(Closed) February 2014 Babies Part 4 – Now with more gross side effects!

posted 7 years ago in Pregnancy
  • poll: What is your most favorite pregnancy symptom?
    Bigger breasts : (18 votes)
    45 %
    Curvier figure : (2 votes)
    5 %
    Losing weight, even though it's not any fun : (5 votes)
    13 %
    More sleep : (15 votes)
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    Closing the old thread now!! 

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     @odynsmom:  So glad to hear that everything is okay!! That must have been such a horrible scare!! 

    @squishycupcake:  Thanks for starting the new thread!! Love the poll! 

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    @squishycupcake:  Thanks for starting a new thread. Love the poll and the new name!

    Had my first appointment today. The midwives are everything I hoped for. We did the urine test, breast exam, uterus palpation, and tried to listen to vampire kid’s heart. It’s too early so she couldn’t hear it yet. Will try again later. That was it. The visit was about 2 hours long. She answered all of my questions and gave me lots of good info.

    I’m having only one u/s – at 20 weeks – unless there are any complications. However, my uterus felt too small for 8w 3d so she ordered an u/s to make sure everything is ok. Appointment is this Thursday so I’m trying not to Google anything. I got refered to a chiro, which I was already planing on going to. I’ve been having lots of pain in the sacral area. Midwife said it’s normal but chiro work would help – also help shorten birth by up to 5 hours. I also got told to keep taking my Protonix every day to keep my GERD and IBS under control even though I haven’t had much problems so far with either one.

    We did discuss genetic and other testing. We’re thinking of opting out because like someone already mentioned (sorry need to go to the other thread to find out who it was), we’re keeping vampire kid regardless of the outcome. One thing I was told was “what will you do with the results of those tests?” and to use that before making any decisions.

    Next appointments: US 7/25 & Midwife appt #2 on 8/19

    Hope everyone else is doing ok.

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    i have slightly relaxed about my pregnancy,. after finding out i was pregnant, i went on a health kick stuffing myself full of fruit, veg, fibre etc…giving up sweet and unhealthy food. which just meant i ended up craving crap all the time, and i ate so many veg it was like a brick in my system haha. now, if i crave a krispy kreme- i have it. i dont eat 10, or eat them every day….but ive decided i can have the odd ‘bad thing’ in moderation

    same with caffeine. i gave it up entirely for around 5 weeks even though doctors say a little bit is fine….now i have the odd cup of coffee. and im loving it haha

    ive got family visiting me which forced me to stop resting all the time and be out and about all day. its hectic but its fun! also keeps me occupied until my next U/S first week of august

    other than headaches and sore breasts…i feel normal. i never had much nausea but now its gone entirely thank god!

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    LADIES!!  I feel so bad.  I have been MIA for almost a month.  We have been traveling and surprisingly I have been busy at my job.  I promise to read everyone’s updates today as it is finally slow!

    I will be 12 weeks tomorrow which is insane.  We have our 12 week ultrasound on Friday and I can’t wait to see our little peanut again.  I am still pretty tired but the nausea has somewhat subsided.  I guess you could say I have a bump as my pants are pretty tight. Other than that I am doing pretty great!  By the way, is the belly band worth it?  

    Hope everyone is doing fabulous and trying to stay cool!!

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    How far along are you? 11 weeks today

    When is your due date? 2/11/14

    Tell us a little bit about yourself!  I just turned 30, Darling Husband is 36, and this is Darling Husband and my first baby.  We tried for 11 months, so we are sooooo happy to finally be expecting.  We live in Houston, where we are both from, and have two dogs and two cats in our townhouse.  We love to travel, eat, and socialize, so our lives will definitely be changing in a few months! 

    How are you feeling? Pretty good now.  Still a little more tired than usual, and have a few other lingering symptoms, but nothing much.

    Any cravings? I’m starting to crave sweets more and more.  At first it was fruit (good!), but now it’s chocolate shakes (bad!)

    Food aversions? I can eat pretty much whatever, but I can’t bring myself to cook anything for myself.  I’ve also been turned off of tomatoes (which I usually LOVE), but can still eat salsa, tomato sauce, etc.  Fish also doesn’t really appeal to me.

    Will you find out the baby’s sex? Yes, and soon!  We have an appointment on August 2 for the first tri screen that will include bloodwork for gender, and we should have the results about a week later

    What’s your intuition? boy or a girl?  I keep going back and forth, but right this second I think boy.  Ask me tomorrow and I’ll probably change my mind haha.

    What baby things have you purchased? Nothing, waiting until we know the gender.  I don’t plan on having a super feminine or masculine nursery, but it will all seem more real then I think.

    Who was the first non-partner/spouse person that you told about your  pregnancy?

    I told my acupuncturist and my personal trainer because I had appointments with them right after I found out.  The same afternoon we went and told my parents.  Now pretty much everyone knows because Darling Husband and I are horrible at keeping secrets, especially such wonderful ones!

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    WooHoo to part 4!

    How far along are you? According to LMP I am 11 Weeks today. Yesterday at my ultrasound, I measured 11 weeks 4 days. So, 5 days ahead of schedule!

    When is your due date? February 11th

    Tell us a little bit about yourself!   I m 29 my Darling Husband is 35. I am a 8h grade science teacher and my Darling Husband does IT work for a government cntractor. This is our first baby and in most cases the first grand and greatgrand child.

    How are you feeling? Except for being tired, I an starting to feel normal. This might just be me being super optimistic, but I think my bloating is going down too!

    Any cravings? Mexican food! Before I was pregnant, this would not have been my food of choice, but now I cannot stop eating it.

    Food aversions? No not cook beef in my house, the smell makes me sooooo sick!

    Will you find out the baby’s sex? We think we already know! Yesterday and the emergency ultrasound the ultrasound manager said, “If I was a betting woman, Iwould bet that it is a ______________”. We are taking that statement with a grain of salt and waiting till we get confirmation before we tell anyone

    What’s your intuition? boy or a girl? From day one I have been thinking a girl, and to this day, I still think it is a girl.

    What baby things have you purchased? Nothing but after the genetic testing on July 29th I might reward myself with my first baby purchase. Now I need to decide what to buy!

    Who was the first non-partner/spouse person that you told about your  pregnancy? My Mother-In-Law. In total we told 4 people. My Mother-In-Law, my mom, my best friend and my Father-In-Law. My Father-In-Law took it upn himself to tell everyone else!


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    I met with my doctor yesterday for our regular appt and all was fine. I told her about the spotting and cramping and she said since it was really light and it stopped that I had nothing to worry about, but that it qualified me for another sonogram is I wanted one. At first Darling Husband and I declined and said we’d just wait until out first trimester screening at the end of August. While we were checking out and making our next appt, my doc came back to me and said that since I had a LEAP* done (which was almost 10years ago,) they want to monitor my chicken nugget and I will need to come in every 2 weeks for U/S. So I have an appt to come in today to get a U/S. 

    *As far as my understanding, when I was 17 I had a PAP done and they said I had irregular cells on my cervix. They did a LEAP to scrape off those cells to allow for new healthy cells to grow. And because of genetics, I was told that I also have a shortened cervix which why they also want to monitor me. 

    Anywho, I’m all for more chances to see my nugget, but should I be concerned? I mean a U/S every other week seems like a lot…

    ETA: My due date got pushed to March 4th…. So i guess I’m not officially a February Mama anymore:o(

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