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Hm…. as far as exercise, maybe like weights for your arms even if you’re sitting, and if there’s a pool anywhere around, that’s great exercise without putting stress on your legs.  Obviously you know about watching what you eat and all that jazz.  But aside from all of that, obviously he loves you regardless.  The way I see it, I don’t like how I look now, but at the same time, I’m happier than I ever was when I’m skinny, so I’m trying to lose some weight but at the same time refusing to stress over it… I figure whatever I lose is a bonus. **hugs**

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I’m trying to do little things, like now I’m drinking calorie-free Fresca rather than Sprite or iced tea, eating a little Lean Cuisine pizza rather than ordering real pizza, drinking less and drinking champagne instead of beer… I know I can’t sustain any crazy diet, I love food too much, but I figure I can handle baby steps 🙂

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What about a physical therapist? I would say a personal trainer, but they might not be as accomodating to your legs. I bet a physical therapist could help work on your legs and help you shed a few pounds in the process. Either way, your SO obviously loves you, so that’s great. I know it’s more about making yourself feel good about the way you look, and that’s the first step. I’m sure you’ll be a beautiful bride. Good luck!

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Hi, You should try water aerobics.Boxing is also good even if u have to sit down while doing the moves.You should look into an Overeaters Anonymous in your area.I have a friend that joined one and it has been a great source of support for her.Enlist the help of your guy,I am sure he can help motivate you.Keep a journal detailing what you eat each day.Start a new hobby.Force yourself to drink Lots of water.Keep healthy food and snacks in the house.Don’t skip meals.Eat several small meals and snacks throughout the day.I know he is corny,but Richard Simmons has videos that are good for beginners.You can totally do this! Find a picture of a wedding dress you love and post it around your house for inspiration.good luck!

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I lost 40 pounds. By eating mostly lean protein. Check out the Dukan diet. Also cut out anything processed, withchemicals, any white sugar. Don’t live your life like this, you can and will do this. Baby steps.. It’s about being healthy. 


As a sweetener, use raw agave nector. Eat boiled eggs in the am & drink coffee for breakfast, eat non fat or low fat Greek plain yogurt as a snack, with berries & agave. Eat lean chicken & fish & load up on veggies you love, eat toms of broccoli with cold pressed olive oil.. (good for you fat) lemon juice and sea salt & pepper. Steamed.. Study nutrition so that you are eating well for the right reasons.. Not as a diet.

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@MissThespian:  Why don’t you visit your doctor or a nutritionsit and ask for a program to be put in place which you can follow.  Swimming would be a great excercise for you – especially as you say you have chronic leg pain. 

Keep a food, emotion and activity diary for a week or so.  Be completely honest in it and then you can look back and see what you need to change.  I thought I was eating very healthily and couldn’t for the life of me understand why I was gaining weight!  When I started writing things down, I realised that I was eating portions larger than I should – so I just started to measure – after  a while your eye is trained to see how much is right so you don’t have to worry about being a bit weird and pulling out the scales in random places.  

I was also was snacking in the evenings a lot.  I had quit smoking and noticed I was snacking because my hands missed out on something to do.  So I took up knitting – I’m absolutely useless at it, but my hands are kept busy, so snacking happens less!


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Losing weight is mostly about diet. It is about creating a caloric deficit, and it’s a heck of a lot easier to do that by eating less than by exercising. (There are also a lot of studies that indicate when people exercise their bodies compensate by slowing metabolism down in other ways.) Not that you shouldn’t exercise, because it has critical health benefits, just that eating is 90% of the battle.

Start with baby steps, like you’re doing. Reduce portion size, cut back on coke, sweets, white bread, all the usual suspects. Get a food scale- they are only $20- and find out what a real portion size looks like. You will be shocked (I was- I realized that the two reasonable sized scoops of peanut butter I would put in my oatmeal was over 400 calories- 2x as many calories as I thought it was). You don’t have to weigh every bite you take, just get a general sense of what 8 oz of pasta, 1 oz of cheese, etc ACTUALLY looks like. 

Once you have your food scale, count calories, if only for a week. Weigh everything and see how incredibly quickly it adds up. Again, I bet you (like me!) will be shocked, and unknowingly taking in 2 or 3x as much as you should be. (I was when I gained a bit and started counting calories). You don’t have to commit to counting forever, just for a week, to get a sense of what a 2000, or 1800 calorie day actually feels like. 

And remember, amidst all the fad diets and advice, losing weight is a simple formula: calories in need to be fewer than calories out. Eat fewer calories than your body uses each day.

Good luck and congrats on your upcoming engagement!

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I know it was said above but water aerobics can really help with your condition. Of course the usual portion control and adjusting your diet will help too, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Just remember that your Fiance loves you no matter what and on your wedding day you’ll look like a princess. I’m very overweight too but when I put my dress on I feel great.

Good luck! 🙂

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I had a lot of success on Weight Watchers.  It really teaches you how to eat to live and not live to eat.  And I haven’t had to “give up” any foods.  If I want ice cream, I have it, just not every day or large portions of it.  Perhaps you could start there.  Once you’ve lost some weight you may find your physical pain is alleviated enough to start an exercise program.  I agree with the PP who mentioned water aerobics as that is a lot gentler on your body but still has great effects.

Definitely check out Weight Watchers.  It changed my life.  54 pounds and counting.

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Losing weight is 80% diet, 20% exercise.  You have to cut calories.  You can do this in a variety of ways (the most effective is a low-carb/high protein diet).  You can do arm weights, you can bike, you can do water activities. 

Try tracking your calories on a website like MyFitnessPal or something similar.  It’s really eye opening to see how many calories you consume on a daily basis and how many you actually need to eat.  I second the idea of a PP to get a food scale and actually weigh what you eat – it was the best investment I made when I decided to shape up.

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AGree with PPs that say its really about diet for you.

Its important to learn nutrition. I would pick up Nutrition for Dummies.

And then, I would join WW, but be sure to do the meeting version, not just the online. The accountability, tricks learned, and supprt is really important in being successful.

It will begin to teach you the healthiest foods (it promotes non-processed foods-especially vegetables), portion control and living life as a “normal” person that encounters dinners outs, temptations etc.

Also, I think its really important to know how to cook healthy. Learn one new recipe a week. Maybe susbscribe to Cooking Light or Clean Eating magazine and dedicate to learning one new recipe a week. Make extra for leftovers.

And if you dont plan, you plan to fail. Keep easy and healthy food on hands for snacks  and meals. At work and home. It takes some practice, but it involves cooking a few meals on Sunday for a busy week during the week for heat up. It involves remembering to bring lunch and snacks to work. To remember to go shopping!


You can do it.

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The Dukan diet really works for me. It’s like a healthy Atkins diet. You should check it out. My success on that diet convinces me that weight loss isn’t just about calories and that a lot of weight comes from carbs.

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If you are serious about losing weight and it really is bothering you this much, it’s time for professional help if you can afford it or can get it through your insurance or college health care center (if you are still in school). Working with a nutritionist, even just for a few meetings, could really help you understand what you are eating and how it is affecting you and what simple changes you can make to help you lose weight. You might want to try some group fitness. Trust me, there are people of every shape and size in a Zumba class and no one-NO ONE-is judging you.

Best of luck!

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