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I totally understand where you’re coming from. It took us 18 cycles with a few losses to get our healthy happy baby boy and I definitely felt like I shouldn’t complain about pregnancy symptoms as I was lucky to be pregnant and so many women were still trying. But the reality is, pregnancy isn’t easy!! It’s ok to be vocal about how crappy you feel! 

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Busy bee

It is totally normal to hate the morning sickness while still being happy you are pregnant. Of course you don’t WANT to feel sick! Even when you desperately want a baby. Try not to give yourself a hard time over it. 

Tips… frequent small meals, ginger tea

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I don’t know why they call it morning sickness, I had 24/7 the first 20 weeks when I was pregnant! The good news–continuing MS means continuing pregnancy! Hang in there, you’ll be through it soon. And congratulations!

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MUAbride2be:  Don’t beat yourself up! I had moderate-intense MS from weeks 9-12 and definitely complained. I lost my first pregnancy, but having a MC doesn’t change that pregnancy can be really hard on you and has some very unattractive pieces. Give yourself a break mama. Dealing with all of these changes can be tough on your health!

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My doctor made me feel so much better when he told me “You can be so excited to have a baby, but hate being pregnant.” He totally right. You aren’t a horrible person to not be in love with intense nausea! I’m 15 weeks and still getting sick every night at 7 pm like clockwork. 

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MUAbride2be:  it’s okay to be miserable and hate it. You are entering the worst part of pregnancy and need support. As much as this pregnancy was wanted, it’s absolutely okay to hate being pregnant. It gets so much better in a month.

First, carbonated water (seltzer or club soda) and grilled cheese sandwiches were my staples. I also ate plenty of pretzels, cheese, and sour patch kids. I would eat when I could and would snack on what I could keep down when was sick. Protein helps a lot! As does staying hydrated.

Second, I know all of the reasons not to tell, but it’s helpful to have support. If you have one person who can bring you food and listen to you whine, it really helps. This isn’t the time to be a hero. I told my parents early because of a previous loss and a coworker. The coworker totally covered for me and brought snacks for our 3 hour meetings so I wouldn’t get sick.

Exercise helps. A lot. 8 weeks was the worst for me and I was on work travel. I found running or walking then stuffing my face helped. I ran in the morning, stuffed my face, walked to the conference, snacked, walked to lunch….Exercising also kept me less nauseous all day.

Finally, don’t let yourself get hungry. The longer you go without eating, the worse it gets. Keep snacks with you. Especially cheese and crackers or almonds.

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MUAbride2be:  hang in there mama, it gets better! It’s totally okay to call BS on the crappy parts of pregnancy no matter how bad you wanted it and how long/hard your journey to getting pregnant was. 

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Sour candies, mints, eating a fatty/protein heavy breakfast ASAP, Cheese/carbs and smoothies kept me going for the rough first 13wks. My OB’s nurse said find the carb that works for you and just go with it. For me that was pretzels or club crackers, sometimes with cheese. B6/Unisom helped some but ultimately a script from my OB for Reglan saved the day. I used it daily for weeks 8-13 or so and take it about once a week or once every two weeks now when I have an off day (I’m 27wks now). I wanted to avoid zifran bc of the heart defect risk, but reglan kept me out of the ED at least twice! 

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Pollywog:  yes to sour patch kids! Warheads were my other fave. 

oh and I started a new job about six weeks before my BFP, so I understand how tough that part can be! 

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You should cut yourself some slack, morning sickness sucks. I never really got nauseous but I was tired all the time. All I wanted to do was sleep. I felt bad because I didn’t want to go out or do anything but lay in bed. By my second trimester I got my energy back and I feel normal. If it wasn’t for my big belly I wouldn’t think I was pregnant lol.

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I know how you feel. I had fairly bad “morning” (LOL) sickness, as well as some significant depression in my first trimester. And I felt very guilty sometimes for not having the “right” emotional reaction to a much-wanted pregnancy. I’d gotten what I wanted; why was I so miserable?

But everyone is totally right that you shouldn’t feel guilty. Nausea is one of the most unpleasant sensations on earth, as far as I’m concerned. Nobody would LIKE feeling that!! Some people might be grateful for it as a sign of a continuing pregnancy, but nobody likes the nausea itself. You have every right to complain about that. I joked a lot in the first trimester that I didn’t understand how anyone who’s ever been pregnant could possibly believe in “intelligent design,” since it all seemed very poorly designed to me!

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Totally normal, do not feel guilty! I always dreamed of being pregnant and when it actually happened it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was so miserable, nauseous 24/7 and throwing up frequently. I did feel bad at first but then I realized, no what is happening really does suck! But it doesn’t make me any less happy or ungrateful to be having a baby.

Carbs, cheese, sour candy, lemonade.  Don’t let yourself get too hungry, and have crackers next to your bed for the morning. Nothing took away my MS completely but those things were helpful. Do whatever you need to get by. It will get better!

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I had a handful of MCs, and I hated early pregnancy. I was grateful to be pregnant, and I mentally found the symptoms reassuring, but MAN was it rough. I obsessed about food. I had terrible aversions, so it took a lot of mental effort to get calories in. I was queasy 24/7 (the kind where throwing up doesn’t help). I wore sea bands (wrist bands), which didn’t cure it but they helped. I had a written list of fall-back foods for when it was impossible to decide what to eat (PB&J sandwiches, pasta with butter and parm, etc.). Otherwise, I made Darling Husband decide what to feed me.  I was whiny BUT I was surrounded by people who kept reminding me that it would pass and that the baby was a blessing. My nausea ended around 14 weeks and I was finally totally aversion-free at around 20. Hang in there 🙂

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