(Closed) FEBRUARY POAS (part two!)

posted 8 years ago in TTC
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    Who’s ready for some confusion?

    POAS at 2am this morning (I can’t make it thru the night anymore, so frustrating). It’s darker than yesterday’s 1:30am, but lighter than yesterday’s 2pm. I don’t get it, but at least the line isn’t lighter than yesterday’s at the same time.  I’m going to try again at 2pm today. Then I’ll have two same-time comparisons.


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    @JennB_82:  Testing at the sametime of the day def makes a difference.  You’re tyoically going to get yourhighest concentration of hCG in your first morning urine so you might consider waiting until tomorrow morning…just a thought πŸ˜‰ Then again, I’m not sure I could wait that long either!  I’m not sure if there’s any validity to this, but I’ve heard  it could depend on how much urine gets on the strip, too.  *shrugs* I am sooo hoping for the very best for you!! FX for darker lines!

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    Some people get better lines in the afternoon, for some reason.   It depends on how much you drank in the hours before and everything.  If you had a few glasses of water or juice or whatever during the evening then your 2am urine would be more diluted than the 2pm urine if you hadn’t had much to drink yesterday morning  πŸ™‚ 

    Don’t worry until you have to worry

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    @SweetMelissa429:  Good thoughts. Still debating to do the 2pm test. Guess I’ll see how strong I am. πŸ˜‰

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    @Purple_Bride:  That’s true! I forgot I couldn’t sleep after my nap last night and went to the restroom later than usual.  I’m gonna work on not worrying until my beta on Monday.

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    @E_Lynne615:  i’m glad you like the “rather see Af then get a BFN”.

    it is still disappointing but maybe not as much so. at least it is working for me.

    when i woke up, i thought about caving a taking a test.  i told myself, i said friday, one more day.  then i went to the bathroom and stupid AF was here for real this time.

    2 days late, i had my hopes up. on to cycle 5. 

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    Congrats on all the BFPs so far, ladies! How exciting! This month I sprung for the expensive Clearblue OPK. I have to admit, there’s something very satisfying and comforting to see that little monitor display the result. Up until this month, I was using the cheapie OPKs and I just never felt that confident with them. I hope this cycle is a little more stree free when it comes to figuring out the right time to BD. 

    On a side note, I TOTALLY pinched my sciatic nerve in my lower back and it’s KILLING me!!! I hope it heals up soon so this doesn’t interupt our BDing time! I doubt I’d be able to convince my DH to get it on with me if I’m yelping in pain! πŸ™‚ 

    The joys of TTC!

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    Haha I call Dumbass! On myself of course. Sitting here at 3DPO like ooooh I have no symptoms – that must mean that I AM pregnant this month bwa ha ha ha. Yes no symptoms = pregnant?!?  πŸ™‚ haha is ok I am aware how ludicrous this is, hence the “I’m a dumbass”. Least I can laugh at myself πŸ™‚ 

    On positive note got CH today, we got -4,-2, O and 2 πŸ™‚ DH is very happy we can go on a little break πŸ˜‰ Probably the best timing we have ever had πŸ™‚

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    Official rollover, AF started today. I’m not too upset because I was expecting this due to our awful timing with BDing. I am very happy that I started right when I was supposed to and didn’t have the extended time of spotting like I experienced last month. On to march! 

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    Okay ladies, I’m sure you’re sick of my doubt by now, but my POAS journey continues with some internet cheapies that came in the mail yesterday.(It’s killing me that I have no FRERs left!!!)

    I’m thinking I O’d a little later than I predicted (I have not charted at all so it was really just as guess after I got a positive OPK).

    I must still be at a really early DPO because my tests are so faint.

    I used an internet cheapie yesterday after lunch, waited the 5 minutes, saw nothing, and went back to work. Well, when I got home yesterday, I inspected it further and saw a faint line. I was convinced it was an evap line because it had been hours since I looked at it.

    IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE: I had my husband pee in a cup for me so I could test his urine and see if his strip got a faint evap line too. Every good science experiment needs a control! It’s been 5 hours since I tested his urine, and his strip is stark white in the test area.

    I’m going to obsess and doubt until I get a digital test to say PREGNANT, but until then, I will continue experimenting. I think my PM urine has much stronger results than my FMU….I noticed the same with my OPKS.

    Anyway, without further explaination, here is the experiement results:

    The top strip is my test from yesterday (noonish) ,

    the bottom is my husbands from this morning (7 AM):

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    @E_Lynne615:  Yea, the fact that these lines are so faint and the internet cheapie didn’t show up until later still keeps me doubting. DH was more than happy to provide. He actually suggested it after the first “splinter” but I didn’t want to waste an FRER on him :p.

    I tucked the coupon from the instructional leaflet of the FRER in my pocket. I’m trying to plot a way to get some today. My husband wants me to chill out and stop obsessing until I miss my period. I’m just so anxious because I honestly have no idea when I O’d or how long my cycle will be since this is my first month of BCP.

    I feel like these test results are all “Not Pregnant…yet….” or “Maybe….”

    I just want a YES or NO.

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    @Mrs.Metalm:  Haha I giggled through your entire post about your DH!  What a great idea and such a sweet husband to help you out!  Honestly, your hCG levels might just be multiplying a little slower than some of the other bees.  Mine is bbbaarreellyy changing day by day so I did a little reading on it and it’s normal for some women to get a slower start in the multiplication process.  I technically haven’t officially missed AF yet, but like you, I knew something was different.  Deep breaths, my friend…hopefuly as the days go by, those lines will get darker and darker!  Sticky wishes! πŸ˜‰

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    So, my POAS date isn’t until Saturday, but shocking (yeah right) I caved. 


    do you guys see something? I think it may be an evaporated line, Or I just have line eye. Haha


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