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Bumble bee
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I get nervous about this too, but if you look at all of the reports, this is the largest disaster since 2001, there’s plenty of odds you wouldn’t be on a flight that crashes. 

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Honey Beekeeper
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It’s an Airbus, BOOO, lol. I work for a major rival airplane company (hmm take a lucky guess folks) and I can firsthand tell you that it’s safer to fly a plane than it is to drive down the street.

Stories like this are very rare. It’s just that every little glitch with airplanes is heavily publicized. 

I think it’s a very sad story, though. And I’m sure they’ll find the plane at the bottom of the ocean and I hope they figure out what happened so they can check the rest of their fleet to make sure they are all functioning correctly. 

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Buzzing bee
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I am the same way – terrified to fly.  Scares OUT. OF. MY. MIND.  But I stll do it.  2 of my aunts and an uncle are flight attendants and a pilot all for major airlines.  Have been for many many years (average about 25 years.)  The notion of flying is uncomfortable for me, I just reassure myself that these attendants and pilots do it hundreds of times a year.  the publicied crashes are scary, but they are minimal if you think about it.  I got a prescription from my doctor for flying, take one right when i board and pass out the rest of the time.  If its a genuine fear, ask your doctor about that.

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Busy bee
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This news terrified me as well, I’m a nervous flyer as is, so when tragic events like this unfold I freak out more. My Fiance tells me all the time you’re more likely to be in a car crash, which I get. It’s just so highly publicized that you don’t tend to think about it rationally. Or at least I don’t!

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Helper bee

Yeah the Air France plane incident has freaked me out. I am flying across the Pacific in about 10 days and am a thousand times more nervous than usual. And I am usually a basketcase about flying. I have to take ativan to even get myself on a plane.

Some things that help calm me during the flight: I watch the flight attendants, if they are normally going about their business then hopefully there is nothing to worry about. Also, I try to fly on planes that have individual TVs in the seats so I can have a constant distraction the whole flight. If that’s not available, I download TV show seasons onto my ipod. Plus I bring books, magazines, crossword books – anything to distract me… and on those 14 hour flights I need LOTS of distraction!

Also: The whole "more likely to get in a car crash" thing does not comfort me at all. You are more likely to survive a car crash than a plane crash.

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Honey bee
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I fly about 2 times a month on roughly 6-8 planes. I’m flying in those dinky Embraer w/ 37 seats to 757’s & every size in between. I know the airports & planes inside and out…. yet I’m still scared to fly.

This won’t help… but I’ve just come to peace with the idea that if my plane crashes during this flight it must be my time. I figure I can’t let the idea of death stop me from living… I won’t go play in traffic, but I will still hop on those planes!

I always get butterflies in my tummy… the one time I didn’t feel nervous we were flying on the 37seater into Chicago & we were literally hopping in the air. One person puked & another had another type of accident (ew!) It was rough. There’s not a lot you can do if you’re going down… just hope & pray that you have a skilled pilot.

Gosh, 2009 has been a bad year for aviation!!! But just remember too there are thousands of planes that fly every day & most arrive without any problems. The news never reports about that though 🙂 

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Buzzing bee
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@aloweha — I hear ya on the more likely than a car crash thing too… I don’t have much of an issue with flying, once i’m in the air I forget that I’m on a plane. That being said, I have MAJOR anxiety in cars. Basically, I only ride in them because I have to, if I could fly everywhere, I would.

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Busy bee
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I HATE to fly.  Never will you catch me sleeping on a flight.  I get waaaayyy too nervous!  But when you think about how many flights take off and land safely around the world, the chances of crashing are so small.  Drive thru Chicago rush hour traffic once……then flying seems so much safer 🙂

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Helper bee

Sending LOTS of happy thoughts and good luck your way!!! Everything will be fine (I know that offers minimal consolation), also I take over the counter dramamine (usually 2 of them) and I’m asleep before the plane takes off. TONS of people have the same anxieties about flying…. but you will be with your Fiance, right?? Is he okay about flying??

