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bloomingflower:  I’ll be joining you here soon – just waiting on AF to show up so that I can roll call on CD1. I took last month off – we were both down with the flu for pretty much all of FW. It actually felt good to step back and not stress about TTC. I’m going to try to start this cycle with a positive attitude. I also might try temping this month and ditch the OPKs because they just aren’t working for me. Fingers crossed for you and all the others who will be joining us in Feb!

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Two boards?! You are a machine!! 

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Your age/partner’s age: 26/26

Baby #: 1 

Current Cycle Day/DPO: I am CD 6 on this cycle , but we are still on a break from ttc this cycle. My next cycle, in February we will be officially returning to the ttc game so I was excited to see this already started! Thanks! 

Ovulation Date: right now ff is predicting somewhere between Feb 16th to 18th for next cycle, but we will see! 

POAS Date: I will POAS earlier than normal at about 10-12 dpo (I usually wait til day of expected AF) since I have a stockpile of wondfos. For now we will say Feb 27 , but it may change depending on actual ovulation signs during next cycle. 

Usual Cycle Length: 29-31 days 

Cycles Trying: I have been on a break for several months. But we tried for 4 cycles before doctor said she thought there was some ovulation trouble post birth control. I think my cycles have reset so we should be good now! Trying to be optimistic. 

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): for Feb and March, DH and I are going to be pretty relaxed and not stress about bd schedule so much. However, I will be temping and checking CM (which is new to me) just to kind of get to know my body better . And to have more data to use when we decide to get more aggressive haha 😉 I’m also taking prenatals. 

FOR FUN THIS MONTH: neither of us are super romantic, but we are high school sweethearts. So I would say the most romantic part of our story is the stuff that happened behind the scenes, even when we weren’t dating and just friends. For example, he never tried to win me over with lines and grand gestures. It was subtle. He told mutual (guy) friends that he envisioned his future wife to be someone like me, but he never tried to use that kind of line to “get me”. He also protected me and intervened for me throughout the years without taking credit . I only know he did these things because his friends told me well after we were together. By the time we dated, I had dated enough of the guy who brought me roses or wrote songs for me…all of that really means nothing if it is not sincere. All the “romantic guys” I dated ended up cheating on me haha  In his case , his actions  and loyalty spoke louder than words. 

Excited to be back ( or almost back) in the TTC game! Fingers crossed for all of you ladies! 

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Hi All,

Just stopping by to say hello! I roll called in the January thread and was planning on POAS 1/31, but AF came later than I thought, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to. I started temping this month so depending on when I O, I may need to move my date to this thread. Anyway, good luck to everyone here and looking forward to chatting with everyone 🙂

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Your age/partner’s age: 26/37

Baby #: 1

Current Cycle Day/DPO: 1

Ovulation Date: According to MyDays and FF, the 27th

POAS Date: 2/11 or 2/12, REALLY going to try and wait til these days this time around so I don’t waste more money.

Usual Cycle Length: 31-32 days

Cycles Trying: 2nd I’d say….we decided to start trying this past month, but I knew we were too late on the day we decided. I tried to stay positive, though!

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): Prenatals, and just gonna BD EOD probably after AF.

Link to Chart, if any:

FOR FUN THIS MONTH! How about sharing your favorite romantic jesture that either you or your SO did while courting.

The little things I remember are my favorite…. When we first started dating, I was a vegetarian at the time (had been for 10 years), and DH who was my BF back then obviously lol, asked me if I wanted to come over one night and make dinner together. So I got there, and I am not kidding when I say he bought LITERALLY every kind of vegetable in the store and some grains. And he was so cute sitting in the kitchen with food all over and was just smiling and he was like “I didn’t know what to get, so I got it all”. I just thought it was so sweet. Even though he ate meat and had no idea what we’d make for dinner, he went out of his way to make sure it was stuff I would want.

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bloomingflower:  I think it’s great you’ve found something constructive do to during a time when it’s easy to go crazy 🙂 I’ll join later as AF isn’t due until 2/2 so I’ll probably roll over from the Jan. Board 

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Your age/partner’s age: 30/42 (in two weeks)

Baby #: 2

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD2

Ovulation Date: January 27th

POAS Date: February 3 (if I can wait that long :p)

Usual Cycle Length: 28-31 days

Cycles Trying: 1 (our first REAL month of trying. Let’s get it ON!!! :p)

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): BD every day between O-2 and O+2. I don’t chart or anything, so it’s going by LMP and CM, so I won’t know for sure when I O.

