time your mom is there.  Maybe keep a towel on hand to wipe up the slobber so it doesn’t get too slippery.  I know it sucks, but hopefully she’ll find her own place soon!

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Bumble bee
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Our pup isn’t slobbery or messy (weird cause he’s a hound!) but he is hairy. Dog hair carpets everywhere. Our handheld dust buster and 2 other vaccuums are our best friends 🙂 Well, after the dog of course.

We know some folks who have a huge drooly Bloodhound and they just keep a stack of clean rags in every room to wipe up the slobber that flings off when he shakes his head.

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Bee Keeper
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Honestly, it’s a big adjustment! 

I am a clean freak to the point of anxiety and we have a 9 month old BLACK (everything in my house is tan) lab/shepherd X. Biggest adjustment of my life.

1. I just deal with everything not being 100% perfect all the time

2. I use a de-shedder brush on him every three days to get out all the dead hair at one time vs. him shedding all over the house – it really keeps the shedding to a minimum

3. Keep towels by the door – he gets his paws wiped down every time he comes in unless it is perfectly dry outside.

4. Drool – he isn’t so bad with drool except after drinking and mostly I ignore it unless its a big puddle and then I just wipe it up quickly.

5. Weekly cleans (can’t let a week go by now and then like I used to!)


But after all of that – I wouldn’t change him for the world! But I would change my carpet to laminate LOL

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Helper bee
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Towels and rugs! 

I have two large dogs (great dane and a ridgeback).  They’re not big droolers, but they are sloppy drinkers.  There is always a puddle of water around where they drink, and when they lay on the tile to cool off.  The best thing is to have a large, non-slip rug by the doors, a large towel around the water bowl, and then another towel handy to clean up any other drool or water they leave. 

I’m with @faye0314.  After a while, you just give in and accept it a little bit. 

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Awww I TOTALLY understand how you feel! I am very OCD when it comes to the hair balls aka tumbleweeds…it drives me CRAZY! We have three black animals: a cat and two big labs. Before we got the dogs,  I wasn’t really mentally prepared at how much cleaning I would have to do. I always thought I was a big dog person, but now that I have my own, I have been finding it really hard to have two large dogs in the house. I love them both, but now that the summer is here we keep them outside during the day which helps keep the hairballs down…living in the country and having a big outdoor space is very helpful! My boyfriend is a lot more laid back about it, but I am always vaccuming the floors and carpets because I can’t stand it.

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Busy Beekeeper
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I have a german shepherd ( double coat) and I seriously lost my mind about 6 months ago. I have white tile with black fur and then some hardwood. 

I  vaccum 2-3 times a day and then spot wash the floor as necessary during the day and wash all the floors every other day.

I’ve tried to dog proof the house buy containing the water bowl and food in the laundry room, so he can have a shit fest in their and its minimal space to cover. I have an absorbent dog bowl water pad thing under the bowl as well. Towels by every door and hes limited to which places he can enter and exit. I purchased a “furminator” and he gets brushed as much as possible.

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Bumble bee
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Ha. It’s not just big dogs. I have a corgi. He’s 30 pounts. And I can make a new puppy once a month from his hair. And he’s the SLOPPIEST drinker ever. He won’t put his nose in the water. So he licks the side of the bowl. SLOP SLOP SLOP!

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I have a German Shorthair, and she is actually very clean.  I vacuum all the time though!  I also wash the floors, but just “let it go”- as in- I expect them to constantly be dirty.  (/get dirty immediately after I clean.)  I have leather furniture, so I steer clear of any furniture that hair could stick to, and she doesn’t drool.  She also has her “own room” where she likes to sleep all the day long- it is a good sized laundry room. 

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Busy Beekeeper
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@MsJeep23: We have a hound mix as well that doesn’t really slobber — unless she is in the car. Weirdo. 🙂

Our dogs aren’t huge (biggest is 55-ish pounds) and they aren’t really drooly, but we do vacuum quite often. I sweep a lot too. They don’t shed terribly. Matter of fact my mom’s cats shed more, lol. I think it’s an adjustment for sure. You learn what you can and can’t live with. Example: I can’t live with visible hair, but I can live with a little bit. I also stopped cleaning it up every time they spill water while drinking it… because, ya know, they do that every time. I just bought a mat that I wipe down every few days.

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Busy Beekeeper
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@gogogiraffes: And I can make a new puppy once a month from his hair. YES!! Fiance always jokes that we should start a sweater shop.

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Buzzing bee
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I have to say its not just the big dogs, I have a spaniel and she really does shed hairs everywhere, and of course shes mostly white which makes it more visible!

I try and hoover once a week – it says its designed to pick up pet hair in mind.

Towels by the door that leads to the garden when she comes into the house to wipe down muddy paws

Give her a good brush (outside!)

Good bath at least once a fortnight

Switching our carpets downstairs to wood/tiles – a blessing! So much easier to keep cleaner!

Personally though, a dog does mean you can’t be over house proud, but I would rather keep my dog and lived in house, rather than no dog at all and live in a stuffy “show room” house.

Heaven forbid if I spilt anything for the latter – OCD!!!!

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Helper bee
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I can definitely empathize with this. I have a Boxador and I never feel like my  house is clean unless its seconds after I finish. I have wood floors, albeit scratched from dog nails, but it does help to clean faster. (Thank you Swiffer!) My cat and dog shed alot and I find regularly grooming the cat and dog help but don’t eradicate the problem ofcourse. After 3 years, I’ve learned my neat freak days are over. My mom has a mini coronary when my dog comes over her house and sheds so I know where I got my neat freak behavior from. 😉

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Bumble bee
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I’m a home blogger and a reformed perfectionist. Had a home that was neat as a pin. I was possessed by my possessions…keeping them neat, clean, etc. 

After I got a golden retriever, my priorities totally changed.  I want to care for him, not fixate on mopping the floor.  My house is still clean, but I’m not obsessive, thankfully.  I spend more time taking care of the living things than the inanimate objects. 


All big dogs don’t slobber, by the way.  Mine doesn’t.


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