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I am an infamous organizer and one of my best tips is a common one:  Evaluate your stuff.  If it has meaning to you or you use it often, keep it.  If not, give it away or throw it away.  It works!  But you have to be honest with yourself.  Sometimes things are worth keeping and sometimes they really are just taking up space.

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If your looking for good decluttering tips, you should check out flylady.com She is a little ecentric about some stuff – like getting all dressed up and made up in the am before doing anything no matter what. (Crazy, to me) BUT her decluttering systems are great.

When I clean off my desk, I take everything off of it and put it in a pile on the floor and nothing goes back on it. Everything gets filed, scanned, recycled, or thrown out. Then I clean off he desk itself and my computer. 

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I am the queen of hoarding. I’m currently living in an absolute mess because I simply havent found the time/energy to sort things. I have a few rules. If I havent used something for 2 yrs it goes. It can be bent, if I have a ball dress in my wardrobe that I spent £175 on, that is STAYING, notes from university covering weird conditions my profession can encounter STAY, the gameboy game played once gets taken to a second hand computer store,  the magazines get recycled/taken to doctors surgeries, the old cds with music i don’t like anymore go to the charity shop etc. Likewise go through your dvds, are there some that were just an utter let down? stuff you’re not into anymore? see if you can get any money for them!

I’m a bit weird in that I hate getting bath gifts for birthday/christmas. This is mainly because I have a shower, and partly because they never make it to the bathroom to get used. Put any items like this in your bathroom so when you run out of your regular shower gel/bath foam, you can treat yourself to a lovely one for a little while. Tadaaa more space!

Younger family members LOVE hand-me-downs. I always loved it, my little cousins love it. It’s like going through a little treasure trove. Something you used to love and have now outgrown can be enjoyed by someone else.

When I’m tidying up I put everything on my bed. That way I can’t go to sleep properly until it has all found it’s rightful place (plus it’s easier to vacuum that way).

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I think making piles/bins of keep, sell/give away, and trash. Sort the items by these standards and like, rachel said above, be honest and evaluate the items. Don’t keep something because so and so gave it to you like 4 years ago–it’s just collecting dust and taking up space (in my opinion). Ala Clean House style, baby! (if you don’t watch you should tune on the Style channel. I heart me some clean house)

I would than probably go through the keep pile again especially if it’s huge/medium sized.

When I’m organizing, I usually pick up all the known trash and throw it away. Than, I clear it into piles. Like, papers together, pens together, things that go together. I put everything back where it is supposed to go (file papers, pens in holder, etc). By the time I finished, it’s nice and neat and nothing goes back in/on that doesn’t belong there. Which means, I will have a little pile of things that need a home by the time I done with one room.

I also go room by room. So if I’m organizing the living room and there are clothes in there, I will go put the clothes on the bed till I get to bedroom. That way I don’t get too overwhelmed by trying to clean three rooms at a time–just one at a time.

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Ooooh I love de-cluttering it feels so good!!!!!

He is my suggestions:

Do it room by room and if you have a particularly cluttery room do it part by part.

If you are doing a closet, cupboard or box take everything out and then separate all the stuff into four piles: keep, throw away, give away (good will) and a maybe pile.

When you are done sorting put all the keep stuff back neatly and then re-evaluate the maybe pile. 

When deciding on keeping things – ask yourself if you even knew you had it, will you use it? Don’t keep it if the answer is no.

And finally don’t keep things because you feel bad because someone gave it to you – you won’t use it and it will just keep making you feel bad for not using it so give it to good will so someone will.

I hope this helps and have fun de-cluttering!

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Aftre the wedding I put one of each special thing (invitation, escort card, bubbles, etc) into a shadow box and threw the rest out. Now I can enjoy seeing them every day but it only takes up a tiny space.

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