Link to Chart, if any: None

FOR FUN THIS MONTH! How about sharing your favorite romantic jesture that either you or your SO did while courting. 

I can’t think of anything in particular, but he sent me flowers to our workplace on my birthday when he was out of town. I’m not a flower type of girl, but I was amazed at how touched I was at the gesture 🙂


Read more: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/february-2016-poas-board/#ixzz3wzF8bioo

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bloomingflower:  You are a machine, but it’s good you’re keeping busy!


I imagine I’ll likely be joining this one in a few weeks, but AF isn’t due until Jan 23rd, so we’ll see if she decides to show up on time this month, if I get a BFP, or if I roll over onto this one. Good luck everyone!

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Thanks for managing the thread, 

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I’m returning after a couple years of Weddingbee hiatus to join you all in the POAS threads! Last time I was here, we were TTC for our first child, and now we’re trying for #2! I met the most wonderful ladies through these boards and the pregnancy boards the first time around, so I’m looking forward to going through the TTC craziness with you all (sort of… I hope none of us have to go through it for much longer!).

Y’all will have to help me out if lingo or the way this works has changed in the last couple years! 🙂


Your age/partner’s age: 26/28

Baby #: 2!

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD5

Ovulation Date: My best guess would be sometime around Jan. 24 (long cycles), but I have super irregular cycles so who knows! I’ll update later!

POAS Date: Will update once I get an ovulation date!

Usual Cycle Length: Anywhere from 27-45 days… super irregular.

Cycles Trying: 3, but we’ve been NTNP since our first child arrived in Dec. 2014.

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): prenatals, temping, charting CM/cervix position, and I’m adding OPKs this time. We’re also doing the SMEP… I think. 

FOR FUN THIS MONTH! How about sharing your favorite romantic jesture that either you or your SO did while courting: We had a discussion once about how sad it was that there are no ball pits anymore in kids’ playgrounds at fast food places, etc. We even drove around a bit trying to find somewhere that had a ball pit, and we never found one. A few weeks later it was Valentine’s Day, and a GIANT box arrived at my door. Inside were TONS of ball pit balls, and each one had a heart drawn on it in Sharpie. He mailed me my very own ball pit. There was a note instructing me to find the one ball without a heart, so I had to go digging through the balls to find it, and he had written a sweet message on that one. It sounds ridiculous, but it was so sweet! Haha.

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I didn’t roll call in January, but today is cd1 for me so I’m back for February. 


Your age/partner’s age: Both 30

Baby #: 2 (son is 17 months old)

Current Cycle Day/DPO: cd1

Ovulation Date: 1/24

POAS Date: 2/6

Usual Cycle Length: 26 days

Cycles Trying: 5th

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): opks, prenatals, charting starting this month, using preseed this month

Link to Chart, if any: not yet

FOR FUN THIS MONTH!   How about sharing your favorite romantic jesture that either you or your SO did while courting.  

DH used to buy me flowers every Friday while we were dating. 🙂

Looking forward to the February board and hopefully lots of bfps! 


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Thank you for starting the February thread! 🙂 I’m going to try to relax and be super positive this month. We are taking a quick trip to Seattle over MLK weekend which should fall around fertile week so FX! I’ve actually been pretty laid back about wverything so far this cycle. 


Your age/partner’s age: 26/29

Baby #: 1! 

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD 11

Ovulation Date: Hopefully between 1/16-1/19

POAS Date: Probably not until 2/4

Usual Cycle Length: 28-32 days

Cycles Trying: This will be Cycle Number 3. Hopefully third time is the charm. FX! 

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): BD timing, charting, OPKs, prenatals, baby aspirin, and DH is taking Fertilaid. I think we are also going to try Preseed this month! 

Link to Chart, if any:

FOR FUN THIS MONTH!   How about sharing your favorite romantic jesture that either you or your SO did while courting.  

DH and I were long distance for awhile while dating and he would occasionally surprise me with hand written notes in the mail. I would always receive them when I least expected it, which was great! 

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