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Bumble bee

I love flying…I don’t know what it is…I just think it’s cool, whether I’m in a Cessna or a 747, doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve been through turbulence a couple of times where I’ve prayed hard (AND shed tears) that we would land safely, and it’s (obviously) been fine.
My mum & my guy HATE flying…sigh….my mum loads up on magazines…and has a glass of Bailey’s…my guy, I haven’t been on a plane with him yet, but we want to fly somewhere for our honeymoon, I’m gonna bring some travel games, lots of snacks, and some "guy" magazines (think FHM) to keep his mind off it.
I am always heartbroken when I hear of a plane crash because I have a lot of friends who are pilots and flight attendants.
But I think some of why we hear soooo much about a plane crash is because it is not an everyday occurence….think about it….there are car accidents almost every minute of the day….they don’t all make the news…plane crashes are so rare that when they happen…it’s a HUGE deal.
That said, my heart broke for the passengers on the Air France flight, God rest them and help their loved ones get through this horrible time.

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Bee Keeper
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for me flying is a control thing and i have no control so i hate the take offs and the landings but the inbetweens BORE me no end… i just want to get there! only time ive been concerned about flying is when i was in a 6 seater and i swear the pilot was a teenager

when i hear of tragedies like the France flight, my heart goes out to the passengers in their last moments

for me when flying – distraction is what i need! i cant sleep on planes so im the crazy person walking laps during the 12hr flights with the ipod, guzzling a gallon or 2 or water and trying to avoid unsettled children.

have faith in your pilot and its crew – majority of flights take off and land safely every single hour of every single day



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Honey Beekeeper
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Well, how many people do you know that have died in car accidents?

Plane crashes?

Ok . Whatever satiates you. If i’m going to die, i’d rather it be quick. And i, too, have come to peace that whenever my time comes, there’s no escaping it. Freaky things happen all the time and i refuse to be scared and miss out. I had no idea so many people were afraid to fly! 

I can’t imagine not being able to fly for work. It’s such a customary expected thing for us to do! I remember being a kid and the 747’s were SUCH a big deal. So fancy. Now when i sit on one I can go "i know how to make that and that and that" and if i have a kid next to me I get to explain the plane to him.

Now miltiary jets? Oh man. Our company used to let employees take rides with the pilots back in the day. If only! That would be SWEEEEET 

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Blushing bee
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Oh man. I was just telling my Fiance earlier that after this crash (well, always, but even more these past couple days) I think I am going to have to be prescription medicated to fly for our honeymoon. It’s already making me not able to sleep and it’s 3 months away!

I actually fly a good deal, but I HATE it, and even after having, eh hem, a lot of drinks before each flight, I still usually cry through takeoff with everyone looking at me like I’m a crazy person. I completely know intellectually that it is safer than driving, etc etc, but knowing it in that way is much different from really feeling it. 

I’d love to know if any fearful flyers have conquered their fear and how you did it! It’s a horrible feeling being completely convinced you’re going to die for hours on end!

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Worker bee
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I’m a true believer in the theory that we all have a time to be born and we all have a time to die. If it’s my time to die, it’s my time. It could be in a car accident, by a long drawn out disease, or by a plane crash. I’d much rather it be in a plane or car than some long drawn out debilitating disease.. The pilots on AF didn’t have time to radio a call for help. Provided they didn’t suffer equipment failure, whatever happened to them happened so fast that those poor passengers had maybe a minute or two of true fear. They didn’t even know what happened and in a moment, they were in peace. I don’t worry for people who die…they are in a magnifecent realm none of us can imagine. It’s those who remain with the grief that I worry for. They imagine all the fear their loved one experienced. It’s too hard to bear that grief.

Remember, if pressurization is lost in the cabin, the human body can only cope for so long without oxygen before losing consciousness. In aviation, the term “time of useful conscieousness” refers to the measure of time the body can survive without oxygen. At 20K feet it is 10 minutes. At 26K, it is two minutes. At 30K feet, it is 30 seconds. At 40K feet, it’s a mere 15 seconds. At 35K feet, the passengers of the AF would have 30 seconds to secure oxygen to survive. They probably didn’t have that much time. God Bless their souls. Better to lose cabin pressure than to fell impact.

That probably doesn’t help your fears, but rest assured, you probably won’t feel a thing if it happens. Just spend your last moments thanking the Good Lord for the many blessings you’ve had in this life and get ready for the next one. We can’t all live forever. Each breath we take is a blessing. Live for today as if there won’t be a tomorrow. I truly believe that when we die, what comes next is so glorious that our souls don’t give a second thought to what came before or what we didn’t get to accomplish. Our time came because we had accomplished what we were supposed to accomplish.

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