(Closed) Feedback On Laser Hair Removal? Cost? Is it Worth it?

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This is something I’d like to have done also. My Future Mother-In-Law has had it done and she loves the results – it was about $100/session and she had to have about 3 sessions for each area.

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YES.  WORTH IT.  It’s costing me $1200 to do full Brazilian (6+ sessions).  I am going to a VERY reputable place and having it done by a nurse practitioner.  After only 3 sessions, I can see a real reduction in hair.  I bought a Groupon for 6 sessions/$150 somewhere else (sounds like the same kind of place you are talking about) for under my arms…we shall see.  Oh, and it hurts, but not too bad.  Just make sure you buy the lidocaine.  (It’s kinda like hot rubberbands snapping or bacon grease splattering.)

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@Kateski: There is no such thing as perm hair removal. You have to go back every 4 weeks for treatment so the laser catches your hair in the growth period it needs to catch it in. After that you can go every 8-12 weeks. 

After I had my daughter, I started to get annoying chin hair. I went to get it removed by laser. It was $120 a session and I had to go back every 4 weeks for about six months for it to stop growing so fast. 

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I’ve had two treatments so far and I love it. Bikini line growth has already been greatly reduced.

My mum was the one who convinced me to try it, as she started laser treatments a couple years ago and no longer has to deal with shaving/waxing. The results have been excellent.

A couple things to keep in mind:

– you want to make sure you are going to someone who is well-qualified, as lasers can cause some pretty serious burns if used by someone who is untrained

-laser hair removal works best on those with fair skin and dark hair

– you cannot tan/have really any sun exposure for 2-3 weeks after your treatments, as this can lead to hyperpigmentation

– also, do not get treated while tanned, as this can lead to burns

In terms of cost, I pay $200/session for bikini, underarms and upper lip (bless my southern Italian genes). While it may seem steep on a per treatment basis, when you consider that (a) I used to pay $55.00 every 6-8 weeks for a bikini wax, and (b) Once I’m finished my 5-6 treatments I won’t have to go back (other than possibily for occasional touch-ups, although my mum has not needed any), then in the long run it is actually more cost effective.


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just fyi: American Laser Centers is notorious for “giving away” gift certificates. they can afford to do it because they know you’ll be spending a lot more of your own money if you actually go in. i definitely think it’s worth it, but expect to pay around $1k.

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I have had this done. I would say it is worth it if your expectation is to reduce the hair and make it easier when shaving but if you are looking to never have to shave again I wouldn’t suggest it.

I had it done for 4 years of treatments on my underarms, and a Brazilian, then I got one area for free so I did my lip, but it was such a small amount of hair I am not sure if it worked or if I just didn’t have anything to get in the beginning. I was hoping to never have to shave again but that isn’t the case. I now can go longer between shaving and the hair is finer so it definitely reduces any razor burn I might have had BUT it still wasn’t what I expected and it was A LOT of money!

I would think about it seriously before doing it. I did it because I am often traveling in places with not the best hygiene systems for work and on mission trips. I didn’t want to worry about shaving and having hair makes me uncomfortable. But I saved for it and thought that I did my research so I went for it.

Also, if any of you do decide to do it, take the pain. Some people can’t deal with the pain and they encourage the nurses to turn it down. When you do this you will get no results and if it is low enough it can even stimulate growth. Get numbing jell, take pain meds before you go and encourage them crank it up. When I did that it always worked better. Also, if you are getting it done when you have your period you tend to be more sensitive, then they turn it down and then you don’t get as good of results. If you can try to avoid having appointments when you expect your period.

I know that was probably a bit of Too Much Information. I’m sorry. I just hope that someone can use the lessons I learned for a better outcome for themselves.


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So I know this is an old thread, but I’m new to WB, and thought I’d share my experience in case it helps someone in their research.

I got a groupon for 6 laser hair removal sessions for $99 at Simplicity in Las Vegas. They slightly limited which body areas you could use the groupon for (no large areas such as brazilian or legs), so I went with underarms. I’m super-pale with dark hair in that area, which is supposed to be the ideal combination for lasering. Sure enough, I’ve only had 2 sessions so far and I am already amazed at the results. Obviously I have no idea how it’s going to hold up long-term, but right now I would say I already have about 70% less hair there, and when I shave you can’t see that leftover “shadow” of the hair, which used to always be there.

I’m so pleased with it that I’ve signed up to get my whole bikini area done too, for a total of around $750 for 10ish sessions. Those will start next week (along with the rest of my underarm treatments), and I’m a bit nervous since the lady parts are a bit more sensitive.

The pain of the underarm treatments has been quite tolerable though. The first session I was actually surprised by how little it hurt. It was like a sharp tingling or electrical sensation for a brief second with each shot of the laser, but after the laser pulse was over there was no lingering pain. The second session I think they turned up the intensity on me and it hurt quite a bit more. I actually felt faint for a second, but I think that was more because I wasn’t expecting it than because the pain was actually that terrible. After both sessions I had some mild irritation for an hour or so afterward, which was relieved very effectively with an ice pack or cool washcloth on the area (the facility provided me with a couple of cold packs for the road). No lingering tenderness or burns though. I still think I’ll ask for numbing gel for the lady bits though…

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It’s been the best decision I’ve made.  After my first session 3 weeks ago I have noticed a HUGE difference.  The hair doesn’t disappear permanently right away, but will after many repeated sessions, what does happen is that it grows back slowly and very very very faint. 

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@Kateski: go with laser, it is not so cheap but you can always get great deals on groupon or other sites (it will save you a lot of money). I went to Advanced Laser for the hair removal treatment and i’m so happy

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I’m doing a Brazilian, and it hurts. I made the practioner stop before the session ended, and that was with numbing cream. That being said, I’m going for a touch up today, so beauty pains, darling. If you just do the bikini line, it’s a lot less painful. My sister was fine throuout her session.

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Totally worth it…IF you choose the right laser. For me, only the Diode laser has been about 99% permanent. I’ve had the Lumenis Light Sheer Diode and the Alma Soprano Diode laser used on me and they are the best. The latter hurts WAAAY less than the Light Sheer. I needed numbing cream for the Light Sheer, but not for the Alma Soprano. As one of the previous posters noted, make sure to get it done at a doctors office or medical spa, and not in a salon. Salons usually can not afford to purchase the high-cost lasers that are the most effective. I’ve had great results at both Lasersmooth in Encino, CA and at http://www.PittsburghSkincarePros.com in Pittsburgh, PA. Both are run by physicians.

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