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  • Wedding: October 2012

My Fiance awakened a sprit in me that I thought I loss forever. He is a Gentleman, Patience and Loving. He is a great Male Role model for my daughter and loves her like his own, He is always there to protect me and I feel like he is one of my best friends ever. If I never met him, I would miss him. He is my one true thing and I am over the moon to be the one he chose to be his forever…

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@seven12:lol, my husband now enjoys throwing away the Michael’s coupon each week. He begrudgingly went with me to that store so many times – it’s one of the many reasons I love him πŸ™‚

He also listens to me rant, grabs things for me when I’m too lazy to do it myself, and gives me the best hugs πŸ™‚

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  • Wedding: October 2011

He is the funny guy (unromantic)  that I always knew I would end up with. He keeps me laughing , but at the same time is there when I need him. We are total opposites, but he really does bring the best out of me. Can’t wait for 3 weeks &  5 days so I can marry him!


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  • Wedding: April 2012

Good thread!

My FH just gets me. He knows what I’m thinking, even when I try to hide it. He also takes care of me and I love how he is very protective. After being Superwoman for so long, it’s nice to have someone who understands I have needs too. He supports my education, which is a huge thing for me, and he’s not intimated by our financial and educational differences. We actually like being with each other – which is something that many couples don’t understand. We definitely love each other, but we genuinely like each other as well. We rarely have huge arguments, and we have a lot of mutual interests. He’s just a breath of fresh air πŸ™‚

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  • Wedding: October 2012

I find little cartoons and other doodles around the house. It makes me really happy because I know they’re for me. Also, we have fun just being together… whether it’s being nerdy and watching our “shows” or going to the grocery store, or making dinner. It’s not “housework” it just a part of life, and it’s awesome.

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Yesterday my Maid/Matron of Honor had to cancel going to the local wedding expo due to childcare issues. Understandable but it left me with a bummer feeling at the idea of going alone. My Fiance asked me if I would like him to go instead so that I wouldn’t have to be alone. I told him no, that he would be miserable etc etc and left it at that. He asked again about 20 minutes before I had to leave noticing that I was obviously not thrilled with the idea of being on my own for such a social event and finally I caved.

My man is amazing because he knows me better than I know myself and he never hesistates to make me happy, even if it means he has to endure hundreds of bridal woman for several hours.

PS He later agreed it wasn’t THAT bad. πŸ˜›

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I love that my husband went to wedding shows with me even though it’s definitely NOT his cup of tea.  I love that he opens doors, pulls out seats, makes sure I have something to drink, and generally takes care of me!  I love that his eyes smile when he looks at me!  I love that he has a better memory then me when it comes to anniversaries and special dates.  I love that he feels like home to me!

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Aww, this thread gives me the warm fuzzies!

I love that my Fiance has such a good heart, I love how silly he is and how often we laugh together about stupid things. I love his hugs and his awesome foot rubs. I love how much he loves our kitties and I know he’ll be a great dad one day.

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  • Wedding: January 2013

I love how my Fiance gives me a kiss every day before he leaves for work. Even tho I am still in bed and more often than not sleeping. He will tell me he loves me infront of the guys with out being embarassed. He watches Grey’s Anatomy without complaint, and even tho I know he will never say it, I am pretty sure he gets into it. *grins* 

He isn’t the romantic kind but little things let me know I am on his mind. Like occasionally he will buy me gummie bears from the store. Or he comes home and tells me he was going to buy me flowers but he forgot. Its the thought that counts right lol. 

He laughs with me. Even tho what I am laughing at is totaly retarded and not funny at all, it is to me and he gets it. He also laughs when I mess things up, instead of getting mad. He loves my dog, who used to growl at him every time he hugged me. But they are past that now. He also understands my need to save poor sad homeless animals that no one else would love, for an example look at the kitty I found in the ditch that has no ears and a stump for a tail. 

He is my best friend. I couldn’t ask for anyone more understanding and loving. He loves me for who I am. 

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  • Wedding: June 2014

He actually LIKED the fact that I have a son. He wasn’t just “ok” with it and didn’t run away. He’s an amazing father to him.

He’ll rub my feet even after he’s worked a 12 hour day.

And he’ll always say he has to leave super fast for work but comes back with coffee for me:)

But most importantly, he loves me for my crazy self.

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  • Wedding: January 2013

Sorry double post. 

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@kimbean: that pic made me giggle

My husband is super thoughtful and romantic. He does little things all of the time. For instance today before he left for work, I work from home and had a skype meeting, I told him I was exhausted and was hoping not to fall asleep when a client could see me. I was sitting in my office and all of a sudden he was at the window in front of my desk pushing open the window. He quietly passed me a pumpkin latte and wrote “I love you sleepy head” on the cup. 

He does stuff like this all of the time. I’m super lucky, even if he can only manage to put his close next to the hamper instead of in it <3

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I love this post!!!!

My hubby just does so many little things. everytime he gets up he asks if i need anything. he still opens the car door for me. he drops me off at the front door of our work. he makes me laugh so hard. and he listens to me talk about whatever-good or bad. he’s just my best friend in the whole world. he will take me out to mexican food even though he hates it. and he is so thoughful. he will just randomly come home with a little something for me because he remembered me saying i liked it months before. it’s just amazing to feel this loved and to love someone that much!

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My Fiance is so smart. Like ridiculously smart πŸ™‚ He is an IT guy and a math whiz. Every time he comes over to my parents house he ends up fixing a computer or helping my 14-yr old sister with geometry homework. Last week he was really working hard with her on her geometry because she had a test coming up. A few days ago when she told him she got an A, you should have seen the way his face lit up πŸ™‚ Then she said “I guess you guys are taking me to get ice cream now.” and I was like “No, we never said we’d do that.” Lol actually it turns out, HE had promised to take her out for ice cream if she passed. My heart smiles when I think of this.